Budsies Review and Giveaway – Turning Artwork into Stuffed Animals

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Today I am sharing with you Budsies.com, a wonderful way to turn your child’s artwork into a forever stuffed animal. I was able to do two stuffed animals based on each of my youngest children’s artwork. I have to tell you, Budsies did an amazing job at getting my son’s artwork matched up to their drawing. The only complaint I would have, and advice for those who order, is that you note if this is for a boy or girl. I have two boys who do not like “girl colors” and sadly there is a lot of girl colors to their Budsies. This is just something to make note of when you order, the quality and match-up to the artwork was not lost at all, they do an amazing job!

 Budsies Gift

You can see in the image above how my son, Aj’s artwork was matched perfectly! I love how they included the lines that he drew in his king robot artwork. The antennas were included and the crown that Aj had on top of his robot. The stuffed animal matches up to the artwork like you wouldn’t believe. I am simply close to speechless about this.

Budsies Artwork

Next up you have K-man’s artwork turned into a stuffed animal. Again you can see how well Budsies.com matched up my son’s artwork into the stuffed animal. The stuffed animal has two heads and the colors match up. I can see why purple was done here, as that is really what the artwork showcased, again I should have made a note to change the coloration on his artwork. It’s funny how the boys can color with girl colors but when it comes to stuffed animals or toys, they cannot fathom having a girl color.

My Thoughts on Budsies.com

Overall I have no complaints, Budsies.com takes about one month to ship so that is something to make note of. I was let known of that fact ahead of time. They have excellent customer service and their website is very easy to navigate. I did have issues with navigation at first for their payment screen and within 24 hours it was fixed so I could order. That was an awesome plus for Budsies.com

Next up, I think the softness and quality of the stuffed animal is perfect. I don’t feel this is a “chinsy” stuffed animal that is going to fall apart. It seems to be a well made product.

The only other note is to make sure to specify any color alterations you have to the actual artwork, those who work at Budsies.com rely on what you type in the comments section while ordering to truly match up your child’s artwork into a forever stuffed animal. It’s up to you to ensure you are describing it properly in the ordering comment section.

Where to Order Budsies?

You can order Budsies directly on Budsies.com. It’s a quick and easy process! Each Budsies cost about $59.00 and to me that’s priceless when you see your child’s face light up as they realize their artwork has just become “real”.

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Valentine’s Day Done Right

Despite your protest to this holiday, love is in the air. People love Valentine’s Day for everything it represents: love. When you have a special someone, it is important to do Valentine’s Day right. Don’t do it halfway, and don’t try to talk yourself out of it. Simply embrace your inner romantic and enjoy this blissful day full of happiness, romance and love.

Start the Day Off with Breakfast in Bed

Get up before her and make breakfast. Set it on a tray and bring her breakfast in bed. Buy one red rose, put it in a tall, skinny vase and bring it on the tray as well. It starts the day off right and sets her up for the romantic day that you have planned for her. Make sure to wake her up with enough time for her to relax and enjoy the meal that you have made.

Surprise Her with Flowers at Work

There are plenty of businesses around you can find specializing in plants and flowers. Order flowers a week before and schedule them to be delivered on Valentine’s Day. She will love the surprise at the office. It will make her feel special and loved. She’ll love showing off your romantic side as people ask who bought the beautiful bouquet. You can buy traditional roses, but for a more romantic touch, send her a bouquet of her favorite flower. It will set her apart from everyone else receiving gifts at the office.

Plan a Nice Dinner and a Gift

After the two of you get back home from work, whisk her away for a romantic dinner for two. Make reservations weeks in advance to ensure that you two have a table. Spots will fill up fast, so it’s important not to wait until the last minute. Give her a present while you’re waiting for your desert. Remember, this is Valentine’s Day. Don’t think practically, think romantically. Jewelry is a go-to gift for many, but there are other ways to be romantic too. You can do something relating to a memory or an inside joke that the two of you have together.

Valentine’s Day is about romance, and no amount of commercialism or despise you may have toward the holiday is going to keep it from happening. So, if you can’t beat them, join them. Go all out this Valentine’s Day. Do it right and make your significant other feel like the luckiest person in the world.

Valentines Day Is Coming, Time for Gift Ideas

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner many people may be thinking about gifts for her. After all it’s a romantic holiday and a man should be romancing his love, right? Well whatever feelings you have regarding Valentine’s Day, I say make sure to think of some unique gift ideas that will make your loved one smile with surprise!

This time of year brings around those looking for Valentine’s Day gifts but it also is a time for anniversaries and birthdays! Do not forget your wedding anniversary because that isn’t a good thing. When we watch movies, all too often the man forgets the anniversary date therefore doesn’t end up buying anniversary gifts for his wife, but in my household it was me who often forgot about my wedding anniversary when I was married.

Flowers are always a nice idea for birthdays and anniversaries. It seems once we become parents we all too often spend our money on our children most often which means when birthdays and anniversaries come around it’s fun to spoil that loved one that committed to spend the rest of their life with you. Giving someone a surprise birthday gift is also a nice way to make them smile and when someone smiles they are healthier in life and love.

Whether you are shopping right now for Valentines’ Day, birthday gifts or anniversary gifts it’s time to start thinking about ways to show that loved one you care with a heart felt gift.


Looking for Florists in Toledo?

Are you getting married soon and on the look out for wedding flowers Toledo? Well then you should really check out the fabulous selection and services at various Toledo wedding florists. Researching online is a great way to start searching for the flowers you want and need for the wedding of a lifetime.

Getting married is a serious decision and one should not take it lightly, whether you are looking to have a simple down to Earth wedding or out of this world get together, you will want to make sure the flowers you choose are best from a florist who takes the time to hear your wants and needs and can match them up correctly to the perfect floral arrangement.

Searching for wedding florists in Toledo means using your Internet searching skills to the fullest or researching reviews written online by trusted sources. Remember to read all reviews & testimonials prior to deciding which florist to choose.

May you have a happy, long lasting marriage & have fun planning it!

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Which Flowers To Send For Holidays

I am not good with flowers, rarely do I buy them and rarely do I get them, however, it is important to think about what kind of flowers work for which holiday or event. Let’s say you are looking for a flower shop to order from online, such as the florist london website. First thing you will want to do is have a look around and if you are on any social networks ask around to see if friends have used their service. This way you are getting word of mouth advice on whether this is a good place to order from or not.

There is a cute selection of flowers called Twilight that makes me think of that TV, book and/or movie series of vampires, not 100% sure on the name, my friend MommaDJane knows what it’s called, maybe it’s called Twilight. I would totally send her and her daughter the Twilight bouquet as a way to say “smile, someone is thinking about you”. For me, personally if I was going to send flowers to someone special then I would send a unique bouquet, not something that one would be expecting like a dozen roses or carnations. There is a bouquet called Sugar Hill that looks lovely.  Sugar Hill sounds like something to give to your special “sugar” to make them smile after a long day of dealing with children and work!

Whatever bouquet you choose and whichever company you choose just remember that you should be unique to make someone feel extra special about receiving flowers!

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