Shutterfly Holiday $50 Gift Card Code Giveaway #spon

Disclosure: I have been compensated with a gift code for use on Shuttefly for taking part in this promotion.

I love Shutterfly and have used them at least twice in the past years for my Christmas cards. This is why I am excited to share with you my favorite holiday card options available this year and host a giveaway for a $50 code. Shutterfly not only has great holiday cards but they have photo gift options, which would be the perfect type of gift for my sister with being her daughter’s first holiday.

Photo Pillow from Shutterfly

I love this photo pillow {shown in image above}, as a great holiday gift idea. Smile, love, laugh are the perfect sayings and what better way to show that than to place a cute picture of my baby niece in the center for a memory of her to last always for my sister. Giving a gift like this photo pillow is really more heartfelt than any toy that you could give this family. I know my sister would cherish this photo pillow for years to come and be able to pass it down to her daughter once her daughter is grown to remember the love of her family.

Live Laugh Love Holiday Card

Those who know me know this; I love positive quotes and anything that can bring a smile to someone’s face. With the Live, Laugh and Love holiday card shown above, I think that would pass along the best smiles ever to my family this holiday season. I still mail holiday cards every year just about now to the family so they can 1) see updated pictures of my children and 2) know that I am always thinking of them. Wishing family members from afar a happy holiday means so much with this technologically driven world we live in. I love snail mail holiday cards.

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Flipeez – Fun Winter Hats for Children #holidaygift #flipeez #huggymonkey @IDVproducts

Free ProductToday I am sharing with you a fun gift idea for the child in your life; Flipeez. I am sure you have seen the commercials, I know my children saw the commercials and proceeded to beg and plead for their own hat. Thankfully I was sent a Monkey Flipeez that has a super soft inner fleece lining and outer knit hat that allows for a one size fits all fit.

 My son just loves his Flipeez but I will admit the kids at school enjoy chasing him at recess calling him a Monkey because he is wearing a Monkey on his head. The Monkey Flipeez is perfect for my son because we call him that all of the time but they have other options for every child; Kitty, Monster and Puppy are other options for your Flipeez this holiday season.

They are of high quality but occasionally get a little temperamental with the air flow, as you can see in the video above, my son was having a hard time on the first day with getting his Flipeez to flip. These are cute and perfectly great this time of year to keep your child’s head warm. I love that they created these fun hats for Winter because it’s difficult to get my non winter hat kids to wear their Winter hats. With Flipeez there is no more arguments over wearing your hat outside!

Learn more about Flipeez on the Official Flipeez Website.

A Nice Visit With my Sister and Baby Niece Liv

I do not get to my sisters nearly enough as of late, gas prices increased and work in progress plus our Summer was a bit of craziness with the blending of families and well, the issues of not having a co-parent as easy to co-parent with as my kids are blessed to have with their Dads and me. Needless to say it’s been a jungle around here, but I do my best on our kid-free weekend to get over to my sister’s house to visit with her and her sweet baby girl Liv, or Livy as I usually call her.

Baby  Niece Sept 2013 (1)

My sister will tell me how much of a handful Livy is behind the scenes and as Lee and I walked up the path to my sisters we could hear Miss Livy screaming loudly but as soon as we walked in, oh she was all smiles and quiet as can be. I giggled, said “aww you are trying to prove your Mama a liar livy, aren’t you?!” and she half smiled. You see, Livy is a tad bit anxious when it comes to having visitors, usually it takes a bit for her to warm up to us. In the past she warmed up to Lee before me, so I always tell her her flirting buddy is here, Uncle Lee. It’s such a fun time when we meet to visit with my sister and the baby. Lee, my sister and I all have great laughs and conversations. I also get to get that baby fix in, because Lord knows we don’t need anymore children in this household. Or at least, I hope He knows.

Baby  Niece Sept 2013 (2)

We took a nice stroll outside where Livy showed us how much she doesn’t like having things on her head. Lee was able to get the hat on long enough for me to get a photo to share with our Aunt Michele on Facebook, as she is the one who made this hat for Livy. We had a great time hanging outside, listening to Livy babble like crazy. I have a few videos of her on my Instagram feed from our visit last weekend too.  It is always a nice time to see my sister be able to relax a bit while we take over keeping Livy occupied during our visit.

The plan is for me to visit my sister more often, like once a week so that her and Livy get used to me caring for Livy and allowing my sister more free time. My sister is just like every other Mom with a child, she needs and deserves a break for her mental health well being. I hope to offer that break and space for her to be able to calm her mind and stress levels.

On a side note; when do you think my niece will ever grow some hair? The poor girl is near bald. I want to put cute bows in her hair and braid her hair ….. miracle gro?

Share your Love for Wendy’s Flatbread, Chance to Win Money #6secondsflat #happilyblended6 #spon

Thanks to Wendy’s for sponsoring today’s discussion

Last weekend we had no kids. It was quiet in the house and there was not seven people running around trying to entertain and keep each other occupied, it was just us two adults. When it is just two adults in the household we are more open to the idea of eating out or at least ordering out and bringing it home to relax upon the couch to eat over a good movie and drink. This past weekend we decided to give Wendy’s flatbread a taste test as part of a campaign I am working on. The man of the house LOVES Wendy’s to begin with so this was an easy campaign to test out for us.

Wendy's Logo

The man and I hopped into our family van and drove 45 minutes to West Lebanon, as that is our most local Wendy’s location and we picked up the Asiago Ranch chicken flatbread. We drove home and worked on creating a fun video, which you can see on Instagram here. We had fun creating a video while Jenny the Pug stared at the flatbread in hopes we would share just one bite, we did not share. The Asiago Ranch Chicken flatbread was delicious, the man of the house had it gone in 2.2 seconds I swear. I was not able to snap any pictures of the flatbread, but you can visit the Wendy’s 6 Seconds Flat Sweepstakes webpage to learn more about the options for these flatbreads.

We were checking out Wendy’s flatbreads as part of their current sweepstakes where you can share your #6secondslfat video of yourself or a friend enjoying one of Wendy’s flatbreads and enter for a chance at $6,000! I know what I would do with that kind of money; pay off bills. A home purchase in late June has really left us playing catch up and $6k could really help us get back on track financially.

What would you do if you won the $6,000 from Wendy’s #6secondsflat sweepstakes? Are you going to go enter?

Thanks to Wendy’s for sponsoring today’s discussion

How I Endured Summer Break with Children

I am very active in social media, more active than I have been on my blog this Summer and that’s because it’s much easier for me to spew out a few things online via my Twitter, Facebook or Instagram as well as now Vine app on my phone than to find a time when kids are away to write fully on my blogs. I watched most of this Summer as parents were fed up or counted down days from the beginning of Summer break til school started again. These same parents did a lot with their kids during the Summer, I know this because I see their posts and pictures via social media, I am not saying they are bad parents for missing the break from kids school brings to them. I, after all, co parent my children so I do get a break all year round to split up the duties of having to occupy children 24/7 during Summer break.

Making Breakfast

With that being said, I am one who truly enjoys being a mother and as we near the start of school my baby is headed to all day Kindergarten, a change that I welcome but also am not quite ready for. I have watched children around the area either lose a parent or a parent lose a child and there are people who cannot have children, so to me, having children is truly a blessing and being a great Mommy is something I try not to take for granted, ever. While having two weeks straight with my highly active sons who seem to be having a testosterone increase as of late, may drive me insane and make me cry or yell more from time to time, I do not wish to have school start any day soon. I have enjoyed my times with the children, even when they were at their worst.

ice cream cones

Everyone who knows me can see that being a Mom is the best thing that ever happened to me; it’s as if I was born to be a mother. Sure, I love my work from home as well, writing is my passion, therapy and outlet as well as income but being a Mom is my first favorite job ever. I get to live my life in a way that teaches the children to be a good person with good morals and a well rounded personality. I live my life to teach them how I wish them to be {with a side of their own uniqueness} as they grow older. I can only hope that one day my children will look back and remember every Summer break being that of happiness because they were wanted and they felt wanted and loved.

So it’s quite simple, how did I endure Summer break with children? The answer is, I took one day at a time and counted my blessings no matter how rough of a day or week I had with the kiddos. That is how one can endure Summer break when it comes around again.

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