Batman Car Seat Giveaway From KidsEMbrace

Today I am sharing with you all a giveaway that KidsEMbrace is hosting over on their site for a Batman Car Seat, seriously look at this thing, is it not something your boys would love? I know mine would, that is if they were still in this type of car seat -

Batman Car Seat Giveaway

On December 1, 2013 one lucky person who uses the Rafflecopter form to enter over at KidsEMbrace blog will be chosen to receive this fantastic prize.

My boys love super heroes so I know riding in style would have been a wonderful thing for them when they were younger, in all honesty I think this car seat is a style that my five year old would still fit in so maybe I will have to enter. KidsEMbrace offers a wide range of children car seats that offer your child’s favorite character in the form of a safe car seat. Choose from Spongebob to Dora and even Dale Earnhardt Jr. The styles are fabulous and the safety features are just the way they should be. Rest assured knowing your child will be safe in these stylish car seats for toddlers.

Check out KidEMbrace online for their toddler car seat options and remember to head over to KidEMbrace to enter the Batman Car Seat Giveaway while you are at it.

Good luck everyone!

This giveaway is not hosted by me, if you have any questions about the giveaway please check out and contact KidEmbrace directly, I am simply sharing the information with you.

Britax Car Seat options for Children

When my oldest was a baby we had a Britax car seat given to us, actually two different models of Britax were provided from a family who no longer needed theirs. Having a well built car seat helps ensure that you feel safe with your child riding in your car or a family members car. The only downfall I had, as a parent who shared custody was that we had to transfer the car seat back and forth. This became no problem later on as a child car seat was purchased for both vehicles; his and mine.

There are so many brands of car seats that a first time parent may have difficulties in choosing the best one for them that is also within their budget allowance. A five point harness is on, I believe, all car seats at this time in life but beyond that you want to ensure that your child’s car seat is comfortable as well as supportive for them. Having a comfortable & supportive car seat will make a world of difference for those long trips in the vehicle with the kids.

I personally prefer the Britax brand because I had such great success with this brand of car seat, the car seats lasted ages and could even be used for my son who was born four years after my first child. These car seats made by Britax held up through three children without much issue, I can not say the same for other brands I have seen people purchase and use with their children.

Are We Sheltering our kids Just a bit Much?

Every year I have the wonderful annual pediatrician visit for the three munchkins and just like every previous year I leave dumbfounded with the things pediatricians recommend you do to “protect” your child.  I leave the children’s pediatrician’s visits wondering how the heck I ever survived and lived to talk about it. Seriously.


Okay, I get it, you all want your child to be safe in the car and years ago many children could just bounce around unbuckled in the car. I am not for that. However, when my child is over 100lbs and is 57″ plus tall {that is 4’9″ right?}, I suppose she is a tad bit too big for a booster seat, right? Wrong. In NH, the child must be 4’9″ tall, who cares about the fact that the manufacturer places a weight limit of 100lbs on the booster seat, it’s all about the height.  I do not get it at all, yes the seat belt has to line up just right in the car, totally get that, but how is a child safer in a seat that is stuck to their butt and doesn’t seat them properly just because they have not quite reached the height? Guidelines, I agree to, however, each child is different and mine is about the size of a small adult, eh-hmmm for example my friend @mommadjane.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles

Helmets for ALL Bike Riding

Seriously? Even at home, in the driveway? On the lawn? This is where I walked away looking like the “bad mom of the year” … no I do not require my children to wear bicycle helmets or any other protective gear when riding in the driveway or on the yard. Why? Bumps and bruises never hurt me, I scraped my knee all up bike riding on the ROAD without a helmet and gear, I survived, right? So will they. Now, if they were to go riding on trails or the roads, I would totally gear them up, but at home in our yard? Nope. Sorry. I just think we bubble up our kids too much and they will end up being “babies” so to speak, unable to handle any pain such as the minor bumps n bruises that most of us were able to experience back in the day.

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This Sheet Really Works @Purex

Recently I became a Purex Insider, which means I get to test out new products before the general public and get the inside scoop on deals from Purex. If you are not following Purex on Twitter you can @purex and they are interactive!


The first Purex product I was able to test drive was their Purex Complete 3-in-1 Sheets, I actually paid 50 cents for these after using a coupon provided from Purex. The purchase price at my local Shaws was $6.49 and you get 20 loads with the starter kit package.

Last week I decided to give these sheets a test drive. After washing three loads using Purex Complete 3-in-1 Sheets I have been completely satisfied with my clean clothing that is also super nice smelling! Even days after the clothing was washed I can smell the clean Purex Spring Oasis scent!

If asked would I buy this again? YES I will certainly be buying more Purex Complete 3-in-1 Sheets the next time I need laundry detergent. They are easy to use, alleviate the extra purchases of fabric softener and dryer sheets.

Thank you Purex Complete 3-in-1 Sheets for your fresh scent, and long lasting clean feeling!

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Never a Dull Moment

Will ALL of you please look at the camera?!

Will ALL of you please look at the camera?!

There truly is never a dull moment in my household.  I have gone from being a single full time working Mom of ONE over four years ago to a married work at home mom of THREE. I am often found wondering why we wanted to have our two boys so close together, but then I realize WHY we choose to have children so close together and early on in our marriage; to be able to pursue our long time passion of working together in our own computer business.

My oldest is nearly 7, my middle child is 3 and my youngest is 1.  We are what’s considered a blended family, basically there is a little of mine and ours combined into one happy family! I share custody of my only daughter with her father and have since she was four months old.

With two in diapers and one drama queen there truly is never a dull moment. If one child isn’t hitting the other for something silly, then it’s screaming and yelling because apparently we can only use our inside voices outside. I mean, really? Who ever heard of kids who are loud as a train station in the house but quiet as a clear night sky outside of the house?!

Today we visited my Gram for Grandparent’s day, she lives about forty minutes away.  My husband and I took our suburban since the Saab would clearly be too small for three little ones on a forty minute drive. The suburban would allow all three munchkins the chance to breath, have space and enjoy the ride … how wrong we were!

The ride to my Gram’s home wasn’t all that bad. Ki talked our ears off, played with her baby brother and AJ took a much needed nap. It was the ride home we had hoped to have a robot driven suburban so that we could follow behind in our nice quiet Saab. Both AJ and Ki had a coffee cup full of water, both were buckled into their child restraint seats (a booster for Ki and Britax car seat for AJ), and each were in their own area of the suburban not next to each other but in front of each other. AJ had the third row seat to himself and Ki was in the second row seat next to her baby brother.

Image Courtesy malingering on Flickr

Image Courtesy malingering on Flickr

Let the fighting begin. As we drove towards our home setting off on a forty minute drive, AJ decided that sissy wanted to have a nice back massage on the way home which would be completed by him kicking the back of sissy’s seat. Ki decided that she wasn’t in need of this lovely back massage and she told AJ he better stop it. AJ responded with “bad sissy … me want you go away … that my seat”. I must admit this was so funny coming out of a three year old’s mouth, even Ki giggled. I kept telling Ki to ignore her brother and so she did. Well AJ realized his tactics were no longer working … in comes the water cups I told you they brought with them. Oh yeah … right down the back of Ki’s shirt went most of the water AJ had in his cup. She was livid! Miss Drama Queen (DQ for short) starting crying and refused to sit back because now the water was all down her back and she couldn’t get comfortable.

After making hubs pull over to the side of the road I got out and took AJ’s cup from him and told Ki to try to sit back, it’s only water and now there will be no more to dump on her. I placed my butt back in my front passenger seat position, buckled up, and listened to my near 7 year old and 3 year old fight all the way home about the siliest of things while Baby K sat snoozing in his Britax car seat.

After we got home the giggling, bickering and the competition of who was going to get our box of mac n cheese out continued as I walked in the door and uttered the sentence … “never a dull moment in this household, is there?”

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