Lincoln Review

You will never so intimately witness the endurance of the righteous men who sought the abolishment of slavery and the events that stood between its deliverance as in Lincoln. Spielberg’s Lincoln is not only an intricate political story of those events, but a moving and often disturbing portrayal of the men who contributed their lives to end the most ruthless war in American history.


The opening scene, the battle of Jenkins Ferry, is nothing but callous butchery. As the film’s only brief battle scene, it is enough to authenticate this era of human suffering. To demand any more scenes of bloodshed from this film would take emphasis away from the true intentions of the plot, which is to portray the political struggle of indoctrinating the 13th amendment.

War, family, politics, and how they are all conjoined within Lincoln’s story gives this film a number of different dimensions. Captured as a wise, caring, compromising, but above all a dedicated man, Daniel Day-Lewis’s performance as the iconic leader is certainly a believable one. It is a romanticism, but a merited one with historical accuracy. As Lincoln talks with representatives, soldiers, commoners and family, his character only grows more profound and inspirational. Though he is centred as an icon, Lincoln’s anecdotal humour manages to ground his magnitude, and is primarily the only humour to be sought in this dramatic picture.

You will not need a comprehensive understanding of politics to enjoy Lincoln, though political jargon can become overbearing. Scenes set within the House of Representatives are enthralling and are among the most moving throughout the entire film.  Spearheaded by Lee Pace as Fernando Wood, a charismatic anti-abolitionist, and Tommy Lee Jones, who plays Thaddeus Stevens, a sharp tonged and radical republican, you’ll witness a palpable tension and chemistry between the two. As they discuss the true meaning of the first amendment, that ‘all men are created equal’ Tommy Lee Jones’s performance and speech directed towards the opposition is a pinnacle moment in the film.

A whole nation waits as the telegraph clicks, communicating casted votes as they’re cast to determine whether millions shall be freed or remain in brutal oppression. Although the outcome is known, the tension is real, and you’ll share the relief of an entire continent upon hearing the 13th amendment’s final placement in the U.S constitution. And at this moment as a viewer you’ll catch a glimpse of what it meant to be free. But as a human being you might just feel its impact shudder through your entire family history, moral conscience, and your life today.

- Words by Guy Hirst

A Maze Of a Day

Sunday my children, my husband and I took some time to look up local corn mazes in our state and found one about an hour away from us at Beech Hill Farmstand. After much consideration of gas price and how much admission would cost we decided to get ready and have a family day together outside of our house!

Admission wasn’t all that bad, AJ and Baby K were young enough to have no fee and the rest of us were only $3 a piece (would be $5 a piece if we wanted to do all three of their mazes). We arrived after our one hour drive and paid to get in … from there we ventured on our way:

Beech Hill Farmstand Corn Maze

Let it be known that this was our first corn maze and so we were not certain of what to expect. The decision was made to take the American Treasures maze where we learned a lot about American history and important landmarks along the trail. Ki had to complete a crossword puzzle and had a list of treasures she had to find (which were all American history landmarks with detailed information):

American Treasures Corn Maze

Even AJ helped Ki with her crossword puzzle and loved doing this event with his big sister, baby brother and Daddy. We were in the maze for about one hour and Baby K traveled in style with Daddy pushing him:

Double Jogging Stroller Color Blue

After we thought we had made it through the whole maze we found that Ki had two landmarks to cross off of her list and a couple more crossword puzzle items to fill in and so our adventure continued on while we back tracked and tried to find those posts with the information on them:

Corn Maze In NH

Finally we found all the clues and treasures listed on Ki’s little brochure and we got the thumbs up to leave the maze:

Girl Thumbs up

Boy Thumbs Up

On our way back the kids were playing on a rock and I just couldn’t help but capture this great photo of the children together, since it’s rare for them to get along so well for such a long period of time I had to get them on photo smiling together (yes AJ is “fake” smiling):

Sister and Brother Photo

Needless to say we had a blast and it was something we could all experience for the 1st time together which made it all more incredible! Usually Ki has done this or that with her Dad or my husband, the adventure man, has done it previously but venturing out in the cold NH Fall day to go through a corn maze was a first for all five of us and we truly enjoyed our time there!

Make it a Happy Day!

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