Bring the BBQ Inside if Weather Doesn’t Permit

I didn’t really have any huge plans for this weekend other than attempting to have a BBQ at my Dad’s at some point with my boyfriend, my sister and her baby girl. Today was the day for that but the weather was not allowing for a BBQ and so we headed out to pick up the sister and my niece for a warm cooked meal. And boy did Dad cook, I wouldn’t expect anything less. A meal for many King’s was provided and I barely ate one hotdog, macaroni salad and potato salad along with a couple pickles and drank some mountain dew.

Baby Olivia

I got to hug and love my baby niece who is just adorable! I love her so much. This is Baby Olivia in a half smirk at me, I swear she smiled for me finally quite a few times today. It’s so much fun to spend time with her and my sister! Next up we have the barn cat over at Dad’s aka the Farm and this cat wouldn’t stop yowling at me for some reason, maybe he wanted me to feed him.

VT Barn Cat

I also had to capture a cute picture of my Dad’s rooster this is Big Red, I do believe his name is and he is a riot. Always checking out what his human friends are doing and follows you around.

Big Red the Rooster

While we were unable to have a BBQ outdoors it was nice to stay inside and mingle a bit over good cartoon movies such as Over the Hedge and others and just be chill on this fine three day holiday weekend. Not sure what tomorrow has in plan, but probably  more packing and organizing. It will be the last morning for me to be able to sleep in before having schedules get back to normal so hopefully I will sleep in but if not, I shall survive.

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!

What’s Movie Night without Popcorn?

It is a given in my household that if we are going to sit down, curl up and put on a great movie that we are going to have us some good buttered popcorn. One is not able to have a movie night without that wonderful taste and smell of popcorn through out your house. Heck, even Jenny the Pug is ready for popcorn with us.

Pouting Pug

Who can resist sharing some popcorn on movie night with that adorable face? I certainly cannot resist sharing with her awesome pug-ness.

Whatever style of popcorn or brand you enjoy, it does not matter, but in all honesty I usually purchased bagged buttered popcorn that you stick in the microwave for like 2 minutes and 30 seconds just to enjoy. Ever since I was younger, I have always wanted one of those whirley pop popcorn popper maker things, you know when you can pop those kernels yourself on the stove or what not?

What a joy it would be too have such a stove top pop corn popper in the house. It would make preparation for our family movie night all that more fun!

Do you have a popcorn popper thing-a-ma-bob?

Family Pumpkin Carving Time Using Template

This was the first year we used a pumpkin carving template that Kiara and I printed off of the internet. The boys wanted a regular, some what normal jack-o-latern look but Miss Kiara really wanted something unique. Since the horse template was a bit too complicated for the boys Dad who came over to enjoy carving pumpkins with the kids, Kiara had to use a cat design.

The boys were so happy with their designs that they made on their own, and had Dad carve for them. K man’s pumpkin is now resting in peace because he broke him all up. It’s funny to kill jack-o-lanterns, if you are a boy and age four and don’t have to be the one picking up the pumpkin mess.

Kiara and I love pumpkin seeds cooked, so all of the pumpkin insides were placed into a bowl for later cooking. Kiara’s cat pumpkin came out pretty good, wouldn’t you say?

There you have it, the annual carving pumpkin day has come and gone. Now to clean up all of that pumpkin mess everywhere! Did you all carve pumpkins this year??? Did you use a template? I found the template hard … but cool that you can print them from home for free to save money and time!

Easter Recipe Ideas from Jell-O

I just shared with you my favorite choice of Jell-O pudding snacks based on their new options of S’more and Strawberry Sundae but now I want to share some great Easter Snack ideas for your family to create using Jell-O.

Image Courtesy Kraft Brands Website

Tie-Dye Fruity Cupcakes

Use Jell-O lime, strawberry and lemon gelatin to create a delicious snack for your Easter egg hunt day or a family get together. Find the recipe on the Kraft Brands website.

Image Courtesy Kraft Brands Website

Banana Cake Balls

Use Jell-O vanilla pudding to create Banana cake balls instead of chocolate bunnies this year during your Easter festivities. The kids will surely enjoy this yummy treat! Find the recipe on the Kraft Brands website.

What do you think? Will you try to create these recipes for your Easter festivities?

We Have Apple Trees

Yes, about three or four apple trees reside in our new back yard along with blueberry and raspberry bushes! Talk about our own fresh fruit!¬† The boys wanted some apples but alas the apples on the ground were pretty icky. AJ informs me that Grampa taught him how to eat wild apples, yes indeed – you eat around the yucky spots. I agree, if you are not picky like me and don’t mind a bruised up apple but when the wild apple is on the ground all brown with a slug on it, well you can say Mama is going to step in and take it away! The boys made Daddy get up and shake the apple tree to make some good apples drop …

Can you see Daddy up in the tree? Such a cute photo with the boys looking up at him! Daddy got some good apples knocked off the tree…

The boys enjoyed quite a few apples and had fun running around playing while eating the apples right up. Eventually the boys retired to the area they call their fort to hide from me and eat up some yummy wild apples …

Needless to say we are all enjoying living in our new home and of course if we run outta food we will have plenty of apples to live on, at the moment.

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