How to Choose the Right First Instrument

For those who are looking to encourage their children to learn how to play a musical instrument, knowing how to choose the right “first instrument” can be rather difficult. This is especially true for those who do not know a great deal about music equipment themselves, in which case finding the perfect instrument can be exceptionally difficult. There are a variety of things you can take into consideration when shopping for musical instruments for your kids, however, and you shouldn’t have to expect to spend a fortune.

The following are three tips to help you choose the right instrument for the beginner in your family, all of which can help to save you both money and time: Consider Scale If you’re shopping your someone who is under the age of 10, you’ll want to consider the scale of the instrument. Someone that young, for example, will have an exceptionally hard time learning how to play a full-size guitar, which means you should do whatever you can to get them an instrument that is scaled down a bit. Fortunately, there are a variety of Gibson guitars that are shorter in scale than typical electric and acoustic guitars, most of which are priced at a level that parents can afford without having to worry about breaking the bank. Acoustic vs. Electric If you’re shopping for a guitar, you’ve got to think about whether or not your son or daughter would prefer to play an electric or acoustic guitar. While each of these instruments has their own set of pros and cons, they are vastly different from one another both in sound and how they are played. Those who love the sound and feel of an electric guitar, however, may hate how acoustic guitars play or sound. The best way to determine whether or not you should shop for an acoustic or electric instrument is to take your son or daughter’s influences into consideration. Brands If you’re shopping for a first instrument for someone, you’ll want to take brand into consideration. Gibson still makes excellent guitars, and produces instruments of all kinds that serve as strong options for the beginner, even though they also sell a variety of high-end models. Strive to spend no more than $400 on a first instrument; as if your son or daughter decides to no longer play, you’ll be out a far amount of money.

Scheduling Extra Curricular Activities

I often wonder about over scheduling my oldest. My daughter just loves everything, she has expressed an interest in everything from guitar lessons to karate and even piano lessons. Currently my daughter only has one sport that she plays in the Fall, that is Soccer and her father is usually the coach for her team. The remainder of the year her and I have Girl Scouts together, I stay with her and help the best I can with the weekly meetings.

It seems I have a child who is interested in so many things, I see a lot of me in my daughter because I am one of those ladies who can dress up and be all fancy but in the next minute be getting all greasy working on the vehicles. I think it’s great when a person has so many interests that they can get along in any social setting and I hope my daughter keeps this skill.

In the meantime as a parent I struggle with what is “too much”, you know? I want for my children to experience anything and everything they show an interest in but at the same time I don’t want them to be over scheduled and stressed out. I feel that my daughter can take on one more activity when soccer is out, so maybe a winter or summer type of sport? I don’t know what’s best. I do love that she is very artistic and has a love of music, she actually often talks about having her own band. It’s cute the lyrics my daughter has come up with for songs of her own, I must admit I have a very creative child and hope that maybe guitar or piano lessons will be something in her near future to encourage her love of the arts.

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