Answers to common questions about flat head syndrome in babies

Flat Head Syndrome, also known as plagiocephaly and brachycephaly, is becoming so much more common today.  Now that babies are sleeping on their backs, studies have shown that nearly half of all babies are developing flat spots on the head.  Because this condition used to be much more rare, many new parents do not know much about it.  This article will try to answer some of the common questions about this syndrome.

What is Flat Head Syndrome?

Flat Head Syndrome is a term often used to describe the medical conditions of positional plagiocephaly and brachycephaly.  Plagiocephaly is when flattening occurs on one side of the head, and brachycephaly is when the flattening occurs across the entire back of the head.  With brachycephaly, the head can almost take a cone shaped appearance.

What causes it?

There can be many different causes of infant head flattening, but the most common by far is when there is repeated pressure to the same part of the baby’s head.  This can occur in the womb or after birth, usually in the first several months of life when the baby’s skull is very soft.  Some babies are more likely to have this problem, such as premature infants and multiple births.

Sometimes there are genetic factors involved, and more serious conditions such as craniosynosynostosis can also be the culprit.  If you notice any flat spots on your baby’s head, it is critical to consult your pediatrician or qualified medical professional to determine the exact cause.

What can I do to prevent it?

The best things that all new parents can do to prevent flattening caused by pressure is to vary the position of your baby, and avoid having them spend too much time in one position.  You can alternate the side of the crib that your baby’s head is facing on the changing table or crib, for example.  Avoid having your baby spend more time than absolutely necessary in containers like car seats, bouncers, and swings.  A sling or wrap is a good alternative that doesn’t put so much pressure on one spot. There are special pillows and products that can be used (always with supervision!) to keep the pressure off your baby’s head when they are lying on their backs.

Tummy time is a very important activity for your baby’s development as well as to keep pressure off the head.  It’s best to start tummy time with your baby when they are young as possible, otherwise some babies may not enjoy it.  If your baby isn’t happy during tummy time, try doing shorter sessions but do them more frequently.  You can also place your baby on their tummy on your lap or chest.  Try to make it as enjoyable as possible for them!

What should I do if my baby’s head is flattening?

As already mentioned, the most important thing is to consult your baby’s doctor right away.  They will be able to take measurements and advise you on the appropriate course of action.  Sometimes physical therapy is necessary (for example when babies are tight in one side of the neck due to torticollis).  Most doctors will advise more conservative treatment when the baby is under 4 months, such as repositioning therapy and tummy time.  If there is not enough improvement, helmet therapy may be indicated.

One important thing to know about this condition is that it can only be treated when the baby is very young, and the sooner treatment begins, the more successful it is.  Do not wait if you notice a flat spot on your baby’s head.

For more information on preventing and treating flat head syndrome, please visit our Baby Flat Head website.

MammaBaby App For Newborns Available on iPhone #app #iphone

I remember having a difficult time as a Mom to a newborn knowing when my baby had last nursed or when they napped on a regular basis, it’s just all so hard to keep up with when you have a new little one to take care of. I found more difficulties with tracking various things with my babies when I had my second and then the third; being a parent keeps you busy so why not let MammaBaby app allow you to keep track of things better?


This is an app for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad that allows you to track daily activities and growth using interactive WHO percentiles. Establish alarms for feeding, sleeping and medicines with MammaBaby. I love that MammaBaby also allows you an easy way to share milestones with your family and friends; be honest – parents to newborns always want to brag and alert everyone when their little one has reached a milestone! With tips from Mommy Bloggers accessible as you share various milestones there is so much you can do to feel as if you are parenting just right. Whether you take advice given or not, it’s always nice to hear what others lend for tips on how to parent to allow your child the most growth.

MammaBaby App for iPhone

Features That Make Me Smile:

  • Supports multiple babies up to 5.
  • Automatic synchronization of baby logs between multiple devices
  • Support for Facebook sharing of baby’s height and milestone moments
  • Milestone recording for precious moments and support for Facebook posting.
  • Timely parenting tips for the first year of your baby (29 milestones and 62 baby tips are available)

I love the idea of having an app to input babies growth, when my children were younger we would bring home a sticker with their height and weight on it, but honestly I have lost near all of those stickers. Having an app that you can track such things and then go onto MammaBaby Web and download the information as an Excel file? That to me, is so amazing! I would have loved to have such a tracker when my three kiddos were that young.

This app is rated age 4+ and is under Medical category for apps in the App Store, click here to download MammaBaby today for $3.99. Let me know what you think of it!

Sing To Your Baby App For your iPad #ipad #app #baby

I have another free app to share with those who have babies or grand-babies today. From children’s music GRAMMY® Award winners Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer, Sing To Your Baby® is based on the Parents’ Choice Gold Award winning playbook/ CD.

Sing to your Baby iPad app

Make lovely memories while you play a variety of sweet songs for your baby and sing along while holding them. Nuzzle up and take out the iPad to download the free Sing to your Baby app, then hum along to one of the 22 songs available in the library on this app. Making memories starts at an early age when you are a parent, it’s always fun to sing and sometimes dance around with your children, newborn and up, as a way to make fun memories. Laughter and smiles cures all, Sing to your Baby app may just allow for some down time with your new little bundle of joy.

Sing to Your Baby App iPad

Sing to Your Baby has a record feature where you can record your own voice or other relatives, this allows baby to hear a voice he/she knows and smile more. Music has been known to help increase happiness, laughter and smiles; at least in my household. I have also noticed within my own household that having music a part of our lives from the day each child was born has helped us to always have a common bond; our love of music for family fun dancing time.

When you use a voice that baby recognizes it helps keep down the stress on baby, I had one child who was very anxious as a baby so hearing another persons voice would sometimes startled him. With Sing to your Baby you can have an endless way to use your voice to sooth baby simply by clicking the play button. No one will know it’s not you in that moment of singing a tune, except you.

Share your music tracks with others in the family by sharing them on Facebook. With endless options of musical love, Sing to your Baby app is worth the test to download for free on your iPad.

Whether you are a grandparent or a parent of a baby or a young child – Sing to your Baby is a wonderful app to go check out. If you download Sing To Your Baby please let me know what your thoughts are on this app. I am always happy to hear your opinions and feedback on apps I recommend.

Pampers Wipes Baby Fresh 20ct. and $25 Shaws Gift Card Giveaway #ad

“P&G gave me this product sample, all opinions are that of my own”

As a mother who raised three babies who are now in their elementary school years, I can honestly say that with at least two of my three babies Pampers brand diapers were used and I do believe Pampers wipes as well. In my personal opinion and experience; Pampers worked the best for my children as babies. This is why when asked to team up with Shaws and Pampers to share a giveaway and spread the word about Pampers exciting news as to what they will be adding to their Size 1 & 2 diapers, I said “YES, count me IN”.

Pampers Swaddlers, the #1 choice of hospitals, a trusted favorite of many new moms, is now available in size 3 & 4 at Shaws. Swaddlers 3 and 4 will include both the wetness indicator and absorb-away mesh liner that moms have come to love in the smaller Swaddlers sizes.  In addition, Pampers wants to provide mom visual cues of comfort and protection, therefore we are adding an umbilical notch on Size 1 & 2.

I have to be honest with you, the fact that Pampers is going to add an umbilical notch to their size 1 & 2 diapers makes me a happy mother. I can recall with my first born how nervous I was that the diaper was going to rub on her umbilical cord thus making it fall off too soon. I was that first time worrier Mom for sure. With the news that Pampers is going to be adding an umbilical notch to their small sized diapers I was jumping for joy at the thought of new moms everywhere not having to be concerned the way I was that first time around being the mom to such a little bundle of joy.

Pampers Swaddlers were the most comfortable option for my sons as they enjoyed being little movers. My two sons were born to move along and Pampers Swaddlers simply worked for me as a parent. Again, that is my own personal opinion and experience on Pampers Swaddlers.

Today .. for those who enjoy Pampers and Shaws, I am hosting a giveaway so that you can get a chance to receive the same prize package I received to facilitate this blog post….


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a Rafflecopter giveaway

“P&G gave me this product sample, all opinions are that of my own”

What This Blog is for Me and I want For You

As I enjoy the remainder of Summer break with my family, I am found thinking more and more about what this blog is for me and what I meant it to be for others. You see, every year I come up with ideas on how I am going to get my baby back on track {this blog is my baby}, but each year something goes on with the kids that leaves me just writing for therapy and income. While I love having this blog as a therapy outlet, my other blog Moms Vacation Land has become another outlet for me to rant like a fool. Here, on this blog, I want a few things to come from it.

 Yellow Day Lilly

What this blog is for me:

  • An outlet, therapy to get things off my mind. While writing my mind will almost automatically redirect to a positive outcome from a situation I may be writing out of frustration with.
  • A place to make money, since working from home 100% shortly before my middle child was born, that would be 2006, I have my online sites as income. Therefore writing daily and writing content for advertisers pays my family bills.
  • A fun community of amazing people. I have been blessed to meet so many other parents out there, not just moms either, that think like I do or are able to commend me for being so honest, outspoken and positive all at the same time no matter what I seem to have going on.
  • A support group. When times seem as if I can’t take one more moment, I have readers who can comment to remind me that I am doing my best, that they see how great of a Mom I am, how nice of a friend I am and sometimes, everyone needs a little reminder that they too are important and wonderful.

What I want For You:

  • A community; I want readers to be able to comment and utilize the threaded comment feature I implemented as a way to support, communicate and help each other be parents, individuals and get through with life every day.
  • A place where readers can come and learn that happiness truly is an attitude, that if you can train your brain to really believe you deserve and will get all that you wish in life, your heart will believe it and soon the universe will hand it to you. Okay, maybe not soon but when reading blog posts here readers will see that me sharing my power of thoughts turns into real experiences, items and such, maybe just maybe they will learn to think the same way to have their own piece of success and happiness.
  • A place to let readers have a chance to win items, great items, not just measly little items that have no real cost value. If I could host giveaways for high end items at least 2 times a year alongside my other giveaways, that would be fantastic!
  • A place to come together, not pass judgement, to know they are safe here speaking to me in comments or through email to find a way to cope with whatever they have going on. I love helping others. If this blog can help others in any positive way, I am all for it!

Truth be told, these are all things I have wanted this blog to be for me and for others, but with having my “baby” of the family home with the exception of a few hours for Pre-K last year and a couple days a week with his Dad, I have not been able to truly pursue my line of work in the way I meant to from day one. This school season I will have all three children in school full time, it’s a sad time but also a wonderful time for me, because for the first time since 2006 I will have time to dedicate to my online baby, because my other “babies” will be taken care of in school all day long.

I ask you this, do all of your kids go to school full time? How long have you not had little ones around? Was it a big change when they all went off to school?

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