Common Myths About Psychics – Busted!

Many people don’t really understand what psychics are or what kind of powers they have. There is a lot of misinformation when it comes to the psychic practice and this misinformation is repeated until it becomes myth.

Unfortunately a lot of these myths will cause people to have an incorrect perception of psychics and might even result in them choosing not to visit a psychic due to this misunderstanding. Perhaps they don’t know how a psychic works or they are scared to visit a psychic because of an incorrect belief. This is a shame, because a psychic might just be able to offer them valuable insight or spiritual guidance that could help them take the next step in their lives.

So what are the biggest misconceptions that people have about psychics? Here are a few of the common myths and the truth behind them…

Psychics are Mind Readers

Many people believe that a psychic can read their thoughts directly and can guess your birthday or how many fingers you are holding up. However, this is not necessarily true. Usually, a psychic will not be able to read specific thoughts but they will be able to tune into your personal energy in a very insightful way. They will pick up the subtle emotional signals that you are sending them, so that they can understand your emotions and the reason for your current turmoil.

Also, psychics are able to access your spirit guide – which is where they can find out important details of your future and current life – including information about marriage, love, family and children. For example, the psychics at will offer you guidance on all of these crucial aspects of your life – all you need to do is ask.

Psychics Can Predict the Future

There is a lot of debate as to whether a psychic can predict the future or not. However, most psychics believe in the idea of free will, so they know that the future is not set in stone. What most psychics are able to do is to tap into your personal energy and use that information to determine the direction that your future is headed. A psychic can let you know what might happen if you continue on the path that you are on, as well as presenting you with different choices and directions to consider.

Psychics Know Everything That Will Happen to Them

“Psychic Fair closed due to unforeseen circumstances” is a common joke and the myth that many people believe is that if people are really psychic, they should be able to anticipate any bad event that is going to happen to them. However, the answer is that most psychics don’t possess their abilities 24 hours a day. They only have their powers when they are consciously using them, such as when a customer seeks a reading. They can “tune” into their psychic ability just like you would tune into a radio – turning it off when the reading is complete.

Psychics can Curse You (Or Remove a Curse)

There are many people out there who believe that a psychic has the ability to place a curse on someone, or remove such curse. However, curses are merely superstition. The way that a cure works is because it is a wish for someone else to experience harm. If the person receiving the “curse” believes that it works and lets the energy into their life, the curse will cause them to subconsciously cause harm to themselves. In other words, you cannot be cursed unless you yourself believe that you can be cursed.

There are some psychics who will claim that you are cursed and tell you that you need to pay them a lot of money to remove the curse from you or you will die. Of course, this is a common scam and these types of immoral psychics should be ignored or reported to the authorities.

These are just a few of the most common myths that many people believe about psychics. Now that you understand a little bit more about psychics and how they work, you will be much more informed and you might choose to consult a psychic for help or guidance. Why not give a psychic a call today?

Megan Flurry is a freelance writer and blogger who is interested in psychics, the paranormal, spirituality and all other fascinating phenomena that science cannot explain. She speaks to a psychic whenever she is feeling a little bit lost and wants some guidance in her life. 

Go With Your Gut When It Comes to Your Kids

I actually love following my gut feeling, it’s not always easy to just go with a gut feeling. I won’t get into my perfect example in detail because it involves an old relationship but that isn’t important, just read this story and go with your gut, never say never, know your children, trust your parental instinct, always!

The adventure with my son AJ started when he was about 2 years old. It had come to a point where his father and I realized that something was different about AJ in a way that wasn’t too uplifting. Our son had a bad anger problem, and neither of our other children were like him. Granted at age 2, Baby K was just a baby but he had already been much like his sister than AJ as a baby.

AJ never slept through the night, was easily angered and had an all around negative mood as a baby. My fear? That this was going to be his temperament for life and that I would fight for this little guy as long as it took to find a solution and answer. My first thought was maybe he is bi-polar, it’s not that far fetched, an illness that runs heavily through my blood line.

When we went to see a neurologist, AJ had an EEG which came out fine. The neurologist definitely thought AJ exhibited signs of ADHD but other than that it was all. We started counseling and met with a counselor that I didn’t feel real comfortable with but we gave her a chance. She referred us to the psychiatrist who …. low and behold …. saw one of AJ’s fits. The psychiatrist couldn’t pull out his script pad fast enough and tell us he wanted to talk to the pediatrician to put our son on schizophrenia meds. All the while this “doc” is telling us that it can cause irreversible damage, that AJ’s blood pressure would have to be monitored closely and just awful side effects.

What parent would just JUMP on meds like that? My gut said, GOODBYE mister I am crazy psychiatrist. And I politely left to never return to that office again.

Now, two years later we have been working with another counselor who won us over from day one with his experience as a parent, a professional and a person who truly hears what our concerns our. The counselor we are seeing realizes we are parents who would rather WORK as parents than just drug our kid if he doesn’t need it. We are also parents who realize our son MAY need to be medicated and he technically is taking a prescription medication called Clonidine to help him stay focused & calm, however, it was prescribed to help with sleep after melatonin didn’t work. The Clonidine helps AJ stay focused but hasn’t ruined his spirit, this child is high energy but he is very well behaved. He is now a sweet, loving child who expresses more than just anger and happiness now.

My son, through hard PARENTING WORK, now gets sad, gets happy, gets upset and yes he does get angry sometimes, but it’s all within a relatively normal, controllable level. I am so proud to have a high energy child that has parents who were able to work one one one, get no sleep, lose their own personal focus in life just to make sure this child would not have to be labeled as a bad kid when he goes to school this Fall.

I am exhausted, I am emotionally & physically drained, but my first born son is showing positive progress and for that I am so incredibly PROUD of both him and his parents (myself and J) for working hard and staying consistent. Although I will be honest I handle AJ 90% off the time due to his father’s work schedule, so really it is me who is drained but J has done the best to help and stay focused when he isn’t working.

We went with our gut and kept plugging away to find the BEST person for AJ and us to work together in getting AJ on a good track in life. We love his high energy, but the aggression was just not okay.

I am glad I walked out of that office two years ago, because I went with my gut feeling and today I can see that gut feeling was correct.

This Too Shall Pass

My father is famous for saying “this too shall pass” when a tough situation presents itself. Life is so full of many challenges and as a parent I constantly struggle with whether or not I am making the right decisions for my children and myself. When I turn to people for advice I am often judged, questioned and told I am not doing the right thing. My problem is that in my heart and soul I know what it is I want in life and what it is I want for my children so why is it that I seem to make bad decisions at times?

Maybe those decisions we deem “bad” are not really bad at all, maybe they are simply another path in life we had to travel on in order to find our way to our destination. I am a firm believer that “what goes around comes around” and “everything happens for a reason” with that being said I live by the rule of thumb “follow your heart” and “do unto others as you would have others do unto you”. You can not go wrong when you follow your gut feeling, I have this sixth sense about myself, my life and some of my close friends I can almost even feel what they are feeling, think what they are thinking before they even realize what it is they are feeling or thinking themselves. This has proven to me that there is a connection between two people that no other person can fully understand.

How can one understand something that I can feel with my whole heart yet can not understand myself? Do you ever get those feelings in life that you know what you want to do, what is right to do but you second guess that initial gut feeling? Why do we do this as humans? Is it to test our morals? Is it simply a way for us to learn life in our own way?

So full of questions and curiosity about myself and life right now but at the same time, I know in my heart and soul that I must live my life a certain way in order to be 100% happy, positive and energized for myself and my children.

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