{Inspiration} How to Lead a Happy Life #redefininghappiness

It took me a lot of years to get to a place where I realized happiness is more about a thought process than materialistic items or what you have in life. Happiness is an emotion derived from what you have going on inside of your body, mind and soul. Happiness is something that only you can bring to your life, no one else can control your happiness. Other people may be able to affect your happiness, if you let them, but ultimately my point is that it is up to you to lead a happy life and not allow anyone else to deter you from that goal of leading a happy life.

How to Lead a Happy Life

There are many steps to leading a happy life each step may need to be repeated for a lot of many years before your mind fully grasps the concept that happiness really is an attitude. I do need to remind you that leading a happy life doesn’t mean it’s going go give you a life full of sugar and spice and everything nice! Rather, leading a happy life has more to do with the mindset, remembering that even if you are having a bad day or a bad moment that you are ultimately “happy”. This is a concept that is easily confused by those with less experience in being truly 100% happy;

Being legitimately happy and leading a happy life has everything to do with a deep emotional connection within your own self.

Step One - Determine what hobbies or special interests you have that make you feel completely, utterly happy while doing them. The primary step to becoming a sincerely happy person is to ensure that you are partaking in your special interests as often as possible to ensure complete happiness is met each day. For Example: some play musical instruments, some write words, others listen to music or feel most happy curled up reading a good book. Take part in these activities as often as possible to ensure you are consistently working towards a fully happy life.

Step Two - Do onto others as you would have others do unto you. Give to others your time; a simple “have a good day” to the cashier waiting on you, a smile and nod to everyone you walk by or something as simple as kindly holding the door for the person behind you. Be sure to develop a daily routine of consistent acts of kindness to others. This creates a positive energy around you thus allowing you to lead a happy life more effortlessly. Positive energy around you equals being surrounded by happiness.

Step Three - Surround yourself with positive people, we all have those energy sucking negative people in our lives somewhere. While family members who tend to lean more negatively aren’t easily removed from your life, try to distance yourself as often as possible from anyone who feel it’s their mission in life to abide by the “misery loves company” mindset. Rather, enlighten your world with more happy people, those who feel they are blessed and are truly grateful for the life they lead. Happiness breeds more happiness, therefore positive people will bring more positive energy. Surrounding yourself with uplifting, inspirational people will allow you to lead a happy life almost effortlessly.

Step Four - Eat less fatty foods and drink less alcohol. While I am a fan of having a big piece {or two} of greasy pizza or the occasional fast food meal as well as enjoying an alcoholic beverage from time to time, ultimately filling your body with these bad foods or drinks too often, will affect your positive energy. Fill your diet with vegetables, home cooked meals and less fatty foods to allow for your body to feel energized, having more physical energy will release more positive energy.  Don’t believe me? Change your diet for just a few days and see how much better you feel inside and out.

Step Five - Exercise to release negative tension; anything from yoga to taking a brisk walk on a warm day can release a lot of negativity. Allowing your body and muscles time to breath, stretch and work out really does assist in creating a positive energy within your own self. You don’t have to over exert yourself on a daily basis, something as simple as parking further away from the entrance to a store will allow you a short walk and release any tension you may be feeling that day. Practice taking time everyday to stretch your muscles so that your mind is clear and body feels refreshed.

To be honest, the top five tips above are the best starting points to leading a happy life. Once you have mastered the top five tips above, you will find a happy life will manifest itself and others around you will feel that positive energy emanating from your aura. Others will have no choice but to automatically feel happy when they are around you, thus making the idea of leading a happy life an effortless task as time goes on.

There’s One Thing I Know For Sure

Whenever I am doubting various areas in my life or questioning what to do next, there is one part of me that always stays constant, a part that is vitally important to me as an individual and a mother. You see, I have this life mission within my own self, I don’t know why it is that I have a “mission statement” so to speak within my own self for it’s something I always thought would be more suiting for a business structure. I guess life can sort of be taken as a business entity, right? We are living our lives to fulfill something, even if that fulfillment is within our own bodies.

One thing I always know for sure is that I have a desire to help others be happier.  By making others smile, I feel more happy inside. Do not get me wrong, I do not “need” to make others happy to be happy with myself, that is something completely different.  What this is may be like a calling, something within my own self that reaches out to my mind creating this mission to do good and to set the example of happiness to the best of my abilities so that not only my children can learn to be happy but others in the world as well.

If I am at a social event, such as my sisters wedding this past weekend or the BBQ at a friends this past weekend, I usually have a smile on my face. This smile is not fake, although it may seem that way to others.  One thing I have found out about myself is that I feed off of other people’s energies, that means if I am around friendly people who are kind then my smile is permanent and real because I am full of that happy energy. This happy energy usually leads me to talk really fast, ramble about everything and not want to leave for the happy energy is simply something I love being around.

There is a down side to feeling other people’s energy so well, I am also able to feel that negative energy. That person with negative within, sometimes evil, I wish I could not sense these things and sometimes I ignore the signs (in all honesty), but I can sense that negativity in my soul & it makes me shudder. A negative energy person near me, even in a highly happy energy situation, can make my smile disappear even if just for a moment.

In the past I have always felt that negative energy & tried to make those negative people change. Assist them in a new, positive direction but I found out the hard way that we can not change another person nor can do more than simply attempt to enlighten them with positive vibes. It’s up to that negative person to take action for their own self, just as I did years ago.  My mission is not to force change upon those who are not ready to be changed, my mission is to help change those who want to think happier, be more positive and truly see the good a positive energy source can do!

I will continue to blog, write books and live my life in a happy, positive light because then and only then will I be able to spread the message that a positive mind can take you long beyond what you thought was even possible!

It’s Easy for You, YOU Are Always Happy!

Words from my nine year old daughter in response to a discussion we were having about some things going on that were concerning to her. “It’s easy for you, YOU are always happy!” my daughter said to me when I was trying to teach her how to focus on the positive, realize that some people are just not nice people and it’s difficult to let that go, but she needs to find a way to work around those mean people, even if they are people she can’t avoid.

I had to let out a huge laugh when my daughter said that sentence to me, for I am the last person to be “always happy”, however, I guess I do give out this positive energy that makes people, apparently including my children, think that I have everything together and am essentially always happy. I honestly am primarily happy, I don’t feel as if I have any regrets in life nor would I take back anything I have done for it wouldn’t have led me to the place I am today. There are times I get depressed, there are times I have to take a mommy time out for my patience are worn and there are times I just want to cry, but I guess I am usually happy.

What I explained to my daughter is this: I am not always happy, maybe I appear to be always happy for I do try my best to focus on the positive in life, to shrug off any negative comments and people that may walk into my world and just remember what I have to be happy and thankful for. It’s not an easy way of living nor is it an easy way of thinking, but after years of “training my mind” to be this way, it comes easier each day. I also told my daughter that she will get there eventually, with time and a bit of practice she, too, will be able to smile often for her mind will be in a happy place and those negative comments that come from mean people, will no longer affect her moods nor personality.

I just hope that day comes soon for I don’t like watching any of my children struggle with things that are negative in nature, but that’s all part of learning how to cope with your environment, if I don’t teach the kids how to deal with hurtful situations or mean people now, then what will they do as an adult when those mean, immature adults are working with them at the work place or interacting with them in a social setting? The best way to protect our children is to teach them how to cope and deal with the negative that happens far too often in this world.

Quotes about Happiness, It’s all About your State of Mind

I have gone through more negative than positive some days. I have broken down in tears knowing that all I could provide for my child was cheap pasta for dinner. I have been down to the lowest rock bottom level I considered for myself. Yet, with all that I have had impact my life in a negative way, still I have found happiness in myself that I make a conscious effort to focus on.

It is within yourself that you can find your true happiness and I can only hope these quotes shared today will assist in helping you see the light inside of your own soul that begs to be seen….

Most people would rather be certain they’re miserable, than risk being happy.  ~Robert Anthony

If you want to be happy, be.  ~Leo Tolstoy

Even if happiness forgets you a little bit, never completely forget about it.  ~Jacques Prévert

Happiness is never stopping to think if you are.  ~Palmer Sondreal

The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance; the wise grows it under his feet.  ~James Openheim

Will you choose to take the upper hand of your life today? Will you choose to overcome self pity, depression, negative words? Will you choose to live with a true happiness about yourself, your life and your family? I hope you will search within your own self to find that light, the light of happiness that is deep within us all.


What Makes You Feel Accomplished?

In order to be fully living life at your happiest you need to know what it is that makes you happy. I firmly believe that if you have all that you need to feel accomplished and an individual person that you will lead a happy life regardless of relationship or financial status!

What Makes Me Feel Accomplished?

  • Ability to write & work from 8 or 9pm until I am tired.
  • Ability to write daily to get thoughts out of my mind.
  • Quiet time in the evening hours.
  • Making some form of income on my own.
  • Financial independence from any other person.

You see what makes me feel accomplished is making my own money, having the free time in the evening hours, well late night hours, to write or work whatever I feel like doing. Usually writing is my work as I do get paid to write on various places as well as my own blogs.

If I am not getting my night time hours, at least 3-4 hours a night to do what makes me feel accomplished I start to get low self esteem, a feeling of no worth, unhappy and eventually miserable.

I refuse to be miserable. I refuse to live life unhappy. I refuse to let life run too fast for me. I refuse to lose who I am deep inside. I will be me, I will find my happy again. I will get my sons sleeping through the night on a regular basis so that I can get my happy again!

So … what makes you feel happiest?

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