Warm up your Living Room with Fun and Colourful Pillows

The winter isn’t just creeping in anymore, it’s here in full force and we’re already starting to feel the effects. With the nights getting longer and the days getting shorter we’re also spending more time indoors and thusly more time in the living room, where (as the name suggests) we do the lions shares of our actual ‘living’. Of course we’ll be stoking the fireplace and cranking the thermostat up a few notches but there are many more subtle (and less expensive) changes we could be making to our living rooms to make them not only ‘seem’ warmer but to ‘feel’ warmer too. Warm colours that reflect the softness and vibrancy of the Summer will really help your living room feel alive with warmth and whilst changing the wallpaper or buying new furniture might seem more than a little severe, a new set of colourful pillows could really help your living room ‘pop’. Read on for a little more elaboration.

Pillow Cases

A living room will generally reflect the personalities and lifestyles of a homes residents and the pillow cases should be no different. The great thing about your pillows is that changing their aesthetics is as easy as simply swapping out their cases. Pillow cases are a cheap and convenient way to make your living room reflect the changing seasons. During the summer you could have subtle blues and yellows to help reflect the laid back vibe of the season and at Winter you can help heat up the room by sticking to stronger reds, browns and golds, colours that give off an air of warmth and glamour. As well as the various colours available of course you will also be able to lend your cushions a completely fresh ‘vibe’ by the use of different patterns. The key is to choose pattern and colour combinations that match the theme and style of your room. You might also consider livening the designs up by implementing more unconventional patterns or possibly even photography. You should also consider how many pillows you actually need as it can be a little too easy to get carried away and end up with 5 pillows to every seat. Size is also a factor to consider. Especially if your furniture is rather ‘past it’ you could use larger pillows as ‘seat cushions’ and smaller pillows as back support. Try not to go overboard though or you run the risk of seeming messy.

Throw rugs

An elegant alternative to changing pillow covers, throw rugs can be used to completely transform your furniture in seconds. Used in tandem, a throw rug and collection of different pillow cases will make your living room almost completely customisable and it doesn’t need to stop at the living room either. You can take the general style of your living room and use it in other rooms to give you home a ‘cohesive’ feel. The bedroom especially (the natural home of the pillow you might say) can really be brought to life by a series of colourful pillows with designs that echo the living room whilst also having their own ‘slant’.

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Be Inspired by the Antiquity of Morocco

Exploring the rich cultures of other countries can create the perfect themes for the home and transform your rooms into luxurious spaces full of features that are the epitome of elegance and style across the globe. The home is the perfect place to allow us to experiment and recreate favoured designs and trends, an environment that is consistent with comfort, warmth, relaxation and true beauty, a place that caters for our every need and fulfils every desire.

The idea of having antique and eclectic items throughout the home creates a feeling of traditional and classic beauty, that combined with the warming, exotic tones of Morocco culminates in a home that is not only an example of true style but a space that is enjoyed, utilised and offers the perfect form of escapism.

Antiquity of Morocco

To truly embrace the antiquity style of Morocco, every element needs to be considered from the preferred colour tones to the accessories and the furniture that will perfectly adhere to the styles that are being incorporated. Furnishing Homes is no simple task as we attempt to find the most exotic pieces that not only fulfil the needs of design but also are perfectly functional and offer all the things we look for in furniture pieces such as comfort and practicality.

Combining Culture and Comfort…

To be truly inspired by the cultures that Morocco brings incorporate some of the finest elements within your home to transform it into a foreign delight.

Warming tones are the key to the success of this theme, having terracotta’s, deep blues, pastels, warm gold’s and reds will create a true feeling of warmth and will transport you into a world of warm sun, beautiful blue skies and the fine delights of the North African country.


The theme is all about creating an idea of comfort, luxury, refuge and hospitality with an added hint of luxury with lavish accessories and furniture. The vibrant warming colours are designed to correlate perfectly with the architecture and intricate designs that are found throughout the home.

There are some key additions that perfectly incorporate this theme into the home and allow the look to be fully embraced and continued throughout the home, every room needs to be transformed into a foreign delight and allow for the theme to be fluid and consistent in every space possible. Moroccan antiquity is versatile enough to allow for each room to maintain its purpose and fulfil its intended use without affecting the trend that needs to follow throughout the home.

Moroccan Made…


  • Geometric wall hangings in the specific colour tones add an idea of luxury and elegance and are perfectly representative of the theme
  • Rugs are a common feature in any Moroccan home and they should not be overlooked in yours
  • Lanterns are essential to secure the theme within your home, the small touches can unite the style of a room as a whole
  • Antique mirrors create a feeling of openness, light and the antique approach adds to the overall theme

Collection of mirrors, Marrakech, Morocco

  • Rusted iron, brass and pottery are the materials most commonly thought of when considering the style of another land
  • Screens can separate open plan spaces or be a stunning focal point within any room

10 Ways to Maximise Your Living Space

maximize living space

Finding ways to maximise your living space is important, because it’s inevitable that you’ll collect many odds and ends throughout your life. Instead of investing in costly storage units or having to toss out cherished items periodically, here are ten ways you can maximise your living space.

  1. Purchase Products That Serve Multiple Purposes

Storage ottomans and side tables with extra storage are excellent if you want to maximise your living space. Simply store away a few titbits in these items that do more than just look good in your living room.

  1. Use Light Colours

Having dark rooms often downplays the amount of space you have available. After all, it’s said that black is sliming, so use lighter colours to open up a room.

  1. Install Mirrors

Although it may simply be a parlour trick, using mirrors in various rooms can give the impression of extra space. Having many mirrors in a room will give off the illusion of a far bigger interior.

  1. Arrange Your Furniture

Pushing all of your furniture to one side of a room can make it look very cluttered. When arranging furniture in a room, try spacing everything out and avoid the tendency to put that big couch flat against the back wall.

  1. Collapsible Furniture

Look into purchasing furniture pieces that can be folded up and downsized, such as sofa beds or drop leafs in dining room tables.

  1. Avoid Pattern

Having walls that are multi-coloured or walls that are papered with patterns can visually shrink the size of a room. Opt for monochromatic colours or colours that are paired with accent walls.

  1. Go High

Adding décor or bright colours to a ceiling will draw visitors’ eyes upward, creating the illusion of height. This will make rooms seen taller than they are and it will add an extra dimension to people’s appraisal of your living space.

  1. Utilise Your Windows

Open windows can create forced perspective, making your rooms look larger in comparison to your exterior. Also, don’t forget to utilise your window sill space with those odd trinkets that don’t really seem to have a place of their own.

  1. Reduce Clutter

Instead of having nine or ten pieces of small furniture that clutter a room, try to utilise two or three larger pieces that will open the space.

  1. Clean Up!

Sometimes the most effective solutions are the easiest to implement. If you feel that your space is cluttered, put away that ironing board and all of those toys on the floor.

Maximising your living space is easy, all you have to do is follow these ten simple tips. For more information, visit Anglia Home Furnishings.

Still Working on Getting Back on Track Here, Slowly but Surely

I am trying to work but in all honesty this coming Wednesday will be the first day I have no kids all day without any other obligations. I had a day or so when I had no kids before but there was no way to unpack as Comcast had to come to get internet working in my master bedroom where my office is setup. My office setup is not like in my previous house as it’s an extension of the master bedroom, meaning part of the master bedroom has been set aside for me to work from, but I am thankful to have a place that is not in the main area of the home.


I will be able to focus and shut a door if need be to surround myself with just my laptop and work. Eventually I will have my ex husband build me a custom computer for my office but for now I work strictly from the laptop as it’s the only working PC I have that can handle all that I do for work.

Hoping to get back on track and share so many awesome pictures of our times with the move and our adventure in York Beach, Maine as well as other family adventures we go on soon! Have a beautiful evening my friends!

Officially Moved, but Still Not Settled in Completely

There is something happy about joining two families together; the boyfriend and his kids plus my kids and me but in all honesty it also adds a huge change for so many. My daughter and his daughter share a room part time, as his kids are here part time, not all of the time – they “live” with their mom whereas my kids “live” with me and visit their Dad’s. As we worked to move all of our stuff into this new house we have come up with a list of various things we realize we need now with the changes and combining of families.

My son's bunk beds in their new bedroom!

My son’s bunk beds in their new bedroom!

For instance, the girls share a room part time but need better space for their room, having two twin beds in there isn’t really feasible so we are on the look out for free or cheap loft beds or bunk beds. We basically need at least one loft style bed for my boyfriend’s son’s bedroom and a twin set up or two loft beds for the girls. It’s not something we are going to go out and spend money we don’t have to spend on but I have been keeping my eyes peeled on Craigslist and other sites to see what I can find for free or super cheap. I am not, however, getting any second hand mattresses, we simply need the setup or frame as it’s called.

There are some dressers needed for our clothing, but in all honestly, as we live out of boxes for a bit and slowly work on unpacking, we are all so happy to be together. The house has a lot more room and the layout of having a real living room for the first time in ages, totally ROCKS!

Many games of chess have been played in between unpacking!

Many games of chess have been played in between unpacking!

We would be unpacked completely by now had we not have five kids to entertain this week, but our kids will forever come first so we slowly work on unpacking then do fun kid/family things in between. That’s how we roll, balancing act of getting things done while still taking care of the kiddos needs and enjoying our new truly happily blended family!

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