Our First Family Beach Day

The kids and I headed out to Lake Sunapee Park the other weekend with our Summer gear in hand. My youngest and oldest were determined to hop in the lake, even though I knew it was cold, cold water. The oldest did end up jumping in twice, crazy girl!

Beach Days in NH Summer

I loved watching all three of the kids happily work together with their sand gear. They were building castles and moats and all this fun stuff together, with smiles upon their faces!

Daughter lets son bury her

Apparently the idea of sand gear wasn’t as appealing as burying your sister with sand at the beach. My daughter, bravely, laid down and set some ground rules to let her brother bury her in the sand. There was to be no sand above her chest and her arms were not to be covered, unless she said otherwise after they covered that part of her body.

Team work

Aj even got in on the fun of burying sissy and together the boys were able to fully bury sissy to the guidelines that she set forth. Sure, she got some sand in her face because the boys were digging like little puppies to get the sand to stay on her, but it was all in the name of good, solid family fun!

Buried in Sand

The picture above was the final snapshot before my daughter came out of that pile like a Hulk monster. It was a beautiful day and a fun family time was had.

Moments like these make me realize just how blessed I am.

Tim Hawkins is Hilarious – Boys vs Girls Video so True

This is a fairly short clip from Tim Hawkins but he is so right on with girls vs boys that I had to share this with you all :

I know in my house the boys are so rough and tumble. Always wrestling, hitting fighting but like in a friendly way. Whatever friendly means as you are punching and kicking each other, but they do it with a smile. Isn’t that what counts?

Oh well … alas, do you have boys, girls or a little mix like me? Do you agree the differences are right on with what Tim Hawkins is saying?

Kicking Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Taking Names

I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder when my daughter was a baby, she is almost 10. They put me on lexapro and I was about so numb that I could have seriously just cut my thumb off and not even cared. Can we say “too much medication?” … so I worked to wean myself off of the lexapro for two reasons; lack of insurance & the thought I could kick anxiety in the butt on my own. Yes I am stubborn and extremely strong willed…

Let me start by saying if you have major anxiety I don’t recommend just weaning yourself off and doing what I did, but if you don’t have medication and suffer from anxiety maybe my post can assist you in some small way.

I realized that anxiety sucks, but so many doctors use diagnosis as a tool to over medicate people and I happened to be one of those. I knew my anxiety may have been more of a mind over matter ordeal, I lived a some what sheltered life; meaning I didn’t travel other than one time to Florida growing up and we didn’t go to any far away events like my kids get to experience now.

The thought crossed my mind, if I can just learn to love who I am and be confident then it would make sense most of my anxiety would slip away. Face my fears so to speak and so I worked my butt off at getting to know who I was inside, what it is that made me tick so to speak and what fears I had to overcome in order to kick my Generalized Anxiety Disorder in the butt.

I can honesty say I still have major anxiety issues over new situations, making plans to do something is near impossible. Basically if you want me to go anywhere then you may as well come here grab my arm and drag me there, for the most part, but I will have a blast once there. It’s sort of like they say “I am shy at first but perfectly fine once I get to know you”, that’s me with any social situation.

I tend to get nervous when flying, for I just flew for the first time in 2011 and instead of letting that anxiety overcome my whole being which turns into a panic attack, I role with it. Deep breaths, calm thoughts and I deal.  I have not been on medication for my anxiety for many years and am very proud to say I have come a long way! I love meeting new people, attending new events and traveling now, all because I made a choice to not allow my Generalized Anxiety Disorder kick my butt and if I can do it so can you!

Vacation Week vs Work Week

Last week Sheila came over from Florida, do not ask why she chose to visit NH in the Winter but she did & one day it was completely freezing outside for me let alone her.  The week started off with me picking her up at the Manchester Airport and let me tell you what – please never let this chick drive alone. I got lost AT THE AIRPORT. Seriously.

I had to drive a ways down the road and pull into a store parking lot to ask where I go to pick up passengers at the Manchester, NH Airport. Boy did I feel real slow because I have been to this airport two times before. Finally I was able to get to the cell phone lot and await Sheila’s text to say she had landed and was ready for me to pull up to the terminal to pick her up.

We spent our week with the kids mostly, as it was Christmas vacation. One plus being home with another female is that I could have some much needed girl talk and quality time with another adult. I am one who seeks adult time yet never really gets that time. Sheila and I spent time playing Monopoly with the kids, doing craft time fun and she even was able to head over to meet my Dad and my sister as well as my sister’s boyfriend. At night when the kids were asleep Sheila and I spent time chatting, watching movies and had one girls night out the first night she arrived.

I must admit the week was a pretty good week, but one thing I realized is that I am not good with having company and working so I had a week long vacation for the most part and spent this week playing catch up. I am happy that Sheila and I met in person for the first time since forever ago when we first connected online and look forward to meeting more new friends this New Year.

Cheers to week long vacations with friends!

My Son Has His First Library Card

The day has arrived, Mister Aj knows how to write his name and this means he is old enough to get a town library card. To receive a town library card is really exciting for my five year old son, because he has watched as his sister has used hers through out the years. You see, Miss Ki has had her library card since age five and she’s now nine years old. Due to parking restrictions at the school, meaning parking spots completely full, I had to park at the town library one day then walk up to pick the kids up from school. I realized two things this particular day 1) I miss walking to get the kids from school and 2) I could use getting a library card as a reason for a fun walk {Aj hates walking}.

After walking to the school and getting Mister Aj we walked back to the town library where we dropped off his school backpack and headed into the library to say hello to the children’s librarian {our long time friend & my old babysitter from when I was a kid} and then proceeded to find out if Aj could indeed get his town library card finally. The person at the desk stated Aj needs to write his first and last name, I was bummed. I knew Aj was aware of letters but never has he written his last name down, so I took a piece of scrap paper and had Aj write his first name, then I proceeded to tell him the letters of his last name; then it happened – my son wrote his first and last name for the first time together perfectly!

Aj was soooo excited and proud of himself, we did the paperwork and he received his official town library card. By this time my three year old was done and so ready to go home but you can’t get your first library card and not check out a book or two. The boys and I headed over the children’s library area and I let Aj search for the perfect book and he picked two; one from a local writer in town and another called I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato. More to come about that tomato book soon.

This was a proud moment but yet another moment that reminds me my children are growing up way too fast.

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