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The end of the day nears, Mom works to get her two sons into bed snug as a bug in a rug so that they can fall into a deep state of slumber {for a few hours}. As soon as her sons fall asleep she goes upstairs to tend to her oldest, and only, daughter. This is their Mom/Daughter time, a cherished half hour together of reviewing homework, laughing and rambling about whatever. All that this daughter wants is her Mom to listen. Due to Mom’s great listening skills, her daughter tells her near everything about her life, school and the world.

Christmas MorningMost recently Mom found out that during this age in her daughter’s life that the children at school think it weird that she tells her Mom so much. Apparently to have a close relationship with a parent is unacceptable and children just do not understand it. This daughter feels that she needs to sometimes be mean to her Mom in order to ‘fit in’ at school and as much as she hates to be mean, she does not want to be the weird kid who is close to her Mom either.

Completely understanding, Mom places her arms around her daughter and tells her that she knows why at times her daughter is mean and also reminds her that there will be many more years of them having their battles together. There may be a point where she absolutely hates her Mom {or so she thinks} and they are not as close for a period of time and that is okay because Mom loves her daughter unconditionally, forever and always. That is her job as Mom. Never would Mom hold a grudge against her child, for any reason. Never would Mom not love her daughter anymore because she was being hateful, spiteful or rude, that is not Mom’s job.

The fact that Mom completely understands not only the pressure put upon this child at this age in life but also the pressure she has outside of school seems to really strike a chord with the daughter. For half an hour the Mom listens to her daughter ramble about things that have been going on, she just needed to get it all out through tears and sobs of crying. All this daughter needed was for Mom to listen and say she understands. Once the daughter was done with her venting and Mom gave some words of wisdom and love, they both moved onto bedtime routine and quickly the daughter fell asleep.

Meanwhile the Mom was wide awake carrying not only the burden of her own troubles in life but that of her child’s, however, there isn’t one thing Mom would change about this because that is her job as a parent. As a parent, Mom or Dad, we carry the burden of our children so to allow them to be a child.

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Love From Child Far Surpasses Financial Success


I am sort of frustrated in a way about the catty behavior of some woman and men. I can not imagine that some men and woman look to a stay at home mother as lazy and having a lack of self worth. I am not a stay at home mom, I work from home but still, I am raising kids most of the time and working 4-8 hours per day so really I do Mom and household duties more than work duties.

I love making money, because I like to have a roof over my head, food on the table and a chance to actually do extra things with the munchkins, I can’t just stay at home and take care of the kids without earning some form of income because it’s just not something that I would feel satisfied doing. With that being said, I can say that the love from my children far surpasses any financial success I have.

To see the look on my children’s eyes when they hear me tell them how proud I am that they didn’t kill each other at the most recent grocery shopping trip or that they did an awesome job at something new, feels far more as a success to me than making $$. This is who I am, this is simply how I am built as a woman.

Do not get me wrong when I can make a decent amount of income in a short period of time, I feel proud and happy as well, but it’s a different kind of happy and doesn’t’ touch the heart like the positive responses I get from my children.

No money, job or career in the world could replace the satisfaction and busy life of a mom raising children!


What’s The Big Deal; SAHM, WAHM, Work Outside of Home Mom

I have been reading all over the Internet about the controversy, judgements and just simple discussions of moms occupation choices and I guess I just do not understand what the big deal is? I mean kudos for the publicity because it makes some of these Mom’s money with this awesome exposure, but for others who do not make money from the exposure or are at home with self esteem issues, these topics and judgements can be painful to them.

For the record; SAHM means stay at home mom, WAHM means work at home mom, and of course work outside of home mom means a mom who works at a job outside of her house.

There are also a lot of stay at home Dad’s and work at home Dad’s who don’t seem to get hit with judgement or ridicule as often as the Mom’s do. It seems a Dad who works or stays at home is a saint while Mom’s are just¬† plain wrong or lazy. Come on people, are you serious?

I personally feel that a parents occupation has zero to do with who they are as a parent, this means a term {that I do use} such as WAHM really is irrelevant, right? I mean who cares if you are a work at home MOM, can’t we be a WAHW – work at home woman? Sometimes the mom term can deter companies from hiring you as their professional addition to a virtual team, while other times having the Mom in that acronym actually pays big time.¬† Brands and businesses are catching on that Moms really do mean business when they are working from home. Who wouldn’t mean business when working from home raising children? We have to make sure our children are taken care of in addition to supporting a household, so those who work from home do not mess around! {before you take that out of context, this is not to say those who work outside of the home DO mess around}

Aside from all that, does it really matter what a woman chooses to do for an occupation? Does it make someone stronger or weaker to work outside of the home? There are many pros and cons to working from a home office and working outside of the home, there are also pros and cons to being a stay at home mom. The decision to be whatever you want to be is our American freedom, so is the right to your own opinion, however, the right to your own opinion doesn’t make it morally acceptable to lash out, judge and bash another human being; parent or not.

Let’s teach our future generation some good manners, morals and what is acceptable to put out there in society. Can’t we all agree to go by the old school saying “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say it at all”?

A Weakness can Build Strength

After giving birth to her second child a mother wonders if this will be the time she can start to be a stay at home mother. The first child this woman gave birth to ended up being raised by a single mom after four months of age due to a relationship break up. The mother struggled with the fact that she would not be able to stay at home with her sweet baby girl but rather head back to work while the baby girl’s father took her in and dropped her at daycare when he went to work.

This second born child to a woman who was in a relationship and about to be married proved that maybe, just maybe she could finally be the stay at home mother she had always dreamed of being. This woman’s future husband agreed in the idea behind “parents raising children” and not shipping the children off to daycare. It appeared to be a dream come true. This woman was so happy about staying home with her two children, but something unexpected would happen during her child raising days. After giving birth to a third child this woman’s husband quit his job.

The woman was in shock because the husband and her had just discussed how he couldn’t quit just yet because she hadn’t built up her online income and they were not going to be able to raise three children on direct sales and newly created blog revenue alone, at least not just yet. Due to her husband making this decision on his own, the mother found herself thrown into creating an online business with multiple streams of revenue as a way to survive because she was not going to live on state assistance due to her husband making a poor decision and refusing to be a stay at home Dad long term.

As this woman juggled building her business and her blog she became a different person, not bitter, but different. It seems the negative decision her husband had made truly created this powerful human being who had so many optimistic thoughts and learned how to fight to survive on her own even though she was married. This woman changed and she changed in a way that no longer would mesh with her husband, she did forgive her husband for his decision because after all we are all human but she never truly forgot.

The struggles this woman went through raising three children, breastfeeding the youngest and trying to keep a steady income to support the family didn’t create a huge bitter woman but it did make her put a wall up and refuse to lean on another person again. Although some would call her bitter, she saw it as knowing what works for her. All through this woman’s life there has been one person she could count on 100% and that was herself. Why would this woman ever put herself into a situation where she had to depend on another person if her own husband wasn’t one who could be counted on?

Life lessons are learned in funny ways and sometimes we find our strength in other people’s weaknesses. This strength can help us rise to the situation and face all obstacles with a smile!

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