Mega Bloks Hot Wheels™ Bad to the Blade & Fast Fish Giveaway

Free ProductThe boys had a fun surprise show up in the mail a few weeks ago, Mega Bloks Hot Wheels™ Bad to the Blade and Fast Fish showed up on our door step for their Mega Bloks building pleasure.

Mega Bloks Hot Wheels Giveaway

Mega Bloks and Hot Wheels™ have teamed up to create fun for your child, recommended for ages 5 and up. With a variety of sets available, we received Bad to the Blade and Fast Fish speedsters that allow my sons to follow instructions in the provided booklet or use their imaginations to create their own Hot Wheels™ speedster. Each set comes with a collectible micro action figure. I had a blast spending time building Fast Fish with my five year old son, while my seven year old son refused to let me take part in the building process. Aj wanted to do it all by himself, and honestly has yet to complete Bad to the Blade, but K-man and I did finish our Fast Fish speedster.

Mega Bloks Hot Wheels Giveaway

The instruction booklet is easy to follow for any child, even if they can’t quite read yet. The instructions are visual in nature and K-man had fun instructing me how to build Fast Fish based on how he was interpreting the booklet of instructions that came with the package. Once we were completed with the task of building Fast Fish, K-man and I brought out his race tracks sets and tried to race Fast Fish against his other Hot Wheels™ matchbox cars. It was a fun time, I think Mega Bloks Hot Wheels™ speedsters are a great addition to any family who enjoys spending quality time together. Mega Bloks Hot Wheels™ seemed to teach my sons the skills of reading & following instructions, using their imaginations and using teamwork skills.

Mega Bloks Hot Wheels Giveaway

To see K-man’s face beam with pride after we finished our Mega Bloks Hot Wheels™ Fast Fish speedster was worth every moment we spent together building this set. I hope that one of you get to experience the joy in creating these together as a family too!

Visit the Mega Bloks Hot Wheels™ Collection , Like Mega Bloks on Facebook and Follow @megabloks on Twitter to keep up with their latest news!

Enter below for your chance to win your set of Mega Bloks Hot Wheels™ Fast Fish and Bad to the Blade. One person who uses the Rafflecopter form below to enter for their chance to win, will be randomly selected as the winner of this two pack prize valued at a total of $19.98.

Mega Bloks Hot Wheels Giveaway

Prize Package is – Mega Bloks Hot Wheels™ Bad to the Blade and Fast Fish Set. Combined value $19.98. Ends 12am Eastern March 29, 2014.

Winners will be announced live on site and emailed directly. Winners shall have 48 hours from announcement post and email to claim prize otherwise another random winner shall be chosen using the random generator through Rafflecopter.

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Using the Rafflecopter form below is easy; use name/email to log in or Facebook for login. Rafflecopter will not use your email or access for anything other than giving me a way to contact you should you be the randomly chosen winner! Winner will have 48 hours to claim prize or another person will be randomly selected.

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Tis the Season to go Fishing, soon!

I have been a fisher since my early days of childhood, I was deemed my Dad’s fishing buddy. I swear I am no longer his fishing buddy simply because I always showed him up, usually catching a larger fish and so forth. Maybe it was just that time got busy, I grew older, we grew apart for a bit, I do not know. What I do know now is that my Dad is still a fisher and my sons wish to be!

NH Fly Fisherman

One year I bought a fishing license and so did my ex husband, we took them boys out fishing along with my daughter. Let me tell you what, I did not realize how gross it is to try to get that worm on that hook! Apparently I have part girly girl in my genes because there is no way on Earth I shall ever put a worm on the hook by myself … wonder if I had ever done that as a child? Probably.

The boys love worms. The boys love fishing. The boys do not care if they are bit up by 100 mosquitoes to go fishing. They are just happy to be fishing. The daughter is more into fishing than I am, but still is bothered by the bugs from time to time like me. A couple years ago, my ex husband and I taught Kiara how to use a woman’s pole instead of those little kid fishing poles. She used it amazingly, all the while telling me I could not touch the darn thing because I would get it caught in a tree every single time I tried to set it out to water for fishies to bite.

While snow is still on the ground and ice is thawing out, it’s time for this family to start looking into getting a fishing license again and getting some fishing gear, thankfully there are many websites and in person stores to help with all of those fishing rod, tackle and shopping needs such as AnglingDirect. Those kids will make a fisher woman out of me yet ….

A Trip To the Pet Store

I am thankful that my children love animals so much but also understand the responsibility that comes when having a pet. You see, I took in pets in the past that I simply could not keep. Whether it was due to moving to a new place where pets were under no circumstances allowed or taking in a pure bred black lab puppy only to find out a puppy and two boys in diapers was not going to work out, I have learned that I will never again take in a pet without having the long term, life long commitment to that animal. Through sharing my experiences, I have taught my children the commitment a pet takes on, so that they understand why I say no to having anymore pets at this time in our lives.

My children still enjoy visiting the pet store, it’s usually my youngest who would rather visit the pet store just to walk around for a couple of hours versus my older two, but since there was no school last week and we had to find something to do, the pet store made sense. First we visited the reptile center to look at the snakes, bearded dragons and spiders. Next up was the bird room where this large white talking breed of bird was trying like hell to get on my shoulder. I wanted to take that bird home, but of course I can not have anymore pets at this time and really am not interested in a bird, talking or not.

Next up was my little ones favorite area, the turtle and fish part of the pet store. This kid really wants a pet turtle, ever since his betta fish, Porky, died, he has had his mind set that someday he will have a pet turtle to love and care for. We walked around the fish area and then ended back at the turtle section again, where they were about to be fed. The pet store dude was like “you may want to step back if you are squeamish” and I was all confused, but then saw him toss a fish into the turtle tank.

The boys were in awe, they said “boy that is AWESOME” while they watched this red eared slider turtle devour a fish. He ripped it to shreds but first swam around with it hanging out of it’s mouth as to try to keep it away from the other turtles. My sons sat there for about forty minutes watching this whole process of turtles biting the turtle with the fish, attempting to kidnap that fish food from the original turtle and watched and watched until finally the big turtle ate the whole fish.

The boys said “look there is it’s guts” and “look there is it’s blood”, all admiring of the fact that this poor fish was half eaten up by the big turtle. They loved every moment of it and that is when I promptly looked up at the pet store dude and said “you were worried about them being squeamish? I think I may be a bit squeamish, never-mind them!”


Fish vs. Pirates For Your Android Powered Device

Get ready to defend the mermaid from pirates! Fish vs. Pirates is a game available in Google Play now for your Android powered device.

This is a strategy sort of game by the looks of things, although I am not good at classifying games. You will need to build your army of fish to fight off the pirates and remember to have oysters protecting your pearls that are what you use to get new fish.

A fun filled adventure with colorful graphics, sure to please the family. My son is the perfect gamer for this game, he absolutely loves building up things to fight and protect! Not to mention Aj loves animals, so Fish vs. Pirates is a win win for this adventure boy.

This is a free app and is rated Everyone. So if you have an Android based tablet or phone go on to Google Play and download it to try it out for yourself! Don’t forget to “like” Fish vs Pirates on Facebook as well.

I Miss Card Games Before Bed Without Mood Switches

I have always been big on everyone sitting down to dinner together, it gives us time to discuss our days and really learn to communicate as a family but what do I do during bedtime routine when J is putting K down to sleep? Well that’s easy, Ki, Aj and I get together to play a game of cards. Recently we learned how to play Crazy Eights instead of our normal card games.

For some reason, a card game has become one of the few things that Aj can play with us all that doesn’t send him into a throw down fit. He has major mood fluctuations and card games have always seem to go over pretty well, with little to no mood issues, until recently when a new psychiatrist increased his current medication and now? I find myself missing our old card playing partner, the one who smiled like in this picture while playing cards. The child who didn’t care if he won or loss really, but simply enjoyed the competition and smiles we had while playing together.

I miss our old card games, but on a positive note, when Aj gets back to a steady mood again with whatever medication they end up trying, we will be able to play Crazy Eights for one of my daughter’s friends reminded us of this game. I had forgotten about Crazy Eights, Old Maid and other card games for we always just played Slap Jack, War and/or Go Fish because those were the ones in my immediate memory!

What other kid friendly card games can we enjoy together once Aj’s moods are more stable again?

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