How to be More Productive at your Computer

With the whole world at your fingertips it can be difficult to stay on target. Whether you’re working at home or in a crowded office, those deadlines aren’t going anywhere and they need to be done. Time to shake off the old habits and make a new years resolution to become a model worker.

This article is going to show you some tips and tricks to help you knuckle down and get work done. While these pieces of advice might seem daunting at first, a few small changes will grow into positive habits and maybe a few compliments from the boss. So don’t be afraid of the time spent in front of your trusty Lenovo laptop – let’s get some work done.

First of all, it might seem obvious but rid yourself of any distractions. This includes those found online such as time-draining social media sites. Don’t worry about blocking the Internet altogether, there are apps such as Focal Filter that will block some of the biggest distractions for a set time limit. Another way to stay focused is one little word that will keep everything away – no. No to any ‘you’ve got to see this’ emails, no to colleagues dragging you away from your desk and no to anything that has nothing to do with your work. Whilst it might sound pessimistic, make “no” your default at work to remain on task. There’s very rarely anything more important than your current task at hand.

If you happen to have multiple tasks that need to be completed then there’s nothing better than the classic to-do list. Don’t mistake this as an old-fashioned scrap of paper, however. AllThings is a strong set of tools that make listing easy to not only edit and complete but to share, allowing groups of people to work away at the same list. This makes it fantastic for collaborations and group leaders. Another idea is to shift your list onto your smartphone to clear up some monitor real estate. Any.Do is a popular choice in this area, automatically prioritizing entries, synchronizing lists over devices and looking stylish while doing it: a hugely intuitive way of keeping you productive.

Lastly, the bane of many workers day is the humble inbox. Five words can cause a huge disaster later on: “I’ll reply to them later”. Simply designate a certain time when you can catch up on your inbox and organize it – perhaps 10 minutes before or after lunch. Be on the lookout for messages that can be quickly replied to but anything bigger save for your designated slot. If you’re using Gmail then there are some powerful tools that can save you a wealth of time, one of which is Toutapp. It has a wealth of features aimed at supercharging your inbox: the ability to track when sent emails are opened and links clicked, reminders to follow up certain messages, quickly-written email templates and more.

Wordless Wednesday: Teeth Brushing Time

Wordless Wednesday

Waving For Pic for Daddy Justin

Hi - We r Brushing our teeth good

Yes Mam!

Yes Mam!

Teeth are all brushed!

Teeth are all brushed!

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Bloggers Be Forewarned

I was sitting around on Facebook yesterday when I saw a new blog post pop up from Trisha Haas, you know the woman over at MomDot who is always in on the news and happenings in the bloggy world. You may love her, hate her or have your own in between personal opinion about Trisha, but as a VIP Member of her MomDot Forum I have seen who she is and think she is a very supportive person.  After reading the post on her blog I just wanted to share the information with my readers as it’s something that pertains to all bloggers, we all need to know about what happened to Emily from Busy Mommy.

It appears that someone may be using your information to gain access to free products for review, however, the way that this person did it was totally unacceptable, fraudulent and just absolutely appalling in my personal opinion.

A person may be pretending to be an employee of your blog to contact PR people on your behalf in order to gain access to free products. As most of you know I am a product review blogger, yes I receive free products from your low priced children’s products to higher priced adult products. I do not have any employees, the only contributor I have on my blog is a weekly guest blogger for my Fitness category. Other than my occasional guest blogger or weekly contributor, DR FITNESS, no other person writes on this blog. Also no other person reviews products for Happily Blended.

This may change in the future, I may add some of my family members to my review team, such as my father and/or step mother but at this time if a PR Contact doesn’t get an email directly from or then they can have a right to question whether the email is real or not. At times I may have other people use my name for a reference, but unless I have been CC’d in or you have confirmed I am referencing this person then please do not consider it to be a real email based on my personal reference.

Please head on over to read Bloggers, is someone using your name to get products? So that you can read the personal story about what happened to Emily.  Consider yourself forewarned!

Question for Thought: Has this ever happened to you on your blog? Please share your story with the world so we can all work together to support each other and get rid of these frauds!

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