Books to Teach Friendship to Your Young Child

Every young child needs to learn how to make friends. This is an important social skill that your child will use throughout his or her life, from making friends at school to developing relationships as an adult. At first, it seems easy for your child to make friends, but as they get older, they’ll start to notice that friendship isn’t just about playing with toys together. Give your child a head start in the friendship department by teaching about how to make and keep friends. Here are a few books you can use to help teach a lesson on friendship.

Books for Children That Each Friendship

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Franklin’s New Friend ~Paulette Bourgeois

Franklin is a turtle that many young kids know and love. Although Franklin already has a group of friends he hangs out with, there’s a new “kid” in town that Franklin doesn’t know. At first, Franklin is afraid of this new friend, but after some time, he discovers that they have a lot in common! This story is great for teaching your young child how to make new friends, even if it’s a little scary at first.

Frog and Toad Are Friends ~Arnold Lobel

A lot of young adults have grown up reading about Frog and Toad. Despite its age, this timeless classic is still relevant today, teaching young children about the characteristics that make good friends. Have fun with your child reading the adventures of Frog and Toad. After reading the story, talk with your child about what Frog did for Toad and what Toad did for Frog. Use the book on friendship to teach your child that being a good friend also means giving, not just taking.

The Berenstain Bears and the Trouble with Friends ~Stan Berenstain

Sometimes friends are just plain trouble. Sister Bear finds this out for herself in this Berenstain Bears book. In this book, Sister Bear meets a new friend and they enjoy each other’s company. However after awhile, Sister Bear and her new friend start fighting. In order for these two friends to get along, they need to learn how to give in and not always be right. This is a great talking point for your young child because friendship is about giving and taking.

Just My Friend & Me ~Mercer Mayer

Little Critter is back and ready to make friends! In this story by Mercer Mayer, Little Critter has an afternoon play date with a friend. Instead of being fun, this play date has a few disasters. Despite the bad, these two characters remain friends. If you want to teach your young child about the difficulties of friendship, this is the book to read. This story helps your child understand that a friend can still be a friend after a fight.

Meet the Bullfrog … He Likes to JUMP

The boys caught like seven frogs with their Dad yesterday while I was out with my daughter enjoying a nice walk. I was excited when Ki and I returned to hear that they had caught a baby something, for I was really hoping on a turtle. I am so sick of frogs it’s not even funny. Frogs have zero challenge in catching them and they are all over the pond, a turtle on the other hand? Priceless for it’s rare to find them.

Notice the evil behind her eyes? Yes, she was working me having the camera as a distraction technique to attempt to get that bullfrog to jump in my face, I am not kidding. She is a sweet girl but she has way too much of her Mama’s tricky brains inside of her!

So we had a fun filled day of walks and playing with a bullfrog who happily and rather quickly jumped back to the pond after being held!

Collecting Tadpoles on a Warm Spring Day #YesMemory

We were spoiled with some really warm, almost Summer type weather last week and so to the pond is where I headed with the kids and sometimes even alone. You see, I grew up with this pond, catching bullfrogs, regular frogs, salamanders and more. I love the outdoors and I love water life especially tadpoles and salamanders.

Apparently all three of my kids have a love for the pond much to my approval! The good news is, they do not ever go near the pond without an adult, love that they respect the rules too. We were able to capture some tadpoles and this little fellow shown below is the big one I caught on my own and he’s my “baby”.

We decided that we wanted to watch the tadpoles grow, but wanted to keep them in a place that was similar to their natural habitat and so we found an old pool item that my Mom used for her dogs to get some fresh water out of. We washed the pool up and added some of the sludge from the bottom of the pond and then some water from the pond for the tadpoles new home.

The kids are having a blast watching their tadpoles but hopefully they survive because this week has been a freezing cold temp type Spring and we really hope these tadpoles survive in their new habitat over the cold weather week.  We do love that the kids can watch these tadpoles grow and that they are free to roam when they switch over to frogs or whatever they grow up to be.

Even though it’s been rather cold, we are looking forward to having warm weather hit us soon so that we can start enjoying the great outdoors again and catching some frogs, salamanders and maybe even spot a snapping turtle that are known to be found in this pond.


The Princess & The Frog Was Awesome

The Princess and The Frog My daughter and I went out to the movies Saturday night and we watched The Princess and The Frog. This movie was amazing! I really thought this was going to be just another princess story where the prince and princess fell happily in love and lived forever together, happily.

I was surprised when the moral I took away from this movie was that if you work hard towards your dreams that anything can come true. Sure you may have some bumps in the road and life may seem like nothing is ever going to go your way, but reality is if you stay focused, determined and keep dreaming and maybe even wish upon a star, then one day all your hard work will pay off and your dream will come true!

Way to go Disney for this wonderful movie! If you haven’t seen it yet, please go watch it, my daughter and I loved it and felt it was worth the cost of a movie ticket for sure!

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