Clustered Mailboxes at Apartment Complexes

Have you ever lived at an apartment complex where your mail was in these commercial cluster mailboxes? You know the ones, they are like something out of the post office boxes area in your local post office.

I have only lived in one place where I had to pick up my mail from a clustered mailbox type of setup and remember I hated having to wait for others to get out of the way so I could pick up my own mail and get into my own apartment, however, these types of mailboxes do make perfect sense for big housing units or commercial suites.

When I worked outside of the home they had CBU mailboxes where all of the suites mail was delivered into based on suit number. I used to enjoy going down to get the mail for my bosses while walking the dog that she brought into the office on occasion.

I did enjoy bumping into the other workers from other suites while checking the office mail because there was a couple of good looking men that I just enjoyed staring at, eye candy I guess you would call them. Either way, the set up of a CBU mailbox makes perfect sense when dealing with a huge office area or large apartment complex but you must make sure they are USPS approved before getting one installed for the USPS to actually deliver mail there!

I Met My Love Online: The Kumba and Rickard Story

Here comes the story about Kumba from Gambia and Rickard from Sweden. Two singles that found each other through the web site. Today we are happily married and share an apartment in Gambia for transitory living until Kumba has gotten her residence permit for Sweden.

About a year ago, that is late summer 2010, we two, Rickard and Kumba, signed up on the website. Kumba signed up as a response to a suggestion from the web site’s local representative in Gambia. She got some nice messages from men through the web site’s E-mail facility. This was a couple months earlier than Rickard, who came across the web site over the InterNet. When Rickard, who normally is skeptic to involve in private and cost demanding activities on the InterNet, found Kumba’s photo on the site he could nothing else than sign up and send her an instant message. Kumba was quite quick to reply. Rickard appeared to possibly be the right for her. This first contact between us two took place in October 2010.

In Africa just a few homes have InterNet access. Therefore, our following communication was not on a regular, but on a little bit of an unregular, basis. Over the months, however, we exchanged an extensive amount communication. We got to learn each other better, and we felt that we talked very much the same language. By January 2011 Rickard was prepared for making a Gambia travel reservation. Both of us feel that it is important to meet in person no matter how well one goes along over the InterNet. Thus, the male needs to be prepared for a quite extensive amount of activities as traveling and the like. This was what Rickard launched for in April 2011 when he came to Gambia to meet Kumba. On April 8 Rickard met Kumba for the first time by the assistance of the local representative. The meeting was very nicely arranged, and indeed Rickard by then fully understood and came to place value of the service that the web site offers.

The week Rickard stayed in Gambia we met every day, going out for such activities like tourist arranged sight seeings. The both of us really enjoyed being together with the other one. After Rickard returned home to Sweden we talked to each other every night. During one of these nightly phone conversations we decided to engage. Rickard happens to be a university lecturer, and he therefore has the opportunity to reschedule his working hours. Thus, already by the end of May Rickard was back in Gambia for another week of stay. This is when we engaged.

By now we have spent two weeks day time together, and we were so touched to each other that there was a quite easy decision for us that we should marry as soon as possible. July 2011 became the month of our marriages. Indeed, the traditional Gambian one took place on July 8 and the legal one on July 20.

During this third Gambia stay of Rickard, this time lasting for three weeks, Kumba also send in her application for residency in Sweden. It will take an estimated six-eight months before Kumba’s permit is granted and issued by the Swedish migration authority. Meanwhile we live together in a joint apartment in Banjul, that is the capital of Gambia. In addition to all other activities during Rickard’s three week Gambia stay in July, we also start renting a partly furnished apartment for transitory living.

Our situation for the last six months is that we are a happily married couple living together, let it be that Rickard can be in Gambia less frequent now as his possibilities to reschedule his classes has come to an end. He has be here in September, October and December, however. The rest of the time he needs to be in Sweden teaching at his university. Our love links us tight, nevertheless, and one day we will be living together as an ordinary family in Sweden on a permit basis. This is something we really look forward to. Currently, we are expecting the Swedish migration authorizes to grant Kumba her Resident Permit. Thus, we are hoping for Rickard’s next visit in Gambia to be the one that we two go home to Sweden together.

From Kumba: Through the web site I have found my great and lovely husband. I wish you all girls the very same luck.

From Rickard: Finding one’s soul mate over the InterNet can be a challenging task. During the last past year I have devoted extensive time and resources for Kumba. There were days when I was in doubt, but I persisted. Today we know that the outcome was me marrying the woman I really love. Everyone can see how fantastic she is.

Kumba from Gambia and Rickard from Sweden

Still Ghetto Fab Mailbox Setup

I wrote about how my mailbox was run over by the state plow over the Winter months and still it has yet to be fixed. The state plow driver took out all the mail boxes before my house and my mail box post was snapped right off. My plan is to do one of two things, aside from the option to buy a new setup, I can go to my local hardware store and check out the selections of mailboxes and then go to another store to buy a new mailbox post that is maybe metal or something that will not be easily snapped off this Winter by the state plow driver.

Another option is to piece my mailbox post back together since the smaller part of it is still in the ground visible to me. I would probably have to take a couple smaller pieces of board from my garage and nail it or screw it to the sides of the post. From there I had thought about using cement to cement the post back into the ground as well. My daughter’s father and I have been discussing what will be done since he has been the one helping me out the most around my house lately.

Whatever option I choose to fix my mailbox post it will be the most affordable option for my budget. I so wish I had a way to afford a post that would just move out of the plows way when it hit it, almost like on a pole that turns in a circle or something. All I know is that right now I have a ghetto fab mailbox set up, oh yes! The mailbox post is inside the rim of an old tire with small boards around it to keep it steady. It looks horrible and ghetto in my opinion but it works and i get my mail so I don’t care to complain about it too much!

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2010 Is a Census Year

I received my census packet today, have yet to actually open it, but will be soon enough. I didn’t realize it was required by law to complete the census form, so hopefully it’s a painless process! I am sure it will be fine! I wanted to take a moment and share this YouTube video with you that helps explain in a short 30 second clip and I thought it was a cute video! Every 10 years this census will help the United States know more about the millions of people who live here and all you have to do is complete the form to do your part!

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The Mailbox Discussion

Remember when I told you all a while back that the state plow took out my post and mailbox? Oh yeah I won’t even get into the fact that come warmer weather I have to pay to replace the mail box that was taken out by a state plow driver who doesn’t know the definition of lift your plow, I am not joking they have slammed so much into my car by speeding by with their plow down and smashing dirt (no snow) up on my car.

I know that I shouldn’t let some other driver get to me but when I drive down the road and see many of my neighbors mailboxes smashed too I have to begin to wonder why we, the home owners, have to pay to replace something the state plow guy destroyed? Last year I had to simply replace the actual mailbox and it was like a $10 item so I didn’t complain, but this year having to find a way to replace the mail boxes post is going to be a project.

I am certainly over the fact that they took down my mailbox, but reality is my mail now gets soaked because the post is crooked, only sitting in the snow bank, not hanging on by a thing.  My tax papers even were soaked and I had to place them on the counter to warm up, that was fun! So where do you shop for mailboxes or mailbox posts? I need to know, because this Spring you will find me out there fixing my mailbox post unless I can get my sweet Daddy to come over and fix it up for his sweet daughter!

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