What To do on Spring Break – Day 2

This was Saturday, which was technically the first day of Spring Break, but I am counting it as Day 2. The kids had a blast playing up in the woods and outside on this fine Saturday before Easter Sunday.

What to do on Spring Break - Day 2 Easter Weekend

My oldest and youngest went outside first, it meant I couldn’t take a shower because it was a beautiful day and there was no time for Mama to shower. I just threw some clothes on and fixed my pigtail braids and ventured outside with them. They had fun being goofy, I called it a yoga lesson.

What to do on Spring Break Day 2 Easter Weekend

My middle child, Aj, ventured outside finally and he started to plan a game of soccer. We played a bit of soccer and monkey in the middle before the kids tired of it and Aj headed back inside. Aj isn’t an outdoor kid, he enjoys it in moments rather than for full days like my oldest and youngest. So I kept the door open and windows opened for the house so Aj could go back and forth.

What to do on Spring Break Day 2 Easter Weekend

My youngest is my little actor, shown above he is jamming out with his ukelele and later his sister and him actually put on a show singing the song Demons by Imagine Dragons. It was beautiful! On this rock, my daughter also found owl pellets and so we think there’s an owl living in our woods, I would have to agree, I hear this owl every night when I am sitting out on the deck after dark.

What to do on Spring Break Day 2 Easter Weekend

Since it was Easter weekend, I planned our normal egg hunt out. Filling plastic eggs with candy and change. Then the kids stayed inside so I could hide the eggs all over the yard. Aj hid a few too, because he never gets to hide them, he said. I allowed him to hide a few to feel special.

What to do on Spring Break Day 2 Easter Weekend

And then the kids grabbed their baskets and were ready for the hunt!

What to do on Spring Break Day 2 Easter Weekend

The kids searched high and they searched low. It took us a bit to find the last three eggs, and since I bought 30 plastic eggs they were good about dividing up the eggs so all three had 10 plastic eggs each. Then the trading started to happen, each kid started to trade money for jelly beans and jelly beans for malt balls. They had a blast, my youngest ended up with like no change and all candy just the way he likes it. Oh I think the youngest did keep a few quarters, you know, for the gumball machines!

There were no meltdowns. There were no issues and I received hugs from Aj quite frequently on this day, which is not something he normally does. Another beautiful day spent enjoying family.


Xia-Xia Pets Easter Party Fun and Giveaway

Over the weekend we hosted an Easter Egg hunt, but it wasn’t just any old Easter Egg hunt party; we hosted a Xia-Xia Pets Easter Egg hunt party! We had popcorn, jelly bean jello, island punch and some Xia-Xia hermit crabs as well as extra shells for the guests to take home in addition to the Easter eggs they found all over the yard full of candy.

The time was set from 11am to 1pm we would be having a few of my daughter’s girlfriends over and my two sons for a fun filled two hour event! Easter eggs were filled by my daughter and her friend who slept over, the shells were ready to give to the guests as they arrived and two hermit crab Xia-Xia pets were placed out for display. My daughter had one Xia-Xia pet open to demonstrate how these cute toys work.

The kids had a blast hunting for eggs then enjoying some yummy treats while playing with their Xia-Xia shells. Next we served some mini-chicken parm for lunch and let the kids play for the last hour that the party was active. All of the kids had a blast and these new toys are certainly a great hit around my house!

With Easter coming, Xia-Xia pets wanted you to know about their cuteness because they are the perfect size for Easter baskets. The Easter bunny really should bring at least one of these to your favorite little girl {or boy} this year, because my boys enjoy these pretend hermit crabs too.  I am hosting a giveaway for one lucky person to win the following:

  • 1 {one} new Xia-Xia hermit crab, Helena the lime green and pink cutie OR Tiwi the pink and purple wacky crab.
  • 1 {one} additional shell.
  • Delicious candy.

Enter for your chance to win using the Rafflecopter form below… giveaway ends on April 3 at 12:01am EST.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I received product for free to host an Easter egg hunt party. All opinions are my own. This is sponsored by Cepia LLC, MomSelect and Hershey’s.

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