The Fairy Hobmother has Visited Me

Fairy_hobmother_for_bloggersI am not talking about the tooth fairy that visited last night scrounging up change to place in my daughter’s tooth fairy box in exchange for her lost molar, no. I am talking about another amazing fairy, this is the Fairy Hobmother who visits blogs to sprinkle gifts to use for just spreading the belief in fairies.

Heck if I can believe in the tooth fairy at 31 years of age, I suppose a Fairy Hobmother is not that far fetched to believe in. So today I write about being visited by the Fairy Hobmother in hopes that I get sprinkled a little gift and other bloggers do too.

If you leave a comment on this blog post, as a blogger, you just may receive a visit too!

Most of you may or may not know, I will be moving from where I live now at some point here, after a year and a half of renting from my Mom the time has come for her to move back to this area with her husband and me to move on with my kids to our new “home”. I thank Mom for allowing me to stay here, while I paid for her mortgage as a way to assist me in getting back on my feet from a foreclosure. I think I have grown close to my Mom during this past year and a half and that is something I can walk away with being grateful for, among other things.

As I search around for a new rental one of the things that I really need to know is if there is a washer and dryer hook up at the new rental. I have three kids and let me tell you what, I certainly wish this Fairy Hobmother could not only sprinkle me with gifts, but make laundry magically disappear into dresser drawers too ;-)

When I move, I will need to purchase a cheap tumble dryer as a way to ensure my laundry never goes undone, piled to the ceilings in my new home.  Of course, if I don’t get a dryer or washer for my new rental home, I will just have to be a frequent visitor at the local laundry mat.

Now that I have sprinkled the love of the Fairy Hobmother to you all, I hope you will believe in fairies again and leave me a comment below telling me something that you wish a Fairy Hobmother would do for you!

DRAGONART EVOLUTION by J “NeonDragon” Peffer

This review is stemming from a product launch that fits Newsweek’s article title The Creativity Crisis. This has to do with kids and the fact that they are sitting on the couch and not using their imaginations as often as they used to. Today I am introducing you to Dragonart Evolution.

I first accepted this review because I knew my son loves dragons and stuff like that but then when the book arrived I realized this is perfect for my daughter. My daughter has a flare for drawing and is addicted to using her imagination. When Dragonart Evolution arrived I took it out and let Ki work her magic with a pencil and pad of paper, the girl was very creative! She did very well following the various tutorials to draw different parts of the dragon.

From feathered to sea creature, DRAGONART EVOLUTION features all-new dragons and detailed anatomy instruction in one fiercely designed dragon encyclopedia. Also included:

  • 60+ step-by-step demonstrations covering a variety of dragons, including medieval, fairy and sea-dwelling wyrms
  • In-depth advice for drawing every part of the beast – eyes, ears, horns, wings, scale patterns, limbs and more
  • Extra tips and tricks provided by your dragon guide, Dolosus

My daughter is about eight years old and enjoyed this book but that doesn’t mean your eight year old would. If I were to see this book in stores I probably would think a teen would enjoy using it, but then my daughter really loves this book and has been excited to test her drawing limits using Dragonart Evolution step by step tutorials.

Disclosure: I received this product for free, but all opinions are based on my child’s experience with the product.

Kidorable Winner

The winner for the Kidorable Umbrella Giveaway was chosen by to be lucky entry number 55 … Congrats goes to Kim who said “The Fairy Backpack is so cute. My daughter would love that since she is so into fairies right now.”

Email will be sent to you and please reply within 48 hours with shipping details and Umbrella Choice! Thanks to all who entered, get ready for the spectacular giveaway event happening Jan 15th through Feb 15th, gain extra entries … read here for more details!

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