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I am excited to share with you all one of the few ways my kids and I work out, well it’s more like having fun with our Wii. Believe it or not, during our fun sessions on the Wii with Just Dance 4 and the title I previously purchased at a store, Just Dance 2, we work up a sweat! I laugh when my daughter is all like “Man Mama this is a work out” and I have to reply “duh, what do you think moving your arms, legs and body is?” .. then I get the eye roll.

just dance 4

It’s funny that our Wii has become this little workout machine for the three kids and myself. I love it, but what I love more is music and dancing to our favorite songs such as Disturbia by Rhianna, Good Girl by Carrie Underwood and many others! This is such an upbeat, hip game for every family member. No joke.Just Dance 4 screen shot
It’s fun to dance by yourself to your favorite songs, and if we choose to do our own individual dance, the rest of the family will sit back and cheer on the family member who is taking a turn. We all worked to encourage each other to get the best score ever. One thing I love about this Just Dance 4 is that you can win random items at the end of your dance circuit which is really neat, so we have already unlocked some extra avatars and music for our gaming pleasure.

Just Dance 4 Dance together

Dance together as a group, we have four Wii remotes that do not always have battery life, but when they do, the three kids and I rock it! Oh yeah, it’s fun to get our groove on dancing with four at a time. Small bedroom area to work with, so I would recommend that you all have a huge open space to dance if you are doing more than 1-2 players on Just Dance 4.

Overall we give this Just Dance 4 an A++ because it has allowed my oldest to be more active and will allow us to be more active together during the cold NH Winter months too!

Oh and if you have no rhythm? You can still do this. I have zero rhythm and coordination but am able to follow the on screen commands on how to complete each dance to rock this game with the kids!

Purchase Just Dance 4 on and other local stores that sell video games. Rated E 10+, so this is recommended for ages 10+.

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UbiSoft Party at Type-A Parent Conference #typeacon @UbiSoft

I attended a fantastic party while at Type-A Parent Conference where we were able to experience Just Dance 2 and believe we also had the sneak peek at Just Dance 3 in addition to Smurfs Dance Party which isn’t even out yet. I must admit the Smurfs Dance Party looked fun but it was creepy to see Papa Smurf getting down dancing. I had to laugh pretty hard when he popped up on the screen.

I loved this party because I hadn’t ever played any of the Just Dance games on my Wii yet, I am one of those that would rather get a recommendation from someone else or test out the game before getting it.  After this party I actually did buy Just Dance 2 on Amazon because I know my family will love this game soooo much!

The UbiSoft rep got right out there dancing with all of the teams. There were so many prizes being given away and I wish I had won the DS but another blogger did and boy was I happy for her because she was a really nice person to have met there. One person won a Smurf blue Wii which would have been cool but considering I already own a Wii I can’t say that would have been something I would need to win. I doubt I would hook up two Wii’s in my household.

We got to wear cool rings and learn about the various UbiSoft upcoming releases for games for both DS and Wii. I am amazed at how well this party went and how organized it was. Thank you Type-A and UbiSoft for having this party because now I am going to be a Just Dance fanatic and owner. I know when Just Dance 3 releases I will be there to purchase it because this is a must have to keep our family having fun and being active.

Did you attend this party at Type-A? Have you ever played Just Dance games on the Wii? What do you think of them?

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