How to Create Wavy Hair Like a Pro

Feel like trying a new style? Whether your hair is curly or straight, it’s easy to make waves using nothing more than a hairbrush and some patience. In this guide, we’ve teamed up with the style experts at to help you create wavy hair like a professional stylist.

Start with fresh, clean, and straightened hair

Before you start creating wavy hair, you’ll need to make sure that your hair is clean and straight. Wash your hair using shampoo and conditioner. Make sure your hair is perfectly clean – if you need to rinse and repeat, don’t hesitate.

Once your hair is clean, straighten it. If you have naturally straight hair, you’ve got nothing to worry about. If your hair is curly, use your straightening iron to make it straight and tidy.

If your hair is naturally straight, you can towel dry it to leave a little bit of moisture for creating long-lasting waves. If you’ve straightened it, try adding some leave-in conditioner to create a little bit of moisture.

Prepare your brush or comb and get to work. Your hair should be perfectly straight and nice and neat before you create any waves. Use your comb to remove any knots in your hair and bring it into an even, consistent pattern.

Use braids to create loose, wavy curls in your hair


Tight braids create stylish, natural waves. Image.

Divide your hair into inch-thick sections, and create tight braids using each part. The size of your braids will determine the size of your waves – several small, tight braids will give you smaller waves, while a single plait will give you very loose waves.

For the best results, try 3-4 braids of a reasonable tightness. Make sure your braids aren’t too tight, as pulling your hair too tightly can damage it. If you feel discomfort, loosen your brands and start over again.

If your hair is still damp, dry it using your hairdryer. If it’s almost dry, you can let it dry naturally. You will need to leave your hair in braids for about six hours, so if you plan on going to sleep, make sure it’s dry before you get into bed.

After six or more hours have passed, untie your braids and enjoy natural waves that are sure to impress. Make sure you don’t comb or brush your hair at this point, as it will become frizzy and dry instead of loose and curly.

Your waves won’t last forever, but they can last longer with some basic care. Sleep with large curlers in your hair to create loose waves naturally, or top up using your curling iron for the perfect wavy look.

A Guide to 21st Century Electronic Hair Tools

Nowadays it is understandable why so many girls get their hair styling routine dreadfully wrong. There are so many different professional styling tools on the market to choose from that some fashionistas are using the wrong appliances, incorrectly.

It really is a shame because compared to 100 years ago, we now have so much technology at our fingertips that there should never be an excuse for not looking great. Whether you have sleek straight hair or cute curls, there will be a hair tool that is right for you. Here is a guide to all the fantastic tools available- treat it like your bible!

  • Hair straightener

Hair Straightener

If you want to fight the frizz then hair straighteners are key. There was once a time when straightening your hair could only be achieved with an iron and a towel, but now anyone can create an ultra-sleek look. Make sure you apply a hair protector to prevent hair damage and apply a shine serum afterwards to smooth down any flyaways.

  • Waving wand

wavy wand

If you have super straight hair but want to fake some natural waves, waving wands are perfect. They are also great for people who already have wavy hair who want to create tight, defined curls. Waving tongs are also ideal to achieve gorgeous waves.

  • Hair dryer

hair dryer

It goes without saying that a hair dryer is your number one necessity. Towel drying your hair can cause the cuticles to break and who has the time to let their hair dry naturally? If you want to dry your hair even faster, a hair dryer with ionic technology is best.

How? Science behind the magic shows that the negative ions reduce the water droplet size, allowing more water to be absorbed.

  • Heated rollers

If you want to create volume, not curls, then heated rollers are fantastic. Simply leave them in overnight to achieve a vintage glamour look. Alternatively, just leave them in until they have cooled down.

So there you have it- a breakdown of electronic hair tools for the 21st century fashionista. Look after all of your appliances carefully and they will be your salvation on any bad hair day!

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The Best Hair Products For Holiday Gifts

Do you have a woman on your list that you are looking to shop for this holiday season? Well then I have a few tips and ideas for  you to check out, most woman want to have the best hair iron possible, okay well maybe that is me because I love being able to go from naturally curly to flat hair. I can’t believe I am the only woman out there who doesn’t want the best flat iron, so check in with your woman to see if she too loves flat irons!

I am not one to blow dry my hair on a regular basis because I have such thick, long hair it would take me well over two hours to complete such a task. I have three children and my old school hair dryer just can not handle the hair I have on my head fast enough. I can’t spend long hours on my hair when I have kids who need to be tended to.  My need for a quick hair fix means that for Christmas I would love to get one of the best hair dryers out there.

To me, the best hair products are best found by doing a little research, if you are a man who has no clue about what a flat iron or hair dryer is well then you may want to ask around to some female friends or female family members to get up to date on the latest in hair maintenance products so that you can shock your significant other with your knowledge of what will be best for her hair.

Do you have a special woman this year you want to buy hair products for? What ideas have you already been given on what’s the best of the best hair products?


Hana Professional Flat Iron Results

A long time ago I received a Hana Professional Flat Iron and my sister uses it often when she sleeps over for her hair, but the other day I had her use it on my long, thick hair and wanted to share the results.

And after about half hour to forty five minutes the results were in and I was ready to go out looking rather cute I must say…

So what do you think? Does my hair look good straight?


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Do you Blow Dry your Hair?

I have really thick hair and so when I take time to blow dry my hair on the rare occasion I do this, I want to be sure that I have one of the best hair dryers possible. Spending two hours to blow dry my hair, stinks, to say the least. My hair is half way down my back in length and so super thick that when I get a chance I let my personal hair dress thin my hair out.

I also own a flat iron which is something I had hoped to do more with, but alas my hair is so thick that I can get my hair straight with the flat iron after using a hair dryer, however, my hair by end of day is back to curly. Those curls I get to blame my lovely father for, you should have seen his hair back in the day when he had some. Curly, curly, so much so that I used to call him Bozo the Clown when he let his hair grow out!

Basically, in a nutshell, I feel that blow drying your hair and using a flat iron will make you look super hot this holiday season! If you are looking for a way to make yourself look a little different for meeting up with the family during the holidays how about you try a flat iron or just blow drying your hair a bit and using some clips?

What will you wear and do for your hair during family holiday get togethers this holiday season?

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