Happy First Birthday to my Niece Livy

Today my niece turns one year old, I cannot believe that one year ago today I was at the hospital with limited time waiting for Miss Olivia to come to this world. I sadly missed the arrival, and she ended up having to come via c-section but I did eventually get to meet her while she was at the hospital with her Mommy.

Brandy Holding Baby olivia

From that first day I fell in love. I held this little baby and felt a love I never thought one could feel except with their own child. Now I know what my sister felt that first time I made her an Auntie. It’s such a loving emotion.

Baby Olivia

Spending time around Olivia was and still is important, while they live about 40 minutes away from me, I want nothing more than to have a niece who loves & knows who her Auntie is. I had an amazing Auntie growing up and know how important that relationship can be, secondary to the child’s parents of course. I visited and continue to visit Olivia frequently, along with my children and fiance.

Ki and Baby Olivia

Miss Ki was so happy to finally have a cousin on her Mom’s side and it was a girl so that was even better. After all, Ki only has two younger brothers – no sisters so when Olivia came into this world she was so excited!

Baby Olivia and Mom

My sister and Olivia are shown above, I have enjoyed watching my sister go from just a sister to a sister who is a mother. The changes I have seen in my sister over the past year amaze me. There are no words to describe the love I have for both Olivia and my sister, it goes deep within my heart and soul.

Baby Niece Turns One

Picture Taken January 13, 2014


The Boys Inexpensive Birthday Party ….

My sons are two years and six days apart, that means a combined birthday “party” in August every year. So this past weekend was best time to do it and it was a last minute let’s get a cake sort of idea. I headed to Market Basket picked up a $12 cake and cheap ice cream. Then off to Dollar Tree to get each of them a $1 helium balloon and 2 presents each.

The reason for cake, ice cream, balloons and presents? The boys say every year, birthdays mean singing Happy Birthday all day, cake, ice cream and balloons. They also know it means presents.

Cheap or not the boys enjoyed their special day and soon my youngest will be able to say he is four years old, I can’t believe how quickly these two have grown from the “diaper twins” or “two in diapers” to “double trouble” and “best bud team”.

Thankful for happy moments, thankful for happy kids and above all, thankful for life!

Happy Birthday Aj With Love

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear AJ, Happy Birthday to you!

My middle child, Aj, turns six today.  Six years ago I was in a hospital room not sure I was ready to take on another child and yet Aj has taught me how strong a child and a mother can truly be.

I love this boy more than anything and I have gone dry on energy fighting various specialists for this boy until finally about six months ago he received an answer;  the diagnosis of bipolar or a mood disorder just the same. Risperdal was put as his only medication and he was removed from taking ADHD medications.

Then it happened, Aj blossomed. He grew to be the sweetest, most loving boy ever. So connected with others, but more so connected with animals and insects. As shown in the picture below, Aj is holding a big outdoor spider he found. The spider was running on ground near where the kids were riding their bikes and running around. Aj had to pick up the spider and move it to taller grass so that it wouldn’t get hurt by the kids playing.

Happy Birthday to my sweet, kind hearted and loving little boy, you are now six years old which means you are growing up and I have to accept that you are no longer my baby boy.  Welcome to the world of six year old’s! Looking forward to seeing you grow more and more each day.



Today Is My Birthday!!!

Kisses to me on my birthday!

Kisses to me on my birthday!

Today is my birthday … happy birthday to me … today is my birthday … happy birthday to me!

Gonna have a party …. gonna have a good time … yeah!

Ok well not really I am not having a party but I will be having some cake with my kiddos when Ki gets home we will bake the cake (she is at her Dad’s for the day) … so just had to say … Today is my birthday!

Happy 28th to me and a Happy Birthday to anyone else like Julia Roberts who shares my special day with me!

Make it a Happy Day!

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Thank You To Linda and Dana

My daughter was lucky to receive not one but two books from two authors who have fantastic writing skills!

  1. Ki was able to open a book she received in the mail just in time for her Thursday birthday and I allowed her to open the mail. You would imagine her surprise when she opened a signed copy of I DOUBLE Dare You! (Mom’s Choice Awards Recipient), that even had her birthday date and Happy Birthday wishes inside the front cover.
  2. Ki was able to open a book earlier today at her birthday party from Linda who writes Katie & Kimble books who also signed her book cover as well. Ki read Linda’s first story and since she loved it so much Linda took the time to actually send her second book for Ki to review again.

This post was written specifically as a public thank you and was not required. Both Linda and Dana wanted to send my daughter these as a gift because we have developed a friendship with them that goes beyond blogger/business relations and they truly enjoy hearing Ki’s feedback on the books. If you haven’t had a chance to meet Dana or Linda online you really should visit their websites and get to know them.

Thank you again to Linda and Dana as you both truly know what it means to keep children reading and happy! I am sure Ki will let you know how she feels about these two books either by writing something up or video review just because I can’t get keep that girl away from my Flip nor my blog!

Make it a Happy Day!

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