Repair Cookware Made from Cast Iron with Welding Tools

Repairing cast iron with welding is difficult in itself, more so when the object to be repaired is valuable cast iron cookware. Thankfully, there are special solder rods and techniques you can use to make repairing cast iron cookware easier.

Cast iron cookware has a long history. They were particularly treasured in many homes during the early twentieth century. Even today, cast iron stands out from other materials used for cookware. With proper care and maintenance, pots and pans made from the urable material can last for a long time.

Cookware made from cast iron is also versatile. They can withstand high temperatures and can be used on an open fire as well as in a hearth or oven. The metal also distributes heat evenly and adds texture and flavor to the food.

It also provides users several health benefits. Trace amounts of iron
can be mixed in the food by using cast iron pots and pans, making it ideal for those with iron deficiencies. In a country where 60% to 70% of the population lack iron in their diet, the special characteristics of cast iron cookware can help many families meet their recommended daily dose of the nutrient.

Because of their value and the benefits they provide, it’s important to repair cast iron cookware when it cracks or breaks. Cast iron repair, however, is complicated due to the temperamental nature of the metal. Welds frequently crack again no matter how slowly and carefully the metal is cooled. Fortunately advances in welding tools, especially in the soldering rods, significantly reduce this behavior.

To repair cast iron cookware using welding tools, first heat it with
the torch until it turns a dull red, then apply the flux.  When the flux flows out, administer the rod with an oxyacetylene torch until the solder flows out flat.  A good soldering rod for torch welders is cadmium-free, food grade SSF-6 Silver Solder from Muggy Weld.
Next, grind or sand the weld to smoothen the area. Finally, let it cool and remove any residual flux. Remember to season
repaired pots and pans before use.


This is a guest post by Jane Wilkins

Improving Home Security With Ornamental Iron Fencing

Maintaining the security of a property is not a simple thing to do. These days, homeowners should provide extra measures in keeping their homes and as well as their family safe from strangers and invaders. One way for them to enhance their home security is to add ornamental iron or security fences. Here are some of the common benefits in using iron fences as an enhancement to security.

The Need for Better Security Measures

Most homeowners would usually rely alone on door keys and pad locks to secure their house at night. However, these security tools are not enough in keeping their family safe especially since intruders and house-breakers are already skilled in picking locks and opening doors without creating a lot of mess or noise. Because of this, it is necessary for people to use additional security barriers to help them protect their entire property from unwanted trespassers. This can be done with the use of ornamental iron security fences.

What are the Uses of Iron Fences?

Even though iron fencing is considered to be more expensive compared to a regular wooden fence, the benefits of the former can still outweigh its cost. Unlike wooden fences, iron security fences are not easily breakable or damaged by anyone who wants to get inside a protected property. Aside from this, ornamental iron fences are also very decorative and elegant. This makes it easy for owners to maintain the security of their homes without jeopardizing the style and look of their property. The iron bars used on these fences have unique curves that are elegantly twisted to make the fencing look
classy and sophisticated. This means that putting up iron fences does not only
make the house secure, but it also elevates and improves its overall appeal.
Below are some of the other benefits and advantages of using ornamental iron

• Iron fences are sturdy and do not easily
falter from outdoor elements such as intense heat and rain. These fences can
last very long and can stay efficient for many years. This is one of the
benefits of using weather-proof material.

• These ornamental fences are very easy to
maintain. They do not need to be repainted over and over again unlike wooden
fencing. Aside from this, warping, rotting, and other types of damages caused
by insects are prevented with the use of iron fencing. The only maintenance
needed for ornamental iron fencing is the twice-a-year checkup for refinishing.

• The fence is also very difficult to climb
on. It makes use of iron wrought fencing that is thin and very smooth, making
it very difficult for trespassers to climb over the fence. Although the narrow
bars used for the fence looks very weak and fragile, the material used is
actually extremely strong and durable.

• This type of fencing can be placed anywhere.
It can be used as a security fence around the garden or the pool of the house.
The design of the ornamental fencing can also blend well with its background.
This is something that chain link fencing is unable to do since it gives a very
institutional or industrial appeal.

These are just some of the wonderful benefits of using ornamental iron security fencing. These days, there are already a lot of companies that provide reliable services when it comes to installing these fences. One perfect example is the San Pablo Ornamental Iron Installation . Having these services available make it easy for homeowners to provide proper home security.

This article was provided by Deanna Mendenhall on behalf of   Deanna is a freelance writer who specializes in writing articles about home improvement and home security. Shes also writing articles about gardening, agriculture and other related topics. 

Hana Professional Flat Iron Results

A long time ago I received a Hana Professional Flat Iron and my sister uses it often when she sleeps over for her hair, but the other day I had her use it on my long, thick hair and wanted to share the results.

And after about half hour to forty five minutes the results were in and I was ready to go out looking rather cute I must say…

So what do you think? Does my hair look good straight?


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Do you Blow Dry your Hair?

I have really thick hair and so when I take time to blow dry my hair on the rare occasion I do this, I want to be sure that I have one of the best hair dryers possible. Spending two hours to blow dry my hair, stinks, to say the least. My hair is half way down my back in length and so super thick that when I get a chance I let my personal hair dress thin my hair out.

I also own a flat iron which is something I had hoped to do more with, but alas my hair is so thick that I can get my hair straight with the flat iron after using a hair dryer, however, my hair by end of day is back to curly. Those curls I get to blame my lovely father for, you should have seen his hair back in the day when he had some. Curly, curly, so much so that I used to call him Bozo the Clown when he let his hair grow out!

Basically, in a nutshell, I feel that blow drying your hair and using a flat iron will make you look super hot this holiday season! If you are looking for a way to make yourself look a little different for meeting up with the family during the holidays how about you try a flat iron or just blow drying your hair a bit and using some clips?

What will you wear and do for your hair during family holiday get togethers this holiday season?

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Misikko Professional Flat Iron Review and Giveaway

hana professional flat iron I received a Hana Professional Flat Iron from Misikko to review and giveaway to my readers. As you can see in most of my pictures I normally do the curly look since my hair is naturally very curly and wavy. Never had I attempted to straighten my hair because I never owned a flat iron nor did I have the time with the kids. I always wanted to use one of the many professional flat irons I have seen around as a way to give myself a new look when going out for a girls night out.  When asked to review and host a giveaway, I was more than happy to say yes.

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