Reaping the Benefits of Working Out – Vlog

Here is my video blog update regarding what I feel everyone can reap from doing a daily workout routine or exercise routine. For me, working out daily has three rewards and in this vlog I share them with you all.

Get up. Get Moving. Get that heart beating and get healthier today!

This is the program I use on my Wii to get fit –

Backyardigans: We Arrrr Pirates DVD Review

On March 8, 2011 Nickelodeon & Paramount Home Entertainment released Backyardigans: We Arrrr Pirates on DVD.

Oh my goodness, we love Backyardigans so much in this house. They have catchy tunes that you can’t help but sing along to and always have

a fun learning experience for the kids.

When this DVD arrived for review my first thought was, perfect match for my two sons! My sons often go around pretending to be pirates and really enjoy saying “arr me hearty” all day long or however that saying goes. This DVD was a warm welcome and we have watched it over and over again!

Episodes Included:

Pirate Camp

Captain Austin trains Uniqua and Pablo at Pirate Camp with garage-band music blasting. But training takes a turn for the worst when a fearsome ghost (Tasha) captures the great pirate captain.

Pirate Treasure

Captain Uniqua and Captain Austin sail the high seas in search of treasure with reggae playing. If they don’t beat Captain Pablo and Captain Tyrone to it, they will have to walk the plank!

Sinbad Sails Alone

Set sail for adventure and mambo as Sinbad (Tyrone) encounters rough waters, Siren (Uniqua), and Medusa (Tasha)! The fate of the ship is in bumbling First Mate Pablo’s hands.

The Tale of the Not-So-Nice Dragon

The Not-So-Nice Dragon snatches up King Pablo and his Mighty Knights. Now it’s up to the Flighty Fairy (Tasha) and the Grabbing Goblin (Austin) to rescue them!

More Details:

Suggested Retail Price: $16.99

DVD Running Time: 98 minutes

Purchase on

HIGHLY recommended for families with young children.

Disclosure: DVD provided for free. All opinions that of my own.

Wordless Wednesday: Oh The Differences

With my three children that is!

One is gonna knock you out if you upset him ….

give the elbow

knock ya out

One is gonna stand upside down if you upset him …

Upside Down Toddler

And one rarely gets upset ….

Home Depot Workshop

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Web Application Design & Development

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This San Francisco Custom Web Development Company will work hard to meet your needs. They work with businesses 14who demand and expect the best.  They believe that great software is a collaborative effort not just something you install and leave there. If you are looking for web development strategies and implementation this company will certainly do their best to meet your needs and work with you in an open, honest and easy way that you will leave you satisfied with your business website.

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Social Media Maven at Hot Momma’s Project

I was very honored this past week to become the Social Media Maven for the Hot Momma’s Project. @chiefhotmomma interviewed me LIVE on Twitter, you can see my interview if you look up #BeAnIntern on Twitter or Tweetchat, or better yet click here to read the live event without much effort other than entering your Twitter username and password.

I decided to send my resume to @chiefhotmomma after she responded to me, of course at first she saw I was a virtual assistant and assumed I meant I would like to find an intern as well, but nope that was not the case. I actually was looking to be their intern, I was seeking to help this fantastic organization pro-bono. Why? Well because I am a sucker for a great cause, something that supports others, and well to me – this is FUN. Yeah call me a dork, call me crazy, but I have been having fun.{ Minus the whole weekend being worried that I was lost, completely LOST about my position over at the Hot Momma’s Project, when in all reality I was not lost, I was simply searching for something that didn’t exist. } That was fun! Have you ever been searching and searching for something, then come to find out it really was non-existent? Yeah, me neither until this past weekend ;-)

All joking aside I am super excited to be a part of the Hot Momma’s Project and even more excited to be sharing with you all @shelleyseale’s virtual book tour. This will be so much fun, and I look forward to sharing this journey of mine during the next couple of months {June, July & August} while I get to use a cute title “Social Media Maven” and be a part of something bigger than myself.

I would like to give a HUGE thanks to @jessicaknows because without her RT I would probably have missed the tweet for this position, and thus not been able to use this fancy Social Media Maven title for the next couple of months ;-)

Healthy Samples

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