VZ Navigator Helps you Travel Easier

VZ NavigatorTraveling is not something my family does too often, but when we do I know I would like to be able to travel at ease. You know, without the hassle of running into heavy traffic, reaching road blocks and similar just to hear the kids screaming “are we there yet” or “what time is it” or “I want out of this car”. As I often say, there’s an app for that, and yes people there is an app that can help make traveling easier on you and your family.

VZ Navigator is a navigation app with features like lane guidance, natural language voice guidance, and reliable real-time traffic. Have you ever used a GPS that sounds like a robot? As simple as this sounds, having a natural language voice sells me on any app such as this one. Being able to have lane guidance and knowing traffic stats in real time is also a wonderful tool with VZ Navigator.

VZ Navigator App for VerizonWith VZ Navigator you can also update your location on Facebook or email as well as locate the lowest reported gas prices. This app was created with the traveling family in mind, by the sounds of it. For me, traveling with three kids is always a project but knowing that I have a natural language voice guidance app to lead me the way makes me feel safer and more comfortable getting along on a family road trip. I am often easily distracted by the grumblings of my three kids or the bickering between siblings in the back seat so badly that I have missed my road that I was suppose to turn on in order to get to our destination faster.

You see, VZ Navigator isn’t an app to keep my kids from being kids or having sibling rivalry in my back seat but it can help keep me focused on my next family road trip and it can help you keep focused to arrive safely and on time to your next family vacation destination. Right now Verizon is offering a free 30 day trial to VZ Navigator for smartphones and after the trial this app is only $2 per month, this means you won’t pay a lot to have ease of traveling this upcoming school break season.

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Geocaching with Geomate.jr Was a Fabulous Time

My family and I had never heard of Geocaching in the past but apparently it is a very popular outdoor activity all over the world. When I first received my Geomate.jr I wondered if there would really be any caches close to our home, but thank goodness there are tons within a 10 mile radius of my town. I found out where all of the caches are by looking at the Geocaching.com website, prior to us planning our day trip to venture out on the trails.

I decided creating a collage was the best option to share with you all our days events. First it is hunting season here in New Hampshire so we made sure to have bright colors on; Ki and I wore orange hats, Ki wore an orange coat, Monster K wore a bright red coat and Aj wore his orange coat.  We opened up the Geomate.jr and had a look to see how it works. We stepped outside and found that yes indeed we have caches close by.

The kids and I got all ready and we hopped into the van to go downtown as there are way more down there off of the old railroad tracks. Geomate.jr guided us in the right direction to each cache and let us know if we were miles away or feet away which helped encourage us as we moved forward. Wondering if the Geomate.jr was leading us correctly or not, we finally found our first cache and it was exciting!

The cache has a log inside and a trinket, luckily we brought some trinkets to exchange and also found that the two caches we found this day had been visited, based on the signed log, about one month before us in October 2011. I signed it HappilyBlended.com Fam and hopefully we can go back to see who else goes after us. Fun times!

Geomate.jr is a GPS device that allows you easily find geocaches and you can mark with a smiley face each cache that has been found to keep better track of where you have been before. There is also an updater kit, which sadly we did not get with our Geomate.jr so we will have to purchase this at a later date. The Geomate.jr comes with preloaded caches for your geocaching adventure and can’t wait to see what adventure you take your family on.

Get outside, have fun, enjoy a GPS enabled treasure hunt, but be safe, be respectful and always put back the cache where you found it so others can have a blast too!

Connect with Geomate.jr on Facebook for the latest information about their product.

Disclosure: This is a holiday gift guide item sent to me for review. All opinions are that of my own even though I received Geomate.jr free, we truly love this as a new way to get us outside, working together as a family.

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