Firefox Sometimes Needs Medication!

I love when I get only the afternoons to work.  Seriously. Especially when I walk into my office to get some work done only to find out that Firefox had not taken it’s medication that day.

For instance, today I spent about an hour of my couple hours work time simply fixing Firefox and removing all of the crud Comcast tech’s put on my PC yesterday! Why do they have to install all of their Comcast crap onto my PC when you can easily access it all on their server over their internet connection when you log into there website? or whatever.

So today I fell out of love with Firefox as I had to remove and install the browser, but in all honesty I am a Firefox gal so I will give Firefox it’s pill and keep on using it because it is by far the only browser choice I have grown accustomed to being in love with.

You may now all move on with your day, I just had to share my rant with you all. Happy Wednesday, xoxo!

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Protect Online Information & Website

When you develop a website, whether it’s for private or commercial use, you will want to ensure that your information and any customer information that may pass through your local stored objects are secure and safe! There is so much that goes into developing a good website so please make sure to understand the importance of protection such as JavaScript blacklist and using protected mode.

Now a days everyone seems to be going from brick n mortar store fronts to online websites where customers can shop faster and not have to leave the privacy of their home. I personally prefer to shop online versus the brick n mortar store because it’s easier and you can do it at any time of day or night!

When I shop online I want to always check the protection and reputation of the company and website to ensure that my customer information is going to be kept private. There is no guarantee with technology but there can be as tight as possible security to ensure that there is such a low rate risk of information being stolen that you feel safe and confident in shopping on the business website.

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Changing a Person: Relationship Talk

I have witnessed many of my female friends and acquaintances who meet the guy, fall in love with everything except this one little thing that they feel will be changed. I have read Charles Orlando’s book The Problem with Women… is Men: The Evolution of a Man’s Man to a Man of Higher Consciousness and let me tell you what that book is an amazing read for any male or female! In one part of this book it is mentioned that woman goes into a relationship hoping to change the man and a man will go into a relationship thinking the woman will not change. The problem with this theory? A man is not going to change for that woman and a woman may actually grow to be a different person in the relationship.

I am a perfect example of someone growing while being in a relationship, when I met J I was single and pregnant as well as the mother of a little girl, I was very needy and wanted affection, love, someone to be there with me. Although I was single by choice and ready to be a single mom again, a big part of me longed for companionship. Since J and I met I have grown into a positive, outgoing, super social person who smiles so much and loves to exercise and go out of her way to help others.

Five years ago you wouldn’t have seen me go out of my way for another person, unless it was family because I was too busy being all stuck up on myself, my looks, my drinking every other weekend and trying to figure out who I wanted to be in this world. I am the perfect example of a man going into a relationship thinking the woman won’t change and she does. I can’t think of a time I dated someone in hopes they would change, I bet it was probably during high school years as that is when most of my immature relationships happened.

I was fooled not that long ago and lost my head a little bit, I truly thought that a person in my life did a 360 in just a few months. The problem is that I was blinded by the idea of family, of love, of companionship the way I had hoped it would have been. I have been fooled many times before but never in this way, I hadn’t ever before let a person back into my life deeming that they changed in just a few short months. Silly me for thinking that could be possible.

Do you realize it has taken me YEARS to become who I am today? And each day I have to seriously focus on who I want to be, what attitude I want to have and focus my mind back to my own reality! I am unable to perfect the positive thinking skills but I am working hard at it and think I am doing a pretty darn good job at it!

So when you go out and meet a person, you all may be putting up your “new to meeting this person” front that most humans do, but be sure to take the time to truly get to know the person before you hop into living with them, having kids and marrying them because I am a firm believer of the 2 year old rule; it takes 1 year to really get to know a person and another year to truly determine if you love that person who you met that first year. I know 2 years seems like a lot of time to waste, but when you are talking about your future, having children and all that … 2 years is minute compared to the stress, worry and anxiety you can inflict on yourself and loved ones if you didn’t take that time. If after 1 year you really feel this person is not the one for you, then be honest with them and yourself … move on. We all have our perfect for us match out there so there is no reason in trying to change the person of today into that person!

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