Are your kids water babies?

Babies and children have a natural love of the water. It’s little wonder when you remember they spent the first 40 weeks of their lives swimming around the in-house leisure pool, otherwise known as your uterus!  In fact, floating around in a warm pool will feel more natural for them than being on dry land.

Babies are born with an amazing natural ability to swim.  A pair of primitive reflexes known as the dive and swim reflex means they’re able to hold their breath, open their eyes and move their arms and legs in a swimming motion from birth.

However, this confidence diminishes as a child gets older and they lose this natural reflex.  Without regular access to water, some children become fearful about entering the water at all.

The benefits of regular swimming and water confidence should not be underestimated, and by teaching your children to swim and not be afraid, you are providing them with essential life skills that could one day save their lives.

Health Benefits  

Swimming is a low impact form of exercise that works out every muscle in the body.  Unlike some activities all the family regardless of age can enjoy it.

Help your children gain confidence and have fun at the same time by playing one of these fun games with them:

  • Put a small, lightweight object into the water (like a ping pong ball or foam animal) and encourage your children to blow them along
  • Pretend to wash your face and hair by sprinkling water over your head and then vigorously rubbing your head and head as the water drips down
  • Once your child has overcome the fear of water on her face, ask her whether she can float on the water like a starfish.  Floating is one of the essential skills of swimming, and you will find once they’ve mastered this, swimming won’t be far behind.

Water Confidence

Children who are confident around water will often be keen to try out other water-based activities such as sailing, jet skiing, kayaking or canoeing. These are all fantastic outdoor activities that can turn a boring weekend into a fun one for the whole family.

However, if you’re based in Canada you should be aware that a recent change to the law in 2009 means that anyone operating a pleasure craft with an on-board motor is required to carry proof of competency, such as an Ontario boating license.  The law was introduced to reduce the number of boating related accidents and deaths and is obligatory for all, regardless of age or experience.

Start at home

There are so many watery fun things for you and your children to enjoy from the comfort of your home, all of which will instill a life-long love of water.  Try out some of these fun games and activities:

  • Oil and water are just not friends are they?  Have a mini science lesson and experiment adding oil to water, investigating what can be added to help them mix and get along better.
  • Take the gravity challenge – fill a glass with water and cover completely with a small piece of card (make sure there are no bubbles or gaps) then over a sink, turn the glass upside down before taking your hand away from the card.  Your children will be amazed that the water doesn’t escape from the glass!
  • During the warmer months make sure you have lots of watery fun in your garden by setting up a paddling pool and sprinkler.  

This article was written by Amanda Walters, an experienced freelance writer and regular contributor to Huffington Post. Follow her here: @Amanda_W84

What Do you DO For Work

When I first started this blogging venture, it wasn’t something I thought I would really make money enough to live on but I was willing to give it a try and so far it has been paying off both emotionally and financially. Trying to answer that old question “what do you DO for work?” is difficult for me though, you see I was taught that I need to have some elevator pitch but honestly I write and do so much on this blog and write about various other things on my other blog that I don’t think a 15 second pitch is really going to sell anyone on what I do nor explain fully what it is I can offer others.

In all honestly, I feel all I offer is an honest, personal, sometimes silly, usually positive story about what’s going on in my life but when you tell a perfect stranger this they give you the head tilt as if “why would anyone want to read about YOU”, because you know I am nothing special – just another human being who happens to be a NH Mom Blogger.

Usually if someone asks what it is I do for work, using the terms Marketing, Social Media Consultant or Freelance Writer ring a bell with them faster than a NH Mom Blogger. The term NH Mom Blogger sits well with me and it’s a term I much enjoy using because after all that is who I am and what I have become in the past four years. It is time, however, to step up my business a notch and push further and become more than I am now. I am excited for the new year and hopefully this New Year I nail SEO and get a major boost in traffic for something other than my awesome giveaways I host.

So how do you answer this question about what you DO for work?

Happy New Year from this NH Mom Blogger to you …..

Keeping Long Distance Family Updated

I used to be pen pals with my great grandmother who I call Grena but over time we stopped writing and I don’t recall if I “owe” her a letter of if she “owes” me one. Surely she is getting up in age and may not be able to write as often as she used to, which gave me an idea.

What if I created a weekly or monthly newsletter for my family members who live further away? I rarely see my family it seems their busy lives take them over and well my children clearly take up so much of my time and energy that I would just assume company come here than travel too often.

I think I am going to start using my Facebook updates and photos taken through out each week as a way to create a fun, family friendly newsletter so that my family is able to see the kids growing up even if they can’t see them face to face every single week or year.

Each week I will review various status updates on Facebook and Twitter, after all that is where I post the random things my kids say or my random actions throughout the week. I will take only the cutest and most important tidbits from my week and insert it into this newsletter. In addition to taking the week from my own view I may teach my daughter how to create this family newsletter and let her organize & write for it because after all she follows in my footsteps with a love of writing.

I think this is going to be a fantastic start to a positive connection with family!

Do you do a family newsletter? How well does it work for your family? Do they just love it?

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