Our First Family Beach Day

The kids and I headed out to Lake Sunapee Park the other weekend with our Summer gear in hand. My youngest and oldest were determined to hop in the lake, even though I knew it was cold, cold water. The oldest did end up jumping in twice, crazy girl!

Beach Days in NH Summer

I loved watching all three of the kids happily work together with their sand gear. They were building castles and moats and all this fun stuff together, with smiles upon their faces!

Daughter lets son bury her

Apparently the idea of sand gear wasn’t as appealing as burying your sister with sand at the beach. My daughter, bravely, laid down and set some ground rules to let her brother bury her in the sand. There was to be no sand above her chest and her arms were not to be covered, unless she said otherwise after they covered that part of her body.

Team work

Aj even got in on the fun of burying sissy and together the boys were able to fully bury sissy to the guidelines that she set forth. Sure, she got some sand in her face because the boys were digging like little puppies to get the sand to stay on her, but it was all in the name of good, solid family fun!

Buried in Sand

The picture above was the final snapshot before my daughter came out of that pile like a Hulk monster. It was a beautiful day and a fun family time was had.

Moments like these make me realize just how blessed I am.

The Super Hero Squad Show Quest For Infinity Sword! Volume 3

My four year old is obsessed with Iron Man and The Hulk, no joke. Aj loves to pretend play while he says he is The Hulk and does a Hulk slam on not only me but his siblings. Thankfully I have been able to teach Aj to pretend to slam us instead of out right slamming us to the ground! A new volume came out on DVD and is available at Shout! Factory as of February of this year and that is The Super Hero Squad Show: Quest of the Infinity Sword! Volume 3.

When the greatest heroes on the planet unite to face the world’s wickedest villains, you get the biggest, most family-friendly Super Hero alliance in TV history … the Super Hero Squad!

Watch as Iron Man, Wolverine, the Hulk, the Silver Surfer, Thor, the Falcon and their friends faithfully — and hysterically — protect Super Hero City from the wild, weird and even wacky villainy of VillainVille’s most infamous baddies, led by the sinister Dr. Doom! Volume 3 features the final 13 episodes from Season One plus all-new bonus features!

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Have you ever watched this show? What do you or your children think of it?

Disclosure: I received this DVD for free. All opinions based on my personal experience.

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