{Mama and Son Time} Making Pizza with my Boys

I used to have a tradition that every Friday we would make pizza or at least have pizza for dinner. I really miss this tradition, but while money is tight for now with the new home purchase, we will attempt to do our best to make it a once a month event or maybe twice a month for now.

Five year Old Making Pizza

I purchased pizza crust from Market Basket, pizza sauce, shredded cheese and some pepperoni slices earlier in the day. I set up the crusts on pan as well as sauce and cheese in two bowls so that the boys could have space to create their own pizzas; one cheese pizza and one pepperoni pizza.

Mother and Sons Making Pizzas

I had to encourage my seven year old son to do more on his own, lately his confidence has been going downhill a bit but that’s just simply due to medication changes. I worked to encourage him to put his own cheese and pepperoni on so he could be proud of his creation.

Mother Helping Son with Pizza

We had a great time together. The boys were enjoying the fact that they could make their own dinner.

Son Proud of his Pizza

K-man was super proud of his “cheesiest ever pizza” creation.

Seven Year old Son Proud of his Pizza

Aj was super proud of his “pepperoni-est pizza ever” creation.

We popped the pizzas in the oven for about ten minutes…

And then we ate, together as a family.

A Simple Pasta Recipe #recipe #pasta #foodie

This is a favorite pasta recipe for me. This is the first thing I ever really made on my own. You see I am not really into cooking, wasn’t ever really taught how to make things nor cook, but my sister is one hell of a cook. This is something I came up with based on seeing it somewhere long ago and ever since has been a favorite side dish for most any meal for me. Today I share with you my easy pasta recipe.

Hope you enjoy….

Easy to Make Pasta Salad

Ingredients –

  • Rotini Premavera colored pasta {fully cooked according to box instructions}
  • Italian Dressing
  • Chopped Green Peppers
  • Chopped Onions
  • Cubed Cheddar Cheese
  • Optional – cubed ham pieces

How to Create this Easy Pasta Side -

Since there are ways to create this pasta side as an individual serving or a full bowl for a get together, I have not noted amounts. Basically the amount of pasta and ingredients you place in the salad are dependent upon two things 1) preferences and 2) amount of people to be served.

  1. Place the cooked pasta under cold running water to cool it down after being cooked & Drained.
  2. Pour in Italian dressing until you feel all pasta has been covered.
  3. Pour in chopped onions, chopped green pepper, chopped cheddar cheese and the optional chopped ham pieces.
  4. Stir ingredients together in one bowl until mixed well.
  5. Add more Italian dressing if desired.

Hiding Her Face With Food

I just love my daughter, I love how she is only two sizes smaller than me for shoes and is already stealing my shoes to wear around the house as well as out of the house from time to time. Another new thing she does is to place FOOD in front of the camera any time I try to snap a photo, case in point;

Waiting at the school for her brother …. a lollipop snuck it’s way into being my main object in the picture.

While waiting at the farm stand for Dad, a king size muffin became Miss Ki’s face in the photo pictured above.

And last the ice cream face, apparently she felt the ice cream was exactly what I was trying to get a picture of instead of her beautiful face!

CLOSED Ocean Spray® Fruit Flavored Snacks Review and Giveaway #MyBlogSpark

My family recently received some yummy treats, which I had forgotten I signed up to receive. What was it ???

Ocean Spray Fruit Flavored Snacks! Oh yes indeed and my kids love these babies!

More Product Info:

  • Made with real fruit juice and natural colors. {{Colors from natural sources. These Fruit Flavored Snacks are made with apple, pear, and cranberry juice concentrate. See package for a list of complete ingredients. They are not intended to replace fruit in the diet.}}
  • 80 calories, gluten free and contain 100% of the Daily Value of Vitamin C.
  • Available with year round Double Box Tops.

What The Fam Thinks….

As you can see the three year old is chomping down on some in this picture! My boys love these and want to have them for every meal of the day, it has been an adventure explaining that fruit snacks are for snack time only.  My daughter can not test them due to having a spacer, she isn’t allowed gummy type food, sadly.

We will be purchasing more of these fruit snacks because they seem to be much healthier for the kids than some of the other fruit snack options and snack choices, plus the kids love them so there’s no fuss over it being a healthier choice for snack!

Save Money –  Click here to download a coupon to save $1.10 off 2 boxes of Ocean Spray Fruit Flavor Snacks.

Ready To Win?  This is my first time using Rafflecopter for a giveaway so bear with me, I hope it works well for you all. If the entry window from Rafflecopter doesn’t load, please leave a comment to tell me.

The Prize? FOUR people who entered will randomly be selected to receive 6 boxes (3 of each variety) of Ocean Spray® Fruit Flavored Snacks.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Where Can I Purchase Emergency Food?

There are many places you can Buy Emergency Foods, you can either shop at your local grocery store for bottle watered and pantry type foods that last forever & are edible whether cooked or not. Remember when an emergency strikes there may be no use of running water, electricity and all of our common every day technologies that one is used to living on these days.

We are in the year 2012 and many are in discussions of a catastrophic event coming, some even say the end of the world as we know it is near. Whether you determine the end of the world as we know it to mean that we are heading for some major challenging weather patterns, the Earth will end or believe it to mean nothing as you do not believe in this theory of 2012 being the end of the world as we know it, the truth is our weather patterns have changed dramatically and you want to make sure you are prepared!

BuyEmergencyFoods.com is one place to purchase good, nutritious emergency foods and even includes more of a variety than you may get at your local grocery store.  Whether you believe in the end of the world coming in 2012 or you simply see the crazy weather patterns our Earth is having, it is always great to be prepared by purchasing emergency food supplies which I personally would like to include freeze dried meats like they have here.

When an emergency strikes I want to know I have all of my food groups ready for the family to survive!

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