Let’s Give this Dress Idea a Try

I happened upon a rack at Ocean State Job Lot that held a bunch of cute dresses. Usually, as a woman with wide hips, it’s difficult for me to find a dress that suits my body type.

Trying to Dress Up

I picked out two dresses, each I felt may end up looking odd on a girl with curves, but I actually adore this first dress I wore. Never mind my double chin, most of us who have given birth or not end up with one as we get older. I have learned to embrace this double chin even if I do hope it goes away as I work to lose my Winter weight.

photo 2(2)

This is the pattern of the dress, one day I will have a full length mirror that allows me to take a full body picture, but for now, you get the idea. I am excited to start challenging myself with new colors and wearing dresses more.

Related Funny Story: My youngest child had never seen me in a dress before, this was a couple of years back, and we were at a local store purchasing some snack items when he lifted up my dress as a means to find my pockets. I was so embarrassed. I handled it well though, with five shades of red upon my cheeks, I explained that Mommy was wearing a dress and this dress does not have pockets, if you lift my dress, you will be giving the store a show that Mommy doesn’t want to experience.

The Homecoming Dance Decision and a Dress?

When I was in high school I had to make that decision to either go to the homecoming dance or not, well it was a no brainer for someone like me who had mostly older friends outside of high school, I chose not to go to the homecoming dance. Even though I am perfectly fine with the decision to have not gone to homecoming, I shall only hope that my three kids will eventually go and not that far out, my second children {the boyfriend’s kiddos} may be entering into the year of homecoming years. I know with the girls it’s all about finding that perfect homecoming dress and with the parents it’s usually, at least will be for me, finding that selection of cheap homecoming dresses to ensure we don’t go broke on a one time wear dress.

A LinePrincess Square Neckline >

I honestly love looking at all of the homecoming dresses that are available, it will be fun to find out what my daughter’s style will be once she nears that age of homecoming years. I personally would have preferred a simple, yet cute homecoming dress such as one like the A-line Square Neckline Princess dress When choosing a dress for homecoming I firmly believe that you need to encourage your daughter to pick a dress that accents her amazing figure and parts of her body that rock.

Let’s say your daughter ends up with wide hips, such as the lovely wide hips that run in my family, then you want to ensure that her homecoming dress really helps make those hips flow nicely and do not like all awkward in the homecoming dress. Usually having a sales person who has been trained in such areas will really allow you to ensure your daughter ends up with a picture perfect, affordable homecoming dress.

Here Comes the Bride ….

I am heading to watch my little sister (and only sibling) get married today. I have felt the tears all week long so hopefully they stay at bay but I must admit I have always been a sucker for a wedding day. Ever since I have become a Mom these weddings make me tear up quickly! My little sister, who by the way is taller than me and could really kick my butt, is marrying her boyfriend of three years today!

Miss Ki gets to be a flower girl and Aj has request to hold the rings. It will be a simple ceremony with close friends and family watching while my little sister weds this man who has become her love over the years. This couple has also recently been blessed with expecting twins. At 9 weeks along my sister found out that she is carrying not one, but two babies. A surprise to say the least!

I look forward to welcoming Al as my official brother in law, even though he has played that role for a few years now. I am happy my sister has found love and that no matter what they go through they seem to figure out how to come out on top together!

I love you my sis and love you too Al. Looking forward to the ceremony!

Prom Dress Shopping

Alas, I did not go to my high school prom, not at all. Later I may just share with you what I was doing on prom night or maybe not, but for now I will talk about prom dresses, because they are beautiful!

I know that when my children go to prom I will be on the lookout for cheap prom dresses, because you want the night to be special, however, you do not want to go broke over this memory making night. I know if my daughter still loves pink as much as she does now that she would just die over the pink dress picture above, that is for sure! Do you have a pink fan in your household?

Another idea I was always hearing about when I was in high school back 11 plus years ago, is that junior bridesmaid dresses were awesome style dresses for a prom night. They are just as beautiful and stylish as normal prom dresses.

So … are you shopping for a prom attendee this year? Let me know what style she is looking at this year!

Dressing up For Special Events

This year I plan to attend blog conferences, oh yes, I plan to travel for the first time in my twenty-nine years of life! The thing I think about most when it comes to attending special events is the clothing I should have with me on such trips to events. You see, I am a simple girl with simple clothes, but for special events, such as conferences I would now have a need to purchase evening dresses and maybe even find matching bracelet with necklace to liven up the outfit for a dinner at a conference.

I have never been one to get into designer handbags but one like myself would love to have a matching handbag to go with my cute evening dress for the upcoming conferences I will attend this year. I watched as my blog friends got ready to attend an event this weekend in California, that I was invited to but could not attend and I see how they put up outfits of themselves on what to wear, asking readers to give their opinions. I love this idea of dressing up and sharing pictures online asking readers what outfit is the best to wear to a special event.

So today, I can not dress up in an evening dress with a designer handbag as I do not have anything in my closet that fits the bill, but I will leave you with a question; how do you determine what to wear/bring with you on a trip to a conference?

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