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Each year the children and I head to Cornish, NH to a place I call The Home of Christmas Spirit. Each year we normally go and see Mr & Mrs Claus there. This year, we sadly missed them … apparently they are only there on Saturday and Sunday evenings; we went on a Friday evening this year.

The Home of Christmas Spirit in NH

This is a completely free light display and event in Cornish, NH. A local couple is all dressed up for the children to enjoy the Christmas Spirit. You drive up a long stretch of dirt road to what seems like the middle of no where. All of a sudden you see signs “Watch for Mrs Claus and Elves dancing”, “Reindeer Crossing” and other fun signs to engage the guests traveling along this long dirt road to get to the Home of Christmas Spirit.

Christmas LIghts Event for Free in NH

Then you come around a corner to a terrific display of lights with Christmas music playing over the speakers. People everywhere, children everywhere. Smiles, laughter and just joy.

Children enjoying Christmas Lights

My  middle son was the most smart of the bunch, he wore his boots, winter coat and Ski Pants. To the far right in the above picture you can see my daughter in her Pajama Pants, no joke.

Cornish NH Home of Christmas Spirit Grinch

You simply pull into the parking lot, get out and walk around to get a warm fuzzy of Christmas Spirit. It’s a wonderful place and I truly leave with a huge smile on my face and a warm heart. They take donations so we always try to bring some change that we have laying around to do our part to assist in keeping this magic alive for years to come.

Home of Chrismas Spirit Cornish NH Jackson RD

The picture above is at an area in this location where you can take a picture in various wooden Christmas images, Aj wanted to be Santa it seems and let me tell you all what, to see this child smile this big makes my heart melt. My son, Aj, is going through some difficult times with his mood disorder so when something like The Home of Christmas Spirit can lift his spirits for a period of time; that my friends is something worth keeping the family tradition going at this home in Cornish, NH.

Another note about this lovely place, your children or even the adults, can leave a letter with a return address in Santa’s mailbox here; after Christmas Santa and Mrs Claus actually sit down and hand write a letter back to everyone who dropped a letter in that special mailbox. It’s another part of our family tradition when we go to The Home of Christmas Spirit. The children anxiously await hearing back from Santa after the holiday has passed!

There is no website, that I can find, for this family’s home. All I can say is that this is a great, heart warming holiday season tradition for us that we shared with our new additions to the family this season; my boyfriend and his children.

So if you are ever in the area of Cornish, NH … think about taking a back road and see where it leads you to, you may just be surprised!


Weekend Reflection: Fun Filled Kid Weekend

This weekend was fun, I was a tad bit nervous taking my three kids to do so much but they ended up surprising me, having a blast and being well behaved. We had so much fun that I had to share ….

First things first, we had a few people over for a pizza party, which you will read all about later on this week, sister and brother in law were part of the guests so we had some family around on Saturday morning for pizza with guests…

Family over for PIzza Party with Guests

Next we got ready and headed out to get our tree. Normally we cut our own down for $10, but this year we went to a different place locally where they cut it for you. The kids had fun walking all over the tree farm until they finally agreed upon their tree.

Christmas Tree Cut Down

The tree was taller but Kiara had the guy cut it down this short. We have a short, fat Christmas tree that was brought into the house and downstairs by Kiara and myself. Then Kiara helped me place the Christmas tree in the stand and voila, we had our Christmas tree up ready and ready.

My three kids and me

The kids and I took a shot of all of us before we headed out to see Santa, it’s the Home of Christmas Spirit in Cornish, NH where we travel to each year to see all of the Christmas lights and see Santa too. Prior to this picture and trip, my aunt and uncle stopped by to deliver some chocolate peanut butter balls, delicious Christmas present, as seen in picture, K-man loved them so much he had to show you all his already been chewed one.

Home of Christmas Spirit Cornish NH

Gifts and Hot Cocoa from Santa

Since we spent most of Saturday being busy little bees, Sunday was suppose to be reserved for more of a relaxed day. We all stayed in our pajamas all day, but we did brush teeth, hair, etc.I even showered but put my pajamas back on and we just hung out at home. We decorated the Christmas tree first thing …

Kids Decorated Christmas Tree

Last but not least we spent the remainder of our lazy Sunday doing laundry, dishes, cleaning and crafting.

Pirate Puppets

While I had a great weekend with my kids, please note that I am aware of the tragedy at a Connecticut School where many innocent lives were lost and children who will not be doing things like this with their families anymore. I send my thoughts, prayers and hugs to those families who have lost their loved ones and I only hope that you can cherish and hang onto those happy times you had with your loved ones while they were here. It was a horrible, no excuse for it crime that best be punished … and my heart aches for everyone who has lost someone.


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