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I am excited to share with you another app for children that helps them engage in fun while learning. Technology is something that is going to be a huge part of our children’s worlds as they grow up so why not introduce them when they are young?! Today I am sharing Ebooks & Kids who have worked hard to create educational apps for children ages 2-10. Today I am sharing WEE Kids ABC and WEE Kids Math, both are available on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad as well as FB Games and Android systems.

wee kids math

Wee Kids Math features algebra and arithmetic basics, numbers 0-20, calculations for beginning learners, addition and subtraction. Also included are Logic and memory games. What struck me as awesome is that this app does not include any third party advertising that may end up with your child purchasing something or downloading something that they should not onto your iPad. This is truly a child friendly app that makes parents happy because their children are learning.

wee kids math planets

Wee Kids Math was created with kids in mind first, Ebooks & Kids are a company who pride themselves in putting children first and really wish to have the word spread about their passion for children and their apps that are created for them to have their brains engaged while having fun.  Just watch the video below to learn more about this app and the people who stand behind it …

Fun, right? Here are some more details of Wee Kids app;

  • tens of brand new activities with many playing levels
  • fantastic original images
  • captivating bright colors
  • engaging sound effects

Wee Kids ABC is a fun app that engages children in learning to read, so very similar to Wee Kids Math but this time around it is regarding reading skills. Both apps would suit your family well and I bet your kids would enjoy them!

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 Now, I wish you to go ahead and check out Wee Kids Math and Wee Kids ABC today in the iTunes app store so that you can see how your children love to learn in a fun, child friendly safe application environment!

If you download this please tell me what you thought of it!

BassBoomz For Your Music Pleasure

Free Product

Today I am sharing with you a fun way to increase that bass and musical sound coming from your laptop, tablet and other such devices — BassBoomz.


About BassBoomz

There are 8 custom colors to choose from with these high performance Bluetooth speakers. Twist and release bass experience, see image above the BassBoomz are closed and below they are open, allowing for a different level of bass to be experienced. BassBoomz are great for your laptop, tablet, smartphone and MP3 player. These are also compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices but there is also the wire to allow you to connect to the headphone jack in any device, which is how I used it on my laptop (3.5mm audio jack). You can connect two BassBoomz together for more of a sound experience. The perfect size for your pocket, on the go music experience!

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Pilo2 For Children on Your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, etc

It’s Saturday, March 9 and time for me to share with you another wonderfully fun app for your child who just loves to get into your iPhone, iPod touch or even your iPad and have some fun. Learning yet fun app, Pilo2: An Interactive Children’s Story Book with 3D Animation and more is ready to help your child learn while enjoying a fun app.

Pilo2 Animation Fairy Tale

The amazing graphics always get me with these tablet applications, the iPad and other devices seem to really have a way to get your child into the technology based world of learning so easily and in a way that intrigues the adults too. Maybe it’s just because I am a big kid at heart.

Pilo 2 interactive game ipad

Pilo2: An Interactive Children’s Story Book Won Awards -

  • 2012 Smart Contents 2012 Awards (Education/Books category)
  • 2012 “Grand Prize”in Smart App Awards 2012 (Children’s Education)
  • 2012 “First Prize” in Econovation Award at the KT App Creation Contest
  • 2012 “Excellence Award” in the Seoul Character Promotion and Pitching Contest

About Pilo2: An Interactive Children’s Story Book  -

Available in multiple languages such as English, Chinese and Korean. Created in Korea. Pilo is a sweet, warm doll in this app where children can experience the love and sweetness of that comparable to only a parents love and emotions. Your child can experience 3D animated stories with Pilo as well as interactive games that each have lessons to be learned.  Your child can choose to be a boy or a girl for their main character.  Your child can touch Pilo and there will be interactions. Your child may also choose Pilo’s wardrobe, fun!

Pilo is a very interactive story book for children ages 4 and up. The app is currently listed on iTunes for $2.99. Pilo2 is available for the following devices; iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Head on over to your iTunes account today and purchase Pilo2: An Interactive Children’s Story Book today!

If you do, let me know what you think of it.

Talking Anya Dress up and Pet Puppies #apps #ipad

Today I share with you an app for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, Talking Anya Dress up & Pet Puppies.

I am a huge fan of virtual friends, and I am not talking about my real life virtual blog and business friends that I have made since working from home online. I am talking about virtual friends that you can play with in apps. Meet Anya, she wants to come play with you on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad today! Take Anya on a play date, dress her up and watch as she sings, dances and laughs with you.

Anya can even have a pet dog, choose from a selection of five puppies that can do tricks for your amusement pleasure. Anya has real life features, for example, tap her feet and she dances. Swipe over her belly or tap tap tap her to tickle her, listen as she laughs. Anya can even repeat what you say when you talk to her.

This is a fun app for any big kid or little. Rated for ages 4+. You can download Talking Anya Dress up & Pet Puppies today at the iTunes store, this is a free app. Please share this fun, free app with your friends today by clicking the Retweet or Facebook share/like button below!


2012 Holiday Gift Guide is Up & Still More Space Open

If you want to know what’s on my list this holiday season for you and your family, well check out my 2012 Holiday Gift Guide. So far I have some openings, while other openings are “full” but not featured just yet.

It is super easy to get your product featured, just contact me directly using the link within the 2012 Holiday Gift Guide feature page.

Let me know, after looking at this page what are some of your favorites I have listed!

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