Searching for new Kid Friendly Craft Ideas

The three kids and I absolutely love doing various crafts. Some of the crafts or things we have ended up doing together are; latch hook, crotchet, baking, friendship bracelets and collages. Honestly that list is small computed to what we do as a family together. Due to the fact that all three kids plus me enjoy crafting, I am constantly on the look out for things we can make or do together.

Most recently my Gram started making goat’s milk soap and that got me thinking, while the process sounds like it takes a long time for this type of soap, I knew maybe there is a kind of soap my kids and I can make from home. That is when I happened upon an article that tells me how to make fruit soap;

While reviewing the how to make fruit soap article, I realized that making your own fruit soap would really be easy to do. There are supplies required that I don’t have on hand, sure, but there is nothing hard about getting a supply of the products needed on hand and working to create pretty bars of soap that the kids can use during bath and shower time. There is something amazing about that sense of pride you see on someone’s face after they have hand crafted an item that they can fully use as part of their every day life, that is always a proud Mama moment for me.

I fully enjoy creating and finding new ways for us to use our creative minds and imagination. After all, I am a big kid too, who fully enjoys hands-on projects.

What types of crafts/projects do you do with your family? Ever make soap?

Born 2 Impress – Handmade For Children

I am a sucker for anything hand made so when I happened upon Born 2 Impress you know I was all for testing her products! Born 2 Impress carries handmade children’s apparel and accessories. I have two of their bows and one of their girly head bands. My daughter just LOVES the hair bows. She asks me to put them in her hair every morning before school.

THANK YOU Born 2 Impress for creating such amazing, long lasting products. Each product is hand made and as you can see from Born 2 Impress’ website they have an amazing selection of hand crafted items your child is bound to love. From baby to toddler and up I am sure you can find something to purchase at Born 2 Impress today.

Just what are the customers saying about Born 2 Impress? They are saying great things, stop and read their testimonials if you want to hear more about Born 2 Impress and how highly satisfied their customers are.

I hope you will stop by Born 2 Impress today and pick up something, even something small – support hand made by buying only hand made items today. These products are just as high quality, if not better in my opinion than store bought items.  Let’s all get together and buy hand made as often as we can!!

I Took The Handmade Pledge!

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