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These Zombie Pets are completely adorable, they are a cuddly, cute way to entertain your Zombie loving kids without the dramatic blood and creepy looking figures. Seriously. My youngest enjoys talking a good game about Zombies but in all reality he would much prefer a snuggle Zombie instead of a real scary Zombie – he scares easily.

zombie Pets

Bulls-i-Toy has nailed this toy perfectly, it’s cute but not too cute and soft for your young Zombie fan. Each Zombie Pet, there are 8 total, come with access to the Zombie Pets app which is available in Google Play and iTunes. Whatever your device is Zombie Pets app may be enjoyed by your children alongside their cuddly pet.

How Do Zombie Pets Work?

Each Zombie Pet comes with a QR code that can be scanned into your device to reanimate the Zombie Pet your child has. There is also a Fun Pack sold separately from the Zombie Pets that includes three sticker cards, one pop-up, one cling and a power-up coin which offer a value of $2, $4 or $6 of additional app play.

Zombie Pets app will encourage your child’s imagination and creativity with age-appropriate content in this online gaming environment. There are 8 Zombie Pets available for purchase, prices vary but you can see on Amazon.com a list of Zombie Pets with different price ranges to give the gift of fun this holiday season.

  • Rodney Hoppenstien – Armed with ears that slice, dice and cut through anything, Dr. Stan’s right-hand rabbit takes on the toughest missions against Boris’s minions.
  • Nigel Hitchsquawk – Dr. Stan’s dead-eye in the sky is a stealth bomber, making a mess of Boris’s evil army by dropping homemade “presents” from above.
  • Baxter Were-Woof – This loyal but mouthy hound uses his vice-like jaws and slippery slobber to subdue even the toughest adversary.
  • Buttercup Caponey - Dr. Stan’s trusty mare has a wild side. Her lethal buck-and-split combination strikes fear into enemies.
  • Mittens VonScratchula – Behind this cuddly cat’s kind demeanor lurks a cunning spymaster who uses her smarts and her claws to baffle the bad guys.
  • Sheldon Draco – Shy and easily spooked, Sheldon doesn’t come out of his shell often. But when he does, watch out Boris!
  • Squeaker Bates – Once this clumsy hamster climbs inside her ball, watch her morph into a minion-wrecking machine.
  • Diego Vorheez – Dr. Stan’s smart-as-a-whip monkey packs a wallop with his powerful primate mind and mighty whip-like tail

Learn more about Zombie Pets at Bullsitoy.com and PlayZombiePets.com.



Spelling Super Star App for iPad and iPhone Makes Spelling Fun Giveaway

Today I am sharing a fun app that only costs .99 in the App Store, it’s called Spelling Super Star and it’s a fun way to help your child learn to spell. With colorful images and easy to navigate app options this is a great way to encourage a love of spelling with your child. Rate for ages 4 plus, you can enjoy some quality time over the iPhone or iPad when you download Spelling Super Star from the App Store.

Spelling Super Star App

 I love that this app doesn’t really need much adult supervision, this means the children can feel confident that they are learning on their own. I know this is something that encourages my kids to push further, they love knowing that they accomplished something on their own! All of the artwork found in Spelling Super Star app is hand drawn, which also makes it appealing to children in my opinion. Hand drawn art in an app is more appealing to children who seem to seek child looking graphics as opposed to the plain Jane bright computerized graphics.

Features that I love on Spelling Super Star:

  • Ability for children to navigate easily on their own.
  • Fact that there are 800+ words that are separated into 15 categories with an All-in-One Category as an option too.
  • Ability to personalize your app with 12 different backgrounds and 6 letter color options.
  • Encourage healthy competition with top score lists that has the top 10 names and scores to allow your children to challenge each other and friends.

You know I am that kind of Mom who loves having my kids involved learning technology but also wants them learning something. Don’t get me wrong, I do let my kids play the average kid games like MineCraft that have little to no educational components but I am a huge advocate for fun educational games you can use on your electronic device for children. This is a great app to test out if you have a child who wants to learn to spell and increase their spelling words to impress their teacher!

Giveaway – I have 6 codes to giveaway to you all today, use the Rafflecopter form to enter. Note: you will need to own an iPhone or iPad to download this app withe code if you win. One person each will win one code – this means SIX winners will be randomly selected using the Random generator in Rafflecopter.

Giveaway Starts today and ends 12am EST on November 28, 2013. Open to USA only. Winners will be announced live on site and emailed directly. Winner shall have 48 hours from announcement post and email to claim prize otherwise another random winner shall be chosen using the random generator through Rafflecopter. ** one entry per person, while you can tweet once per day, all other entries are ONE TIME per PERSON. 

Using the Rafflecopter form below is easy; use name/email to log in or Facebook for login. Rafflecopter will not use your email or access for anything other than giving me a way to contact you should you be the randomly chosen winner! Winner will have 48 hours to claim prize or another person will be randomly selected.

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Pilo2 For Children on Your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, etc

It’s Saturday, March 9 and time for me to share with you another wonderfully fun app for your child who just loves to get into your iPhone, iPod touch or even your iPad and have some fun. Learning yet fun app, Pilo2: An Interactive Children’s Story Book with 3D Animation and more is ready to help your child learn while enjoying a fun app.

Pilo2 Animation Fairy Tale

The amazing graphics always get me with these tablet applications, the iPad and other devices seem to really have a way to get your child into the technology based world of learning so easily and in a way that intrigues the adults too. Maybe it’s just because I am a big kid at heart.

Pilo 2 interactive game ipad

Pilo2: An Interactive Children’s Story Book Won Awards -

  • 2012 Smart Contents 2012 Awards (Education/Books category)
  • 2012 “Grand Prize”in Smart App Awards 2012 (Children’s Education)
  • 2012 “First Prize” in Econovation Award at the KT App Creation Contest
  • 2012 “Excellence Award” in the Seoul Character Promotion and Pitching Contest

About Pilo2: An Interactive Children’s Story Book  -

Available in multiple languages such as English, Chinese and Korean. Created in Korea. Pilo is a sweet, warm doll in this app where children can experience the love and sweetness of that comparable to only a parents love and emotions. Your child can experience 3D animated stories with Pilo as well as interactive games that each have lessons to be learned.  Your child can choose to be a boy or a girl for their main character.  Your child can touch Pilo and there will be interactions. Your child may also choose Pilo’s wardrobe, fun!

Pilo is a very interactive story book for children ages 4 and up. The app is currently listed on iTunes for $2.99. Pilo2 is available for the following devices; iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Head on over to your iTunes account today and purchase Pilo2: An Interactive Children’s Story Book today!

If you do, let me know what you think of it.

Gombby Channel App Review and $50 iTunes or Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Today I am sharing an app with you all, Gombby Channel that is available for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch devices. As a way to introduce you more to this app I have created a fun giveaway for a $50 iTunes gift card or a $50 Amazon Gift Card {winners choice}.  Since not everyone has a device where they can use this app, we wanted to ensure you all are able to learn more about this app and share this on your social media channels for a chance to win while spreading the news about Gombby Channel.

Gombby Channel

Gombby Channel gives you access to a selection of the best episodes from Gombby’s Green Island, the family friendly educational and entertaining TV Show. Gombby Channel offers three full episodes that you can download and watch any time you wish. Gombby, the little baker boy, loves to take the lead in those adventures! The answers to life’s big questions, the mysterious Bugaboo or the Green Island funfair – are just some of the stories that Gombby and his friends live through as they learn about the world around them.

Gombby Channel App

The Gombby Channel is a free app, so you can download this app to do additional entries in the Rafflecopter form below to enter for your chance to win the $50 gift card to iTunes or Amazon.  App is rated for ages 4+.

Download Gombby Channel on iTunes today.

Features of Gombby Channel:

• Watch the adventures of Gombby’s Green Island on your iPhone/iPad
• Engaging and Educational adventures that your children will love
• Fully available in 3 different languages – English, Spanish and Portuguese
• Download and store your favorite episodes to watch on the go
• Additional episodes available through in-App purchase
• All the stories are family friendly and are reviewed by a professional team

Giveaway – Open to worldwide. Ends 12am EST on January 30, 2013. Winner will have 48 hours to claim prize or another person will be randomly selected. Email will go directly to winner and announced live on site.

Using the Rafflecopter form below is easy; use name/email to log in or Facebook for login. Rafflecopter will not use your email or access for anything other than giving me a way to contact you should you be the randomly chosen winner! Winner will have 48 hours to claim prize or another person will be randomly selected.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Paddle Duck in Where’s Carrie Cat? An Interactive Story App

I love having cute apps for my toddler, he is four and so enjoys using my tablet as often as possible because he wants to be like sissy and brother.  Paddle Duck in Where’s Carrie Cat is a cute little interactive story app for iPad. This interactive story is a great way to introduce and encourage a love of reading with your little one.

This app is for children ages 18 months to four years of age, which is why I think it’s perfect for my K-monster who loves interactive stories best on the tablet. Toddlers will benefit from this interactive story with shared reading, adult/child interaction, active participation within the story, and introduction to sequential numbering.

In order to get the most from this app be sure to sing, read and dance together with your toddler. Surely your toddlers face will light up and they will be more interested with Paddle Duck in Where’s Carrie Cat if they see you are enjoying the interactive story too. Also, as the adult sharing this fun story with your toddler, you can engage your toddler with questions such as “what happens when you tap that star”. Encourage imagination, interaction and smiles with this interactive story found in the iTunes store for you Ipad today.

Click here to purchase Paddle Duck in Where’s Carrie Cate today for $3.99.

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