7 Ways to Save on Fireworks

Fireworks are fun, festive, and a great way to ring in the 4th of July. But have you ever felt like you are just watching your money go up in smoke? If so, take a look below at 5 ways to save money on fireworks. You can still enjoy a colorful selection of fireworks while keeping a little cash in your pocket. Take a look!

5 Ways to Save on Fireworks

7 Ways to Save on Fireworks

1. Be patient.
You may be tempted to purchase fireworks as soon as you see the tent go up in your town. But try to be patient as prices are sure to go down the closer the holiday gets. Many fireworks retailers offer discounts if you wait to buy until the 4th. Don’t hesitate to ask the retailer if they will be offering any specials or sales either. Chances are they will be and will be happy to tell you.

2. Check out your dollar store.
Stores like Dollar Tree sell fireworks such as sparklers, snakes, poppers, smoke bombs, and mini fountains. If your children enjoy these items, buy them here instead of the big box retailers or fireworks tents. For a few dollars you can get a fun selection that the kids are sure to enjoy. If you don’t have dollar stores that sell fireworks, try to buy in bulk to get more bang for your buck.

3. Check out free shows.
Enjoy the small items such as poppers and sparklers at home, then head out to the free fireworks shows available in your town. You can watch these shows at local parks and stadiums, typically at no cost. Ask around to find out when these free displays will be in your area, and take advantage of them.

4. Find coupons.
Many fireworks retailers do offer coupons online for their products. Typically you could not find coupons for fireworks, but more and more are jumping on the coupon bandwagon. Coupons may not be valid in all states, so read the fine print. To find coupons that you can use, Google the names of fireworks retailers in your area and add “printable coupons” to the search.

5. Inspect what you buy carefully.
Nothing is worse than spending money on a firework and finding out it is a dud. Inspect everything you buy carefully. Make sure it is not opened and has a decent sized wick. It should not be damaged or show water damage in any way. Ask the retailer if there is a guarantee on fireworks that don’t work. Smart buying can certainly help you get more gang for your buck.

6. Organize a neighborhood fireworks event.
Have each neighbor chip in $20 and purchase some fireworks in bulk. Gather in a designated (and safe) area at the agreed upon time and celebrate! If you get 5 households to participate, you can easily see $100 worth of fireworks for just $20!

7. Visit your local dollar store.
You may not think of your dollar store as being a place to get fireworks, but it is. Dollar Tree stores sell sparklers, small fountains, poppers, colorful snakes, smoke bombs, and other small firework products. For just a buck you can really stretch your budget and get the items that children really enjoy.

When you give these tips a try, you are sure to save some cash on this year’s fireworks display. Happy 4th of July!

My Brain is on Vacation but it’s Suppose to be in the Office

I love it when I sit down to write and all that comes to mind is “let’s crop some pictures and create a blog post” but honestly it works amazingly! So today my brain is still on vacation mode even though it needs to be in office mode, which means a picture story yet again to share with you!

We went to two different firework shows last week to celebrate Independence Day. The kids were all settled in ready to witness the fireworks on the 4th of July.

Did I say kids were settled? Well two of the three were but this hyper little almost four year old boy was not so calm and settled. This little boy, Mister K, decided it would be cool to yell at the top of his lungs that he sees my penis {for the record I do not have a penis}. I don’t know where he comes up with these things nor do I know why he has all of this energy lately but it’s there and this Mama is exhausted!

This show on Wednesday the 4th of July was pretty good and I missed the smiley face fireworks both times due to the hyper three year old needing a couple time outs during this show but the picture above is a cute circle firework I captured on my smartphone camera.

On Saturday night we went to see fireworks in another town, this is one show we never miss and I probably watched the most growing up too, but I was sadly disappointed with the show that night.  Normally the fireworks in the town we went to on Saturday are amazing but they were short and not as many set off as last few years but still was a fun time!

How many firework shows did you all see?

Clark’s Trading Post in Lincoln, NH

What a fun fourth of July weekend we had, a visit to Friendly Farm, Clark’s Trading Post and fourth of July fireworks show. I finally gained access to most of the Clark’s Trading Post pictures and just had to share them with you all.

We took a fun ride on a train after watching the famous bear show. My daughter and I snuck a quick pic before riding off to meet the wolf man who she told to scram and he put off his fake gun thing in the air when she said that, she laughed so hard!

Such a fun family time at Clark’s Trading Post! We showed up a bit late for the bear show but we saw most of it and was amazed to see how talented these bears are and well taken care of by the looks of things. We then headed to go on a train ride which was a bit faster than the Day out With Thomas train ride we took a couple years ago.

Look at my handsome boys hanging out on the train, patiently waiting for it to start moving. I couldn’t get them to look for a pic though. Here is the sneak attack picture!

We had a hot, long afternoon and what better way to get cooled off than to enjoy some water battle in the Blaster Boats?!

I must admit this was  a fab day and it was a first for us all which made the experience even more wonderful. It’s rare for me to find a location that my daughter hasn’t already gone to with her Dad and so this was a very happy day for us all including me, I scored big time with the munchkins!

Admission is $18 and ages 1,2 and 3 are free so Mister Baby K was able to get in free!

I found Clark’s Trading Post on Facebook and just liked them so thought I would share with you all too!


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Fourth of July BBQ Anyone

I hope everyone has a super fun and safe holiday weekend! I hope to get out to see a lot of fireworks over the weekend with my munchkins and enjoy some great outdoor fun times!

My family doesn’t do anything special during the holiday weekend so I plan to make my own family fun! Fireworks are hosted two nights in a row here locally and I can’t wait to watch them with my three little munchkins!

I would love to have a BBQ with the kids at some point but it’s hard to have one at my house when we don’t have any patio furniture for the adults to sit on outside. I love patio furniture and currently only have one bench and two chairs. Some day I plan to shop around for patio furniture and get a table with umbrella top so that I can place it inside a screened in gazebo type area where the bugs will stay away but my family can sit comfortably for outside dinner time.

BBQ’s are a great way for you to celebrate the Fourth of July and I am curious, do you have patio furniture? What is your favorite kind and do you have enough to host a family event at your house outdoors?

Happy Fourth Of July

Fourth of July Fireworks
Image by Graeme Smith via Flickr

Wishing you a happy weekend and a happy fourth of July. We are a lucky nation to be free to make our own decisions so go out and celebrate safely while watching a great fireworks show!

We made two shows last year and hope we can make two again this year!

Happy Fourth Everyone!

If you are feeling really out of sorts and not happy check out my new ebook, Optimistic Thoughts, great picker up showing you how to be happier no matter what!

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