And this is why Weekends With my Kids ROCK

After a long, hard week of running around to get kids to school then home from school the meetings and appointments on top of working from my home office, the weekend with the kids is what I look forward to. Spending time with my cute little man K who enjoys calling me Cutie and Princess more often than Mama. Spending time with my oldest who is a tween now and so much like me that I have to stop and think before speaking; she has grown up too fast, and is already nearing my height. My middle son, A-man is rocking the house lately with his super loving, affectionate side and telling jokes while tossing his head back in laughter. I love them.

My Little Man

K-man keeps us on our toes with his high energy and non stop jokes.


Adorable Sons

A-man keeps us wondering what is next with his silly jokes that he finds hilarious and his nonstop affectionate side.

Beautiful daughter

And the lovely Miss Ki keeps us on our toes as well never knowing what she is going to do next….

My kids are amazingly fun to be around. High energy. Happiness. Bubbly. And that is just like me, wouldn’t expect them to be anything but all of that :-)

Happy Weekend my friends!

Ways to Use Tub Chairs in The Home

Ways to Use Tub Chairs in The Home

The Tub Chair is a classic design of chair, scoring points on both comfort and style. On a practical level it can be used all over the home, especially as it is available in such a wide range of fabrics, patterns and colours. Here are a few ideas for using a tub chair in various rooms around the house.

Tub Chairs in the Sitting Room

These chairs can be used as a ‘feature’ chair in a livingroom, for example picking out a colour from exisiting decor and using it to make a bold statement in the form of a chair. Or, if you already have a sofa, you can add to the furniture in the room by adding several tub chairs in either matching or contrasting colours. They are incredibley comfortable to sit on and so a great choice for both lounges and living rooms.

Tub Chairs in the Bedroom

Many people like to have a smart looking chair in the bedroom, be if for placing folded clothing upon, to place by a window for added style, or simply so they can escape to a quiet spot and read. You will find a choice of soft romantic designs, to sharper modern looks – something to suit every taste.

Tub Chairs in the Study

Depending on the size and shape of your desk, this chair might be a suitable choice for you in your study. However, even if you have your specific computer desk chair already, one of these tub chairs can be added to the room for a more comfortable place to read and reflect, or for visitors. If you have a work from home office, they can make an ideal meeting area in the room, giving both a professional yet informal setting for meeting with clients who visit the home.

Tub Chairs in the Conservatory

These tub chairs are sturdy in build, with a solid wooden framework, and so will stand the test of time. In addition to this is the high quality fabrics (of your choice) that they are finished with, which can be easy wipe clean if desired. A practical solution for family rooms and well used areas of the house. If you haven’t yet established a colour scheme, why not choose a few fun colours to instantly define, and brighten the place up.

Tub Chairs in the Hall

A hallway or landing can be quickly and inexpensivley transformed into a purposeful space, simply by adding one of these chairs. Dark corners of the home that tend to be ignored can be brought back to life simply by adding one of these chairs – again choosing from many styles be it elegant, country or quirky.

The author of this post is Edward Sloane, the owner of the UK’s largest, online retailer of the Tub Chair and expert in the design and implementation in the home.

The Joys of Self Employment

Working from home is a blessing, and honestly I am not so sure “anyone” can do it, even though I have said that in the past. The reason I am starting to believe that not everyone can do it is because it’s extremely difficult to step away from work when it’s family time if your office is in your home. All too often I have to shut down my computer because I will be tempted to come in and do some work during family time. I am just that into my work and addicted to making money.

Being self employed has it’s ups and downs. For sure, trying to collect payments from clients really can stink some times. Especially when you see the bill due dates and yet these people still have not paid you. I am lucky to work with amazing people directly but some of the firms I have worked with take forever and a day to submit payment. Sure sometimes things happen making payment delayed and I totally understand that but when a big firm was scheduled to pay me on “x” date and still has yet to pay me nor communicate what is up to me? Well that’s a fail in my book.

Juggling my kids new schedule this school year alongside my work has actually proved to be quite easy. Although the few hours I get here and there may seem like nothing to you all who work a forty hour week in a workplace somewhere, you would be shocked as to what I can get done in just one hour of silence in my office, or with music blasting in the background. I can write many blog posts, articles and even complete a ton of invoicing in just one hour.

With the youngest being in pre-K four days a week, I find that I get one full day without kids as he spends two mornings a week with his Dad, I also get four days a week with that few hours of afternoon silence to work. I have stopped working weekends as much, because I was burning myself out. Although I am blessed to do what I love and am passionate about for work, everyone has their own limits and needs a break.

So while my breaks usually involve returning to Mama duty from my home office, I do try to take weekends to recoup from a fun filled week of being self employed. I believe that being self employed gives you more confidence in your own self, after all, I am pretty confident in myself and my skills.  I wouldn’t trade the juggling that I call a really well rounded schedule for anything in the world, not even an office position in a nice friendly workplace.

What’s The Big Deal; SAHM, WAHM, Work Outside of Home Mom

I have been reading all over the Internet about the controversy, judgements and just simple discussions of moms occupation choices and I guess I just do not understand what the big deal is? I mean kudos for the publicity because it makes some of these Mom’s money with this awesome exposure, but for others who do not make money from the exposure or are at home with self esteem issues, these topics and judgements can be painful to them.

For the record; SAHM means stay at home mom, WAHM means work at home mom, and of course work outside of home mom means a mom who works at a job outside of her house.

There are also a lot of stay at home Dad’s and work at home Dad’s who don’t seem to get hit with judgement or ridicule as often as the Mom’s do. It seems a Dad who works or stays at home is a saint while Mom’s are just  plain wrong or lazy. Come on people, are you serious?

I personally feel that a parents occupation has zero to do with who they are as a parent, this means a term {that I do use} such as WAHM really is irrelevant, right? I mean who cares if you are a work at home MOM, can’t we be a WAHW – work at home woman? Sometimes the mom term can deter companies from hiring you as their professional addition to a virtual team, while other times having the Mom in that acronym actually pays big time.  Brands and businesses are catching on that Moms really do mean business when they are working from home. Who wouldn’t mean business when working from home raising children? We have to make sure our children are taken care of in addition to supporting a household, so those who work from home do not mess around! {before you take that out of context, this is not to say those who work outside of the home DO mess around}

Aside from all that, does it really matter what a woman chooses to do for an occupation? Does it make someone stronger or weaker to work outside of the home? There are many pros and cons to working from a home office and working outside of the home, there are also pros and cons to being a stay at home mom. The decision to be whatever you want to be is our American freedom, so is the right to your own opinion, however, the right to your own opinion doesn’t make it morally acceptable to lash out, judge and bash another human being; parent or not.

Let’s teach our future generation some good manners, morals and what is acceptable to put out there in society. Can’t we all agree to go by the old school saying “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say it at all”?

Charge Clients for Every Work Hour

You arrive for work in the morning at the office and clock into the time clock, from there every minute you work is tracked by your employer. There is no worry about “how many hours did I work” or “did I take my break today” because your employer keeps track of all the small details in their human resource department.

When you work from home having the time clock track all of your work hours is not an option, although you can track your own working hours using software like TimeLoc, you still need to be sure to clock every possible hour you worked for each client to ensure you are being paid for work completed.

Working from home is an amazing, fast growing industry these days and with the economy so up and down it seems it’s the only option that gives peace to entrepreneurs that they will have a consistent, steady job.  Since you are working from home to pay your bills and possibly support your family you must make sure that your time is being paid for so that in turn you can support your family fully on a home income.

Be sure to charge for phone conference hours, whether it be a Skype call or a text chat on Google Talk, you must be sure that your time speaking with a client is being charged. As with any job speaking with your supervisor is paid for, so why would you think otherwise when running your home business?

Whether you choose to bill for emails back and forth is up to you, but most work at home entrepreneurs don’t charge for the email correspondence between themselves and a client.  The hours that count are; phone conversations, research time, time dedicated to complete the project, and those hours spent doing immediate work for the client.

Make sure you are being paid for your hard work. Your clients will appreciate your professional, consistent billing ways just ensure that you release your billing terms with each client prior to contracting with them so that they know what to expect come end of work week when you send out their statement.

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