Buying a House Is a Great Investment but Takes a lot of Time to Find Right Mortgage

My boyfriend recently went through the process of purchasing a home here and let me tell you what, the process is unlike it used to be back when I purchased my first home in 2005. There are so many mortgage options available with different rates as well as different regulations set forth as to what type of home you can purchase. Check out Canadian mortgage rates online or you can check out American mortgage rates online just about anywhere on the Internet. I believe checking out the mortgage rates in your area is the first step in any home buying decision.

Buying a house with a View

There are a lot of other factors, aside from just the rates that may take place when you are looking to get your first home mortgage. The type of home you are hoping to get into, the views the home has all may play a key role in what location you decide to purchase a home. Maybe you wish to have a home with a lot of acreage so that the family can run free and have a blast playing outside instead of constantly complaining that they have nothing to do because your yard is too small. Some people look at the local attractions when seeking to get a first time home mortgage, such as whether there are trails around the area to enjoy for nature walks or four wheeling.

When we were out shopping for a home we basically wanted to make sure that there was space inside of the house for all of our family as well as a decent backyard for we are an outdoor type family. While we ended up with half an acre and a decent sized home, getting into the home took some time. As I said in the first paragraph, different types of home mortgage companies have different regulations; depending upon the type of mortgage loan you choose or are eligible for you may be placed in a position to be a bit more picky about the location and type of house you purchase.

Whether you are looking to buy for the first time or purchase a second home, checking out online mortgage rates is the best way to determine if 1) you can afford such a decision right now and 2) if you would even save money in purchasing a home in the long run. In my local area it is much more cost effective to purchase a home with a mortgage than it is to rent a home or apartment. With the cost of living rising and income for employees staying around the same, you have to make certain that your home mortgage choice is what fits your families needs both financially and long term growth wise.

5 good reasons to get a credit card

If you’re lucky enough to be in a reasonably healthy financial situation you may wonder why you’d even need to use a credit card. However, even the wealthiest individuals make use of them, so there must be some benefits. Here are a few of our favourite reasons to consider them:

Improve your credit score

Lenders like to see evidence you’re a responsible borrower and a worthwhile risk before giving you access to credit. While you may not need this immediately, it’s always worth having one eye on the future. For example, a good credit score will boost your chances of being approved for a mortgage. A great way to do this is to have a track record of regularly meeting repayments – no matter how small they may seem – on time.

Extra protection

If you’ve ever bought goods online that never turned up or were faulty you’ll know how frustrating the experience can be, particularly if the retailer isn’t keen on issuing a refund. With a credit card this situation can typically be resolved with a quick telephone call. Compare credit cards to find out what protection they provide, as certain products also offer additional warranties for purchases such as electronic goods.

Accepted worldwide

Certain companies may not accept payment by debit card when you’re travelling overseas, even if it’s supplied by a major bank. Credit cards are accepted around the globe and prevent you from having to carry large sums of money around with you at any given time, which can prove particularly risky when in unfamiliar surroundings away from home. Of course, this extra security is a bonus wherever you are in the world.

Reap the rewards

It’s not often you get anything more than the goods or services you’ve purchased when you shop, but certain credit cards will reward you for your spending. Perks can vary, but examples include cash back and air miles, meaning you can enjoy something using cash or a debit card alone wouldn’t have provided you with.

Keep track of your expenditure

If you’re looking to stay on top of where your money is being spent the monthly statement from your credit card provider might be a good way to do just that. It will detail where and when you’ve spent, which might help you to form a budget planner.

Life investments that will bring value to your finances

Making investments is not an easy matter. There is a lot of careful consideration that needs to be done in order to make sure that you make the right decision. It is important to give a lot of thought to things that you will be investing in to, for the whole of your life or at least a significant chunk of it.

Life insurance

There are many people who do not like the idea of life insurance, but if it is carefully chosen it can be very valuable. It can add a great deal of money to your estate when you die and make sure that your loves ones are financially looked after. It is even possible to tie it up in a trust fund to help to protect it against inheritance tax. It can give peace of mind to know that your loved ones are looked after when you die and life insurance can be a good way to do this.


Investing in property can be a good way to improve your finances when you are alive as well as giving you something valuable to leave behind. Once you have paid off your mortgage, you will no longer have to pay anything for where you live. This means that you will save a lot of money in rent. You may make improvements to the property which will increase the value. You may decide to downsize when your family leaves home and get some of the money out that is tied up. Otherwise you will have a significant item for your children to inherit.


A pension can help to care for you and a spouse during retirement, which is extremely important. Many people retire and find that they are a lot worse off which means that they cannot properly enjoy the free time that they have. By having a pension you have a source of income. This will take a big commitment with monthly investment over a long number of years but it will really pay off in the long term.


Investing in shares is something that needs to be done over the long term. Many people worry about the stock market. However, if you regularly buy shares then you can take advantage of the low prices by getting more shares for your money. Then as the value increases of the stock that you hold, then your investment will increase in value. You will have a lump sum that you can cash in to help for retirement or something that you can leave to your loved ones.

Avoid the Retail Therapy of Shopping

There are some people that use shopping as a therapy. They feel good by going out to buy things. They feel that the items make them feel happy. They may do this for all sorts of reasons. However, hhere are a lot of reasons why this may not be a good idea. These apply if you do not have much money, storage space or time and regret your purchases afterwards.


The cost of shopping is probably the main reason why it is not a good idea. There are very few people who can afford to do something like this these days and this is why it can be a big problem for some people. Sadly, there are a lot of people in debt and shopping can cause problems with store cards, credit cards, overdrafts and payday loans. If you can afford to shop then this is not a problem, but by using credit when you shop, you effectively massively increase the cost of the items. If you calculate how much they cost you once you pay off the loans, then you will be shocked at how much things might cost.


One problem of buying a lot of items is finding somewhere to store them. Houses can be quite small these days and if you are spending money on buying things, then you will not be able to afford to buy a bigger house to store the things that you buy. Consider whether you want a home that is stuffed to the brim with items or whether you would rather have fewer things to organise, clean and tidy away.


Shopping can take a lot of time. You may be better off spending that time doing other things. If you shop because you are bored, then consider whether there are other things you could be doing. You could be working, seeing friends and family or doing volunteer work. There are many other things that you can do which could bring a lot of satisfaction and happiness.


Some people will look back on purchases with regret. Having regret in your life is not a good thing and moving forward from regret cannot be easy. Think hard before you make any purchases and then you should have no reason to regret them. Also do not be afraid to return items that you decide you do not want when you get them home. Some people even feel the need to lie to their partner about purchases that they have made and this can lead to even further regrets.

Getting out of Debt with Help

I have debt, don’t we all? I assume there are some of my readers out there who have amazing credit and have always done well with budgeting, I am not one of those. I wish I was. I am beginning to be, however, I was not always. When I turned 18 years old credit card companies mailed me credit cards directly in the mail. Just call to activate they said. Literally the cards were ready to be activated in my name, without me ever calling nor applying for them. That doesn’t happen these days it seems, but it did happen to me back then at least 3 times, if not 4 times. Interesting, huh?


Well most people would probably cut that card right up and toss it, I felt the need to max it out on clothing as one was for a clothing store and junk such as snacks and gas for the car. I was 18, a high school graduate and totally not thinking clearly, obviously. A few years later I still had not paid off those credit cards, they lingered making my credit not so great for a while until I finally found out about Debt Consolidation Options. There are so many ways to work out debt and get it paid off, thus creating a better credit standing on your credit report.

I chose to go with debt consolidation and paid off all three or four credit cards within just a few years after having them maxed out and being put on my credit report as delinquent.  I did the debt consolidation process with a company that actually spoke to each credit card company on my behalf and worked out a deal to help alleviate this debt while helping it be reported to my credit report as being paid on as agreed or something like that.

If you find yourself in debt for any reasons, I would highly recommend doing what I did way back when; research your options and work with debt consolidation specialists that can help work with you through this process without you getting into any agreements to pay off debt that you may not understand.

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