What Mama Wanted But Didn’t Get

Christmas has come and gone, now is the time for cleaning the mess up and organizing our rooms as well as my office space. It is, after all, about to be a New Year. I need to work on tax preparations and get all of my business files in gear for tax purposes. I need to get the kids bedrooms organized, after a long winded argument over getting it done because you know they don’t just do it for the fun of it!

With that being said, here are some items that I need and/or want to help stay better organized this season …..

file cabinet

I really, really need a file cabinet badly! Right now I am thankful for the one I have – it’s a two drawer wooden one that my Mom let me keep because it’s falling apart and she really didn’t “need” it back when I was living at her home while she lived with her husband in his home. While I am thankful for the file cabinet I do have, it’s falling apart to the point I can’t really use it and access files the way I need to. I need a new file cabinet so that is the first item on my What Mama Wanted but Didn’t Get List.

personal computer

I really could use a personal computer for my office desk, why? Well because working from a laptop is a great secondary option, which I am totally grateful for, nothing beats working from a real personal computer setup on my desk that the children DO NOT ever touch. Sadly, the laptop is my MAIN business computer but it’s also the only thing the children can use for their electronic time and that worries me. If laptop dies, I am screwed … no personal computer really sucks and I hope to someday have one again soon! Mine died last year.

bill rack

A bill rack or letter rack would be perfect to have in my office space in master bedroom for many reasons; holding our current household bills, holding invoices for clients that are overdue or due later on. The bill rack could also hold the check payment receipts for later accounting purposes. All too often I am looking for a way to better serve my bills, letters and statements as well as accounting documents to be prepared all year round for household and business responsibilities. I like to be organized and on top of things. My Post-it brand letter holders work great for my PR letters but not for the whole kit and caboodle of documents I need to organize.

happy light

I certainly wanted and need a “happy light” for the NH winter Season. You see, last Winter in NH I had a really hard time keeping my emotions in check. Lack of sunlight really is starting to pay a toll on my spirits and I have heard great things from people who use happy lights all winter long. I need that natural sunlight all year round to keep my optimistic attitude on track and keep my happy. So last but not least, I wanted but did not receive, a happy light! With a happy light I would have stable moods in the winter season here in NH thus being more productive, organized and able to move forward in a positive direction without having down days!

What did you want for the holidays or a birthday that you didn’t get? I would love to hear in the comments what you wanted but didn’t get as well as what you wanted and did get!


Being a Virtual Assistant Requires Skills

Obviously when I started my virtual assistant business I was backing it with my years of experience in the office field. From a bank teller to an administrative assistant and office clerk I have the experience required to offer my skills virtually. Some of the skills I offer or projects I have completed were not based on my out of home work experience. Something like a screen capture isn’t anything I had to do before I became a virtual assistant and blogger. Taking a screen capture is actually convenient for the blogger side of me because it means I can capture just about any image I need for reviews, but as a virtual assistant it works great for creating tutorial e-books.

When I worked in an office we had a file cabinet, many of them, which held our documents and imporant information but when you work remotely then you require document management software to not only keep attract of items you need to organize but also create documents as needed. Needless to say there is a lot of thinking to do before jumping into creating a business virtually.

I have attended many web conferences which never had been part of my life working in an office outside of my home. If you are going to be a virtual assistant who hosts such web conferences then you will have to start looking into web conferencing solutions to ensure you have the best up to date connection available to host a web conference.

Whether you are starting out fresh or already been in the virtual business for years, it’s always nice to freshen up on the latest software out there to ensure you are meeting the demand of your current clients!

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Bush Furniture Collection Has Wonderful Selections

Yesterday I was talking about bedroom furniture and today I wanted to talk a bit about the rest of your house furniture. I know that I have a three bedroom, one living room with open concept to kitchen and one bathroom home. I also live in about 1,000 square footage of space making it difficult to decorate in the big ways I would love to.  I am often found looking online for ideas for home furnishings and have found a site that has a great collection called Bush Furniture Collection.

I currently don’t have a corner style desk and it’s something I have longed to have. I mainly work in my living room in a little corner. It’s funny when I tell people to tour my office and voila that’s it, a simple little corner space for now that works for me. In the future I would love to change it so that my little corner has a corner desk as it would use the space in my living room more efficiently. Styles like the Bush furniture desk really appeal to me as they seem to have more storage, are you sensing a common theme with me? I always want more drawers and space to organize my paperwork!

I love the idea of file cabinet space because I keep tons of paperwork on file from taxes to kids doctor visits to court paperwork from years past. Whatever it may be there is always a reason to have a bigger file cabinet space in this household! My daughter loves to keep everything she draws and paints so even simply having more space to store children’s memories would rock! So far I must say I have enjoyed all of the collections of Bush office furniture and certainly they could meet the demands I would have should I ever have the time and money to invest in a remodel of my office area.

What are your dream office collection ideas? Do you need a new desk? More filing space or what? I want to hear.

Let’s Organize That Clutter

A tall metal filing cabinet for work or home use.
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Do you have papers laying everywhere? Does your desk look like a tornado hit it? Well then you need to read on!

The best way to start getting organized is to STOP stressing over that huge pile of paperwork and just DO IT. One of the biggest reasons I have fallen behind in my organization efforts in the past is because I let paperwork get beyond control and then was too stressed about where to start, how to organize and what to do with the mess.

Where do you start first? With that thing you call a filing cabinet, or whatever else you use to keep your documents organized.  Don’t have a file cabinet or something to keep your documents in? Read this post.

Make sure you have a paper shredder or properly dispose of your personal documents, to keep yourself safe from the risk of identity theft. Start with the first file folder, and move slowly towards the back. I personally keep most documents for 1 year, however, some documents must be kept longer such as your tax returns. Anything that is within the file folder that is NOT necessary to have on file; SHRED IT, TOSS IT, and MOVE ON.

Continue with the process of shredding it, tossing it and moving on until you have completely gone through your whole file cabinet. Once complete with this task, move onto that pile of paperwork that sits on your desk or maybe even kitchen counter top.

  • Sort the documents into piles based on where they will go in your filing cabinet.
  • Take one pile at a time and place within the appropriate file folder or create a new folder with label as necessary.
  • Be sure to keep a pile of follow up documents to place on your desk within a folder titled “To-Do” or “Follow Up” so you can easily access them.

This system is very efficient and simple to keep up with, even for the most unorganized professionals.

Keep your eyes out for more Time Management & Organization Tips as well as great products & giveaways highly recommended to help you have more time, increase productivity and in turn create more family time.

Make it a Happy Day!

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[IN] Place System by Peter Walsh


As part of my series about Time Management and Organization I am happy to announce the review of the [IN] Place System by Peter Walsh. I will also be reading his book Enough Already!: Clearing Mental Clutter to Become the Best You and will have a review of this book written at a later date.

First I must say I love anything to do with stationery, file folders and binders! I am addicted to being organized, keeping track of my filing and all that sort of “dorky” stuff. I am at home in the stationery aisle of any store. When asked to review the [IN] Place System by Peter Walsh I was super excited. I was even more excited when I opened the box to find all the items.

The first thing that popped out to me was an erasable permanent marker. No more trying to find tabs when I want to rename a file folder, simply use the [IN] Place Systems’ Erasable marker with clip tabs.  Due to this marker being made of permanent ink – there will be no smudges! This makes life so much easier. Simply write on the clip tab, attach to your binder or folder and voila you can change it up as needed because the marker is erasable.

Next item I found very useful was the Expanding File. This is made of a nice hard but flexible material and can hold a lot of paperwork. This is a must for me, because as a virtual assistant I often have many contracts, service proposals and client detail sheets to file.

The durable file folders and document envelopes are also a must have for any business professional. When meeting with a client I can now bring their information, my welcome package and other documents in a stylish, durable folder which can be re-used for my next meeting.

This fantastic system to help keep your office more organized is available at Office Max:

This system is just so super! You will have more space, be more organized and in turn be more productive! You can hold a lot more in a smaller space with the [IN] Place System by Peter Walsh and to top it all off – it’s affordable!

I didn’t find any cons with this system personally, it really fits my work at home style and has allowed me to upgrade my filing system in a way that creates more time and has released my stress - now I know where things are and can grab them when I need them. No more sifting through huge, bulky file folders for my paperwork!

Make it a happy day!

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