Update Your Blogging Goals for 2012

With a New Year comes an end of year, when you have to tally up all of the numbers to see what it is you earned this year and what type of taxes you have to pay for being self employed. End of year profit/loss statements are fun for me, but I use Outright.com all year round to assist in keeping reporting easy. Outright.com – Dead Simple Accounting Online. Free Trial!

Wait a minute, forget about the end of year reports, it’s a NEW YEAR, it’s 2012 and I want to know what your goals are this year! I think when we share our goals with each other it holds us accountable to stick with them and report in to someone, which means we are more likely to pursue reaching or exceeding our goals in 2012. As with every blogging effort, we are a community so let’s rock 2012 together!

Goals for My Blogs in 2012

  • Increase traffic by 50% mid year and 100% by end of year.
  • Sign on with a new ad network to increase revenue from blog viewers.
  • Grow my MVL blog to have 50% more traffic by end of year.
  • Attend one blog conference and take courses to help me reach my goals.
  • Research local events in NH, Boston MA and NYC to gain sponsorship to attend.
  • Find a babysitter so that I can attend more blog events locally. {semi-personal & blog goal}
  • Focus on creating an editorial calendar for each month & stick with the calendar.
  • Know my worth; don’t settle for anything less than what I set my rates to be unless it’s for a charitable cause close to my heart.
  • Comment on more friends blogs and find some new blogs that I can benefit from reading.
  • Get on a “blogger list” by end of year; such as the lists companies create acknowledging certain bloggers for specific strengths.

Now – tell me at lease ONE goal you have in 2012 that you want to be held accountable to following through with or working hard to make happen?

A healthy New Year’s Resolution I can keep

Guest post written by Joy Claiborne

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions based on health, sometimes I feel like I’ve exhausted all of the possible ones. I set a goal for myself in dresses sizes before we took the kids to the beach for spring break one year and that didn’t really work. Then, I also made one to exercise every day. That lasted for about two and a half weeks and some day I barely exercised at all before I gave up and took a shower. But this year I made a New Year’s resolution to take vitamins daily and try to get my daily requirements of calcium.

I knew that I wanted to improve my health in some way, but I decided that I didn’t want to set any drastic goals that I knew I wouldn’t end up keeping. So I browsed a bit online with my DIRECT TV INTERNET to come up with some ideas and decided on a daily supplement.

I think that the key to a faithful health resolution is to incorporate into your existing schedule to where it can be very flexible and it isn’t all that big of an adjustment. So I’m going to start taking vitamins every morning before I put in my contacts.

Thinking Drives a Girl Batty

I am serious! I think way too much, I don’t usually analyze things to death but I certainly try to make certain my thoughts are real and valid. Then I try to take my thoughts and turn them into a resolution, an action plan so to speak. If I work out an action plan with my thoughts then reality is real, a heart felt decision that one must make and move forward with.

Today I ramble to you, because my mind was so overwhelmed the past two nights that my shoulders are tense and everyone who is close to me can see how reserved I have become. I once became overly happy, positive and outgoing I now sit at home and watch as my mood fades and I get sleepy all the time.

This is not me, the real me is outgoing, social and loves to smile! When I go outside with my kids and sit in the backyard or run in the backyard I feel at ease, my mind is free, I can think clear thoughts and realize there are some decisions I must make and some realities I must face.

Life is only difficult if you make it that way, complicated sure … of course, but do not  let complication scare you away from your heart felt feelings. As a few good friends of mine remind me of daily – follow your gut, because that is the true instinct of what you should do in life.

That is what I will do, I will follow my gut and hope that all fits back into piece like a puzzle that you spent months trying to put together.

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Setting Achievable Goals

I always have had goals, various things I would like to achieve in my life, however, I never really sat down to create immediate goals. One part of starting a business should be to set forth what you hope to achieve from  having said business, for instance some immediate goals. Lately I have been feeling like I am simply living day to day with no expectations of what tomorrow will bring. I would like to change that. One thing I am going to look into is a visionary board or vision board I think it’s called. My friend Angie Strader has one and she said it has been a fantastic motivation for her!

smart goal setting concept

When setting goals it’s best to use a technique called SMART (see image above). The SMART technique was actually something I learned while taking business courses for my Bachelors Degree in Business Administration (currently taking a break on this degree). I personally believe setting goals are important for life as well as business. Setting goals for yourself will allow you to feel successful and happy when the goals you set forth are achieved. So let’s get started on setting some goals today;

  1. Be Very Specific About Your Goal: Using questions such as WHAT are you going to do, WHY is this important to do at this time in your life? HOW are you going to accomplish this goal?
  2. Be sure your goal is Measurable: Set a specific date or time frame to achieve this goal. If you can’t set a date on it, then you will not gain the satisfaction from achieving said goal. Basically your goal should have a specific time attached to it, another reason to be very specific in goal setting.
  3. Attainable goals work best, meaning do not set forth to lose 30lbs in one week, it will NOT happen and a goal must be Specific, Measurable and something you can achieve within your lifetime so that you are able to feel the success behind said goal. Keeping goals attainable means you will better be able to feel happiness and move forward in a positive direction.
  4. Be realistic in goal setting, this is not be confused with an easy goal, but simply a goal that you have the ability to complete. So if you have a broken leg and been told you can not run anymore, setting a goal to run a 5K within 3 weeks of this broken leg may not be realistic. This is not to say you don’t want to stretch the power of what you can do a bit further to make the goal challenging, simply be certain your goal is do-able.
  5. Be sure that your goal is time-bound, which means you have set a realistic, attainable goal that can be completed within a specifically noted time frame! Thus creating a way for you to feel the happiness and satisfaction that comes from completing said goal!

So in a nutshell, be sure each goal you set is going to be SMART, a SMART goal is a perfect goal!

Make it a Happy Day!

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