Blocking IP’s From Trying to Log into Your WP Blog

There has been an increase in people attempting to blast into your WordPress site and us bloggers have had to add just one more task to our daily list of things to do; block IP addresses. Previously, I used to block an IP if it were someone I didn’t want accessing my sites due to harassment or for privacy reasons, but now I find myself taking time out of each day to block IP addresses of those from various countries attempting to hack into my blog just for fun. Wishing these people would find a new hobby!

Today I am sharing with you how I utilize a plugin called Wordfence and my HostGator dashboard to ensure each user that attempts a hack is now blocked by IP. Sure this doesn’t stop them forever, as many may be aware, you can change your IP address, but it helps keep my sites a bit safer.

How to Block IP From all Your Sites Using Wordfence and Hostgator

Once you have installed and activated the Wordfence plugin, you will start to received notifications that a user with IP address has been locked out from signing into your account or attempting a password recovery for your site. There is an option to go into the Wordfence plugin to block these IP’s that will come, but I much prefer to place them into my Hostgator dashboard IP Deny Manager because this will block the IP’s from accessing ALL of my sites I have on this hosting account.

How to Block IP From all Your Sites Using Wordfence and Hostgator

Once you log into your Hostgator Cpanel, you will see an area that says IP Deny Manager, click on that and the above screen will show up. Once in this screen, go back to the tab where you have the email open citing the IP address of the user who was been locked from signing into your account. Copy the IP address shared in the email and then come back here to paste the IP Address in the field open for placement of IP. Then click the Add button. Voila! From this point forward, that particular IP address will be banned from seeing/accessing ANY of your websites on this hosting account.

How to Block IP From all Your Sites Using Wordfence and Hostgator

I personally prefer to use the IP Deny Manager in Hostgator Cpanel because it alleviates the IP from having any future access to all of your websites. I have seen success in using IP Deny Manager.

If you or anyone you know would like to have this task handled by a Blogger Assistant, please do contact me directly through my business website. I will happily provide you with a weekly or month quote for me to provide you with this service, thus opening your time up for more important networking/marketing tasks!


GoDaddy Renewal Frustrations

I have no clue what is going on but the past two domains I have renewed with GoDaddy are resetting. I have HostGator for my hosting and GoDaddy for the actual domain purchases. I have had this setup since 2008 when I started using self hosted blogging platforms.

The issue is that my and are now showing as if they are a separate site or not set up at all. For instance, should redirect automatically to but that is not happening.

I am going to try to see if there was a reset in that DNS numbers or what not that you have to insert when you have a hosting account but they never used to reset upon renewal. Maybe because I let the domains expire and renewed them late?

Either way .. it’s just one more project on my plate to tackle between now and then. I can do this , right? Things are going to start to align, right? Please say yes. I know they will but need some reassurance ;-)

Finding a Stable and Reliable Web Hosting Account

I must admit that when I first switched from a free blog platform to self hosted WordPress I jumped on the most affordable web hosting plan I could find. I did little research and just based my decision on what worked for others who had multiple websites or blogs. I knew that I would always be a person with more than one blog so I wanted to be certain my plan would cover more than one self hosted WordPress blogs.

Now that I have “lived and learn” through the years with my current website hosting company, I have figured out that you should do better research before jumping on the plan that appears to be the most affordable. Plans that say they are “unlimited” are not always truly unlimited, there are limits to everything in life. While you may never go over this invisible limit servers have in your hosting account, it could happen, and in that case the website or blog can be shut down forcing you to either 1) lose all of your information or 2) move to a separate server (pay for another hosting account) or worse.

What I can tell you about web hosting plans is to do your research, think about the future, will you be a person who really will just have one blog or website for the rest of their life? Do you plan to go big and have lots of content, images and more within your website? Whatever your plans are regarding your current decision to get a self hosted website, be sure to check out the Best Web Hosting Awards and research each company to ensure they are offering what you need now and will meet or exceed your long term goals.

How Do I Export Saved Passwords in Firefox?

My computer hardware decided to die on me over the weekend, RIP my sweet computer.  Although it was able to be rebuilt in no time due to the computer dude residing with me who is also known as my sons’ father.  The computer didn’t actually “die” per say, I was still able to get online and do things from my computer but after a little while the networking card was not being seen by the computer, which meant, no Internet nor network access.

Thankfully I was prepping my computer for a reformat when all of the parts inside of my beautiful computer case decided to go on vacation. The only thing I was uncertain of while working to get my files, pictures and such transferred to our server was how do I export saved passwords in FireFox? This is one thing I always lose during a reformat, saved passwords.  I refused to go through losing my passwords yet again and knew there had to be a solution.

As with most everything in FireFox, I knew there must be an add-on I could use to save my passwords from being lost in thin air during the rebuild and reformat of my computer. I searched online to find the Password Exporter add-on for Firefox and let me tell you what, this is an easy add-on to use if you are looking to save your passwords or transfer passwords from one computer to the next using your home or office network.

Simply install the Password Exporter add-on in FireFox, you probably will be prompted to restart FireFox so that the add-on is available. From there go to Tools –> Options –> Security. You will now see under the saved passwords area in this tab an option to import/export passwords. Click the button to export passwords, but remember to save the file as .csv file so that you may open it in Excel or notepad documents. Then click to export passwords. A file will be saved on your computer, my advice is to save this file somewhere on your secure home network prior to reformatting a computer or trying to transfer it to another computer.

Once you are ready to access the saved passwords again, simply use the Password Exporter add-on in FireFox and use the import option. It’s a couple of clicks and you never have to worry about losing a password again. I would recommend keeping a back up of your passwords every so often on a secure server just in case the unthinkable happens and your computer crashes before you can export the passwords safely.


Save 25% or $9.94 off Hosting For Being a Reader

I have been using HostGator for my website hosting account ever since I switched to a self hosted WordPress blog. I became an affiliate with HostGator after I realized 1) I could do such a thing and 2) I really loved this hosting service.

You see, I can become an affiliate with almost any company or represent almost any product, so can most other bloggers and people, however, I only wish to promote products and services that I can fully stand behind. My hosting company is one of those companies I can stand behind and feel good about promoting. I have promoted HostGator without using my affiliate code and with using my affiliate code.

Today I decided that I should offer all of my readers discounts off their hosting account if they purchase with HostGator using this code made specifically for those who read this blog post. Using code HBfriend2012 you will receive 25% off a hosting account. If you wish to save $9.94 you can use code Rainforest which I personally created for a local friend who runs Rainforest Encounters & was looking into a hosting account (you can connect with them on Facebook if you wish).**

With tax refund season nearing and most people looking to find a great hosting company I thought I should simply offer you all my advice on who I use, create a coupon code promo for you all and see if you all have any questions after looking at HostGator for your hosting account.

**coupon code does not have an expiration date, but may be removed towards mid year 2012. I am not held responsible for late readers getting this HostGator promo code and it not working, however, if you do read this and the code doesn’t work leave a comment below or contact me to notify me.

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