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What do you do on a day where there isn’t really anything you can think to do. Maybe taking a walk in the woods or driving downtown to play on the basketball courts isn’t an option. So what is it that you do with the kids to keep active?

Well I know what my kids and I prefer to do, we head outside in our own backyard to enjoy some random fun. Whether they take out the bikes, scooter or just do races up and down the driveway on feet, we get active.

At first my oldest, and only daughter, wasn’t all into riding a bike but I knew if she had one hanging around that she would eventually pick it up on her own and ride it. What I didn’t realize is how soon it would be before she took to riding a bike so often. Now, I can barely get that girl off of her bicycle. Often, when I am cooking dinner she will be outside riding her mountain bike, all alone, just enjoying the ride up and down the long driveway.

Occasionally I will get on the bike and ride with the kids, but if they are all riding bikes, I enjoy speed walking up and down the driveway acting as if I am the fastest person alive and can beat them all on my own two feet vs their wheels! My only thing with going outside and riding bikes or enjoying the backyard is that Winter in NH is coming and it’s suppose to be a brutal snow season.


I am not one for the cold nor the snow so while enjoying the backyard has been and will continue to be a blast during warm seasons in NH, I try to avoid it at all costs during the Winter months.  The only issue I have with trying to ignore the cold backyard is that my children love getting outside and doing active snow fun each Winter.  Here are some ways my family and yours can enjoy the Winter months while keeping your activity level up:

  • Snow Fights - Get some snow balls made beforehand, each family member can help the other make a huge pile of snowballs in their own designated area. Take turns tossing snowballs at each other while running around in a huge “snow war” battle.
  • Make a Snow Fort – Get the shovels out, they make smalls one for the little kids, and start shoveling up snow into huge buckets or just into piles to create a cute little snow fort where you all can enjoy playing and running around.
  • Help with Snow Removal – This may be more fun for the little ones than you, every family member does their part to help clean up the snow off of walk ways and driveway to help make for a path to and from the home.

Of course, after you are outside enjoying all of that cold fun running around, come back inside to warm up to a nice game on your active game console such as the Wii, which we enjoy using while inside during the cold Winter months. There are many ways to be active in the snow, just put your imagination to use and have fun with it!


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Having Family Fun in the Woods is Great Exercise

One fine day I was having a bad case of the grumpies. My children, who love trying to make Mama forget her grumpies, because that is what I do for them, decided that going down to the river to skip rocks and see what we see would be a grand idea.

Little did I know that when we arrived the kids would run out of the car, before I could even open my car door, and end up finding a trail to walk down. I suppose it was my daughters doing, getting her brothers to follow her towards the woods as a way for her to try to find the GeoMate capsule we found a year prior when they noticed the trail along the river bend.

The kids and I have traveled many trails in the local area, one being right off of the property we reside on but we had never seen this trail before so when they asked if we could walk it, I was happy to say yes!

The kids and I had a blast walking along this trail, at a faster than I expected rate, while sight seeing. We were able to see a tree chewed by a beaver and an animal from the weasel family along the river-bend across the way. As the kids and I laughed, walking along sharing silly stories and singing songs we came to an open path and noticed we had walked quite further than we even thought.

Traveling further and further along the trail, we were getting exercise without even realizing it. The kids thought this was a great family adventure, not exercise. This gave me an idea, what a great story to share with all of my readers as a way to get exercise into the kids daily life, and your life, without realizing. Taking a walk on a beaten trail in the woods is a fun way to not only experience nature at it’s finest but to enjoy a family picnic, talk about what you see and have a long walk without feeling like it’s a chore.

The kids had such a great time that I hope we can venture out onto this path again to see what we see. For the rest of you out there in the world, think about your local area, do you have any trails? Is there a way for you to ‘sneak’ exercise in as a nature walk with the kiddos? Or maybe even alone. I say give it a whirl, for we walked forty five minutes without one complaint and that rarely happens with my sons.

I’ve partnered with Harvard Pilgrim on this sponsored post but the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. You can find more ways to be well at


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