Having a Pet Insurance Plan Will Make Life Easier Down The Road

Imagine you have just bought a puppy. After you’ve trained it to learn a few simple tricks, guided it through house training, and really integrated it into your life, how would you feel if you came back from work and found him hurt or very ill?

Let’s say you found out that he ate something unsuitable and needed a visit to the vet, but the bill would be outrageous. Would you look at your puppy, decide to keep the money and just leave it to face the consequences of not receiving any medical care? Even though it sounds outlandish, this is a sadly common and possible scenario when you choose to have a pet without insurance.

To avoid a case like the one described above, it is always advisable to have a health plan  – pet insurance plans can provide protection for your dog or cat, and peace of mind for you.

1. A pet insurance plan gives you assurance

Disasters strike at the most unexpected of times. Your pet may need help from a specialist or a vet when you don’t have the money set aside. Fixing them up may plunge you into debt or take money from another essential need. In fact, it may not even be possible to pay for your pet’s needs with your savings. A pet insurance plan relieves you from such complicated situations since it requires just a simple and relatively small payment once a month to get the coverage you need when disaster hits.

2.Pets can easily get injured

Puppies and kittens, especially, are extremely playful and curious; at times they can even get themselves into dangerous situations. This behavior can quickly cause injuries. Mature pets are not an exception either, and they have more health-related problems to take care of. If your pet is a problem animal, like many small dogs can end up becoming, you may even find that your pet starts fights with other, bigger dogs. Each of these problems is a potential for major cash expenditures when you don’t have an insurance plan.

3. It makes pet care an easy line item in your budget

You can choose when you wish to be making payments for the insurance. You can choose monthly, quarterly, or even semi-annually payments to simplify your expenditures. It helps you plan your finances and turns something that can be an unpredictable problem into a very simple expense that you add into your budget.

4. It eliminates tough decisions about your pet’s health

Making tough decisions when it comes to your pet’s health can be difficult. Not having the money to pay for a major surgery that can save your pet’s limb or even its life is something that you don’t want to experience. Having pet insurance to take care of simple problems like this can really go a long way to making you feel better about owning a pet, and will let you enjoy your time with your new dog or cat.

Don’t make the easy, ‘cheap’ choice and forego pet insurance. There is a chance that you may save money by not having it, but you’re also gambling with the life of your pet. If you’re still undecided, here’s a take on the need for pet insurance from a vet.

The In’s and Out’s of Family Insurance

It is a question that always gives families pause for concern, as there is never really a right time or a wrong time.

When is a good time to buy insurance?

You may think you don’t need health insurance if you are young and strong, with no known medical problems. Should you get it anyway?

This is only one of the questions facing people as they navigate a complicated insurance maze. Here are some other tips to think about when deciding whether or not to buy insurance.

1. Always Think About Life

If you have reached adult age and are no longer on your parents’ policy, you should think about life insurance of your own. However, single people without dependents may want to hold off. Once you get married, settle down and start thinking about children, that is the perfect time to consider life insurance.

How much life insurance you buy depends on how much you make. If you have arrived at a job where you know you will have a guaranteed salary that goes higher, then you will need to buy a policy that has roughly 20 times the value of a year’s salary. So if you make $100,000 a year, carry a policy worth two million dollars.

Likewise, if you have reached retirement age and do not have any need for assistance – let’s say you either hit the lottery or you invested wisely enough to live comfortably for the rest of your days – then having a life insurance policy would be redundant. Should you pass away, your money, should you choose, will go to your beneficiaries.

2. There’s No Place Like Home

Having a home policy is an important part of owning your own house. You need to insure against terrible acts such as fire, earthquake or tornado affecting your property and tearing it to shreds. However, think about what you need in terms of home insurance. If you have an option built into your mortgage payment where part of your payment goes to taxes and insurance, then you do not need to go any further.

If you have important valuables in your house, check with your company to see if they are covered underneath that policy. If not, then you may want to think about a little extra payment to cover those, or even a small separate policy should take care of the valuables. It is best to play things safe.

3. You Can Drive My Car

Most states require you to have auto insurance before you purchase a car. For items such as deductibles in personal injury and property damage, calculate a deductible you will be able to pay should an accident be your fault and then buy your insurance at that rate. Do not go for just minimum coverage. Buy enough to cover the cost of a car.

Your insurance provider will be truthful to you about what is and is not necessary to purchase for the type of car you own. Check with a company like 21st for a selection of insurance policies at affordable rates.

4. To Your Health

The Affordable Care Act is meant to make sure everyone has some form of health insurance, in order to make rates go down. A potential problem exists here, however. The Internal Revenue Service can force you to pay a penalty if you do not have health insurance. That penalty, even in later years, will be much less than the cost of a health policy.

Many people may choose to simply pay the penalty instead of buying insurance, simply because it is much less expensive. This means, although it wasn’t the government’s intent, it may be in your interest not to buy health insurance if you don’t work for a company that offers it. Time will tell if rates come down or this mandate will be adjusted, but for now it is a viable idea.

Tips like these should help you save money or spend it where you need to do so wisely.

It is the perfect way to insure a good future.

Previous Job Working with Corporate Employee Benefits Broker

I worked in an office with a corporate employee benefits broker prior to leaving due to being sick all of the time while pregnant with my second child. I remember while working there that I learned so incredibly much about health insurance, short & long term disability and life insurance plans as well as dental and many more. I can’t believe the wealth of information inside my brain from having held this position!

One of the things I do recall while I was working there is that the whole medicare part d started up and things got a little bit more confusing for me. I still don’t fully understand this because it doesn’t affect me at my ripe age of 29 almost 30 years. I do know that it affects my grandparents possibly and maybe even my great grandparents.

That is why I am so thankful there are many consumer guides out there to help others, who haven’t held a position learning health insurance plans before. People need real language so that they can fully understand just what they are getting themselves into or what they need to have proper coverage should they go ill.

I will let you in on a little secret .. I LOVE reading health insurance plans, truly LOVE it. I miss that job.

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Lack of Fitness Updates

There is a reason for my delay in Fitness updates and I thought I should share that with you all. I have a vein in my leg that has been pretty bad since my last pregnancy, you see with all three of my pregnancies I got varicose veins and they eventually went away after giving birth. This last pregnancy apparently my veins didn’t feel like going back to normal and there are two questionable veins.

I don’t have health insurance and so I have been reluctant to get to a doctor, obviously I am currently waiting to see if the lender is going to foreclose on me or not and my husband and are splitting up, I mean I have a lot on my plate financially that I put my own health on the back burner because I have been saving every penny I can in hopes to save my home from foreclosure. I know, I know … my health is number one and I should be treating it like number one.

It was not until I started having such a problem with my vein on a constant basis so much so that I could no longer do my EA Sports Active workouts and having a friend tell me numerous times to call for financial aid from our town health center that I finally requested to have a financial aid package shipped up to me so I can apply to their health center. I am patiently waiting for that package and hopefully I will receive it soon but until then I have to only do occasional Wii Fit workouts because they are low key, sleep with my leg elevated and watch my every move because the vein is pinching and painful.

I will keep you posted as to what happens, I don’t know if it’s a varicose vein or a blood clot, but it needs to be looked at and that is what I plan to do not only so I can get back to working out again, but so I can rest knowing that my health has been taken care of.


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The Health Insurance Discussion

I haven’t had health insurance since my husband quit his job back in August and it sucks! I miss being able to go to the doctors for my little aches and pains to simply pay a small co-pay, now in order to see a doctor I have to pay near $100 because most places are no longer offering “sliding fee scales”. That stinks!

I used to work for a health insurance broker and often would be able to look up individual quotes for health insurance through various companies. The individual rates were high, but some were actually affordable. Recently I started seriously thinking about the fact that I no longer have health insurance and really wanted to start looking for ways to have individual coverage either through my sole proprietorship or through an individual plan. I came across a site called United Health One Reviews and see that they offer health insurance quotes for children and individuals.

Have you ever thought about getting an individual plan? I am in New Hampshire and the last time I checked individual health insurance rates they were super high because I am a smoker.  I have quit off and on for years, I even quit for 9 weeks back not that long ago, but most plans require you to be a non-smoker for a longer period of time before giving a non-smoker rate. This smoker versus non-smoker rate is one of the biggest challenges I face when searching for affordable health insurance rates.

Do you have an individual plan? Have you looked into rates for yourself or your family? What are some challenges you face when searching for the right plan?

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