Shopping for Jeans That Fit your Style

After giving birth to three children, I have found that my body took on a shape of its own. No longer do I have this pre-baby body that can fit into any style of jeans and it’s frustrating at times. Up until about two years ago, I wasn’t too keen on shopping for anything except comfy clothing. It seems, even though I had given birth, I wanted to stick with maternity style clothing. It was comfortable. It meant I didn’t have to try on clothing and look in mirrors. It was a safe choice.

The problem is; I love jeans. I adore bootcut jeans the best and I wouldn’t be able to gain that confidence back that everyone loves about me, unless I started to wear those beloved bootcut jeans again. I have a variety of shoes that suit jeans more than those comfy sweatpants type outfits. I wanted more, for myself and for my children. I needed to lead by example, and so it came to me one night, I needed to start looking for some womens jeans that fit the body I have today.

Once I made the decision to look into womens jeans versus comfy clothing, I found out that shopping for jeans really isn’t that difficult, or painful. There are a wide range of designer jeans for any body type these days; it’s simply a matter of owning your body type and knowing what designer jeans will work for your shape. I personally love the bootcut jeans; there is nothing sexier to me than looking in the mirror at myself wearing that style of jeans with my favorite black leather heeled boots and a sweater style top. Sure, I don’t look like a teenager, but I am a thirty-two year old woman, that is what I am supposed to look like.

Far too many of us females get caught up in what we looked like pre-baby years and that, my friends, is no way to live your life. I say to you, make a decision to love your body, own it and find that style of designer jeans that works best to uplift your confidence and accept your post-baby body. Just because you have had a child, doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish or sexy! Jeans Review

I was lucky to review a great pair of jeans from, the style I test drove so to speak are the Samantha in granite. Now normally black or jean color is my fave, but alas they were fresh out of black. The granite worked well as most people thought I was wearing dress pants though.

Once people got closer they realized I had a nice pair of jeans on. The first time I wore my jeans was to a soccer game where I told all the Mom’s about this website and where the jeans came from. After all I wanted to see if they made me look any thinner. I had mixed reviews; most did think they made me look thinner while others couldn’t tell a difference but said they liked the jeans. I personally felt they did make me look like I was a little thinner and I do enjoy wearing them. I would have gladly shared pictures of me in these jeans, however the images I had are now lost somewhere in a HUGE file of images, therefore I hope to get some pics up at a later date.

About MiracleBody

By the makers of Miraclesuit, the #1 brand of designer control fashion swimwear, we bring you innovative patent-pending technology in the Miraclebody Collection. Miraclebody is a collection of jeans, tops, and other control fashion apparel crafted to enhance your life.

Visit to see all of their great selections! MiracleBody was chosen as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things in 2010.

Disclosure: Product referenced in this review provided for free. All opinions based on my own experiences.

I Am Addicted to Women’s Pajamas

I always think about how I need to go shopping and get new clothes but every time I walk into a store all I want to do is check out the new women’s pajamas that the stores have out. If you love to buy women’s pajamas then you know exactly what I am talking about. There is always a theme for the current holiday, whether it’s St Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day or even Mother’s Day you are bound to find a great selection of holiday pajamas in the woman’s section of any clothing store.

I particularly love wearing a matching set of pajama pants with top whether it be sleeveless or a t-shirt doesn’t matter, all that matters is the the pair of womens pajamas I am wearing match at some level. Forget sexy lingerie, pajama pants and tops are the in thing in this household! You can choose from flannel to satin and even cotton whatever type of material you love for clothing doesn’t matter when it comes to pajamas to wear when you snuggle down tight in your bed at night!

If I didn’t look like a total bum I would certainly wear my pajama outfits all day long because usually the pants are way more comfortable than the jeans I own that are too big for me and fall off my butt every time I walk or chase the kids around!

Questions for thought: What type of Pajamas do you where? And if you are a man do you purchase pajamas for your special loved one?

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Week 1 52 to Fabulous: Fab Beginnings

This is my first week participating in 52 to Fabulous, I just love the positive ring to that, don’t you? I am forced to focus on my wants this week rather than my needs, which I will admit is very hard for me. I haven’t been one to ever focus on anything I simply want, it’s always been about my family’s needs, but I can do this!

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Old Navy Weekly Plus A Surprise

Ring in some holiday cheer for your wardrobe with the fun and festive Item of the Week (valid 12/18 – 12/24). Get the Women’s Long-Sleeve Striped Henley for $5 (Reg. $16.50) and you will look comfy and cute – especially when you pair one with a solid cami underneath, straight jeans and slouchy boots.

StripedHenleysI am excited to be offering $50 off of $100 spent at Old Navy {to 10 lucky readers read on for details}. If you are doing your last minute shopping now is the time to check out Old Navy to see how much you can save.

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