Thanksgiving Meal 2 – At Home with Blended Fam for 1st Year #happilyblended #thanksgiving

And so it began, Lee and I started watching all of the grocery store sales fliers to get in on the best possible sales in order to host a meal for our blended family on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving when all five of our children would be here at home together. Turkeys were only 49 cents per pound so we gobbled that up, purchasing a 16lb turkey. This would be the first time we would be cooking a turkey but think we did really well. Certainly we work awesome as a team and this only proved that more true!

Happily Blended First Blended Family Thanksgiving (11)

First thing in the morning we got the chocolate pies ready, had to make two because this Thanksgiving we were a family of seven total so the chocolate addicts in the home needed at least two pies to ensure everyone received a piece or two with whip cream on top of course! I also made a cherry pie for the first time because my seven year old really wanted a cherry pie.

Happily Blended First Blended Family Thanksgiving (6)

I used the topping I use for my apple crisp on the cherry pie and it came out delicious but sadly my seven year old much preferred the chocolate pie. The adults enjoyed the cherry pie. It was decent but slightly over cooked. I am still getting the hang of this dang electric stove.

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Get Moving with Wii – Just Dance 4 from Ubisoft

I am excited to share with you all one of the few ways my kids and I work out, well it’s more like having fun with our Wii. Believe it or not, during our fun sessions on the Wii with Just Dance 4 and the title I previously purchased at a store, Just Dance 2, we work up a sweat! I laugh when my daughter is all like “Man Mama this is a work out” and I have to reply “duh, what do you think moving your arms, legs and body is?” .. then I get the eye roll.

just dance 4

It’s funny that our Wii has become this little workout machine for the three kids and myself. I love it, but what I love more is music and dancing to our favorite songs such as Disturbia by Rhianna, Good Girl by Carrie Underwood and many others! This is such an upbeat, hip game for every family member. No joke.Just Dance 4 screen shot
It’s fun to dance by yourself to your favorite songs, and if we choose to do our own individual dance, the rest of the family will sit back and cheer on the family member who is taking a turn. We all worked to encourage each other to get the best score ever. One thing I love about this Just Dance 4 is that you can win random items at the end of your dance circuit which is really neat, so we have already unlocked some extra avatars and music for our gaming pleasure.

Just Dance 4 Dance together

Dance together as a group, we have four Wii remotes that do not always have battery life, but when they do, the three kids and I rock it! Oh yeah, it’s fun to get our groove on dancing with four at a time. Small bedroom area to work with, so I would recommend that you all have a huge open space to dance if you are doing more than 1-2 players on Just Dance 4.

Overall we give this Just Dance 4 an A++ because it has allowed my oldest to be more active and will allow us to be more active together during the cold NH Winter months too!

Oh and if you have no rhythm? You can still do this. I have zero rhythm and coordination but am able to follow the on screen commands on how to complete each dance to rock this game with the kids!

Purchase Just Dance 4 on and other local stores that sell video games. Rated E 10+, so this is recommended for ages 10+.

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My Happy Chaos in Pictures

I am addicted to pictures, they seem to tell a story sometimes way better than my words can.  So today I decided it’s going to be more of a picture story Friday. My first born is of course your typical stereotyped first born; the leader, the Mama junior and the caring child.  She can often be found practicing her flute…

Or with her head in a book, yes that is Kiara with a book in hand while getting water from the fridge…

Then I have my second born who is certainly a mix of both my oldest and youngest, most recently he found joy in playing with an empty box…

The other night while I was cooking dinner my oldest and second born sat at the dining room doing crafts…

I love seeing when the oldest and second born get along, because they are so stubborn that they often clash in their views and ways of life. This was a picture perfect moment of the two kids working together on a craft.

My youngest is pretty much the joker, comedian and trouble maker in the house. He loves to instigate, he loves to make us laugh and he can be sweet as a whip when he wants to be.

Together, all three children keep me on my toes and I love my happy high energy chaos! Wouldn’t trade this for the world!

If You Give a Kid Some Mud

Put a kid in overalls with some “poop”kickers {boots} as I call them …

Give him a puddle with some mud….

An old cupcake pan as well …

And you get a kid who when given these supplies;

Makes you the bestest mud cupcakes ever using his Jeep as an oven.


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