Why Send Her Home Sick?

I am grocery shopping at Walmart with the four year old, cell is on silent while I am in the store because I am sure no one wants to hear the Red Solo Cup song over and over, yes I get texts a lot – some days. They also would hear the Facebook alert notification quite frequently which is one of two different songs because my cell phone is funked up.

K-man and I did the grocery shopping and I picked him up a clearance flashlight Cars brand toy of some sort for like $4, then we checked out and got to the car. Then I decided to check my cell phone. There it was, my daughter’s school number. They had called only moments before I looked and had left a voicemail. I listen to the voicemail and here we go … the daughter has a fever and needs to be picked up from school.

I go get the daughter, thinking she has this high fever and is all sick, but in reality she has a temp of 99.2 and is seriously moody as all heck because God forbid she gets sent home. She is a worrier by nature and gets totally stressed out lately – I love these tween hormones – so much fun!

We get home and she checks her temp, yup 99.1 and sits there complaining about how she shouldn’t have been brought him, she isn’t sick .. yadda yadda yadda. Then I hear her, in my room, coughing up a freaking lung. She sounds HORRIBLE, seriously AWFUL, but she isn’t sick mind you. Not at all. And to top that off, she isn’t coughing?! Ummm dude you could hear that cough in China, no joke.

The thing was that we were suppose to go to the hospital and meet the new addition to our family – Baby Olivia, my sisters first child after having been told she would never have kids. A sick Ki can not go meet her new baby cousin, no way, no how. It is not something worth risking at a hospital or anywhere there is a newborn baby. Ki was upset and convinced herself she wasn’t coughing and wasn’t sick. I took forever explaining to her why she is technically “sick” even if she doesn’t “feel sick”.

Tears in her eyes, she was so upset she couldn’t meet her new cousin (and only cousin on my side of the family), but she will meet her soon enough I reassured Ki that she can meet her Monday night if all goes well and she is no longer sick. I had no words that would work to alleviate her stressed out mind over not being able to meet her cousin and having so much work to do and all that was on her mind. This girl is only 10 years old but the things she worries about drive me to tilt my head and grab a hold of her to give her a big hug.

I am seriously debating to just leave her a school next time, if that were even an option. Quarantine this kid in a room and let her do her school work because if you send her home all she is going to do is feel stressed out over all the work she will have to make up.

There you have it, now Miss Ki is sick with a bad cough and low grade fever. Hopefully this all passes and I do not get it. I can not afford, handle, have time to get sick … not one moment!

PediaCare Children’s Products Review

It’s that time of year, cold and flu season! I swear every time my school age daughter hits school this time of year it seems the cold hits our house! Sneezing, coughing, stuffy nose, etc it’s just something to expect come Winter time in NH or pretty much everywhere! That is where PediaCare® products come in handy!

Confused about cold/flu medicines for children? Introducing an expanded line of safe and effective medicines from the trusted brand for children, PediaCare® – with and without acetaminophen — for children and infants — that addresses most sick-child situations: cough, cold, allergy, flu, congestion, fever and pain. Product offerings, in kid-pleasing flavors, match the formulations of other recalled brands and are arriving in stores just in time for the cold/flu season. In particular, PediaCare® Infant and Children’s fever and pain reducers are a great solution for moms wanting a branded acetaminophen alternative.

What Happily Blended Family Thinks

I am not a huge “give my kids lots of medicine” kind of mother, however, at times it’s best to provide your child with the comfort they need to sleep a well rested night or to alleviate cold and flu symptoms to allow your child to be comfortable. When I go to the store to purchase medicine for this cold and flu season time of year I usually prefer a brand name versus the store alternative. PediaCare® has been a common brand in my home and so I was very excited to receive two of their products for my medicine cabinet this time of year!

New Products from PediaCare with Acetaminophen:

  • PediaCare® Children’s Fever Reducer/Pain Reliever (cherry or grape flavor; ages 2-11)
  • PediaCare® Children’s Fever Reducer Plus Multi-Symptom Cold (ages 6-11; okay for ages 4 & 5 with dosage directed by pediatrician)
  • PediaCare® Children’s Fever Reducer Plus Cough & Sore Throat (ages 6-11; okay for ages 4 & 5 with dosage directed by pediatrician)
  • PediaCare® Children’s Fever Reducer Plus Flu (ages 6-11; okay for ages 4 & 5 with dosage directed by pediatrician)
  • PediaCare® Children’s Fever Reducer Plus Cough & Runny Nose (ages 6-11; okay for ages 4 & 5 with dosage directed by pediatrician)

New Infant Products from PediaCare with Acetaminophen:

  • PediaCare® Infant’s Fever Reducer/Pain Reliever Drops (dye free, cherry or grape flavor; as directed by doctor for under 2)

Learn more about PediaCare and see a list of available products on www.pediacare.com

Disclosure: I received Pediacare® Products for free. All opinions are based on my past and present experience with PediaCare® products.

104 Temp and Cough

There is something in the air, it’s a sickness that includes a temp high of 104 sometimes higher and a horrible cough that sounds like you will never get that icky stuff out of your chest! No this is not something that has hit Mama yet, but it’s taken over my 7 year old and 3 year old. Saturday night it all started after a nice eventful day when my 7 year old started shivering uncontrollably and retired to the couch smothered in a fleece blanket. Mama took her temp and found it hit 103 at that time, provided the little girl with some Children’s Tylenol and allowed her to relax for a while. Little did Mama know that this fever and cough would last up through to even today! Not to mention she didn’t even think about the boys and how they would react if they got this sickness (after all boys are big babies when sick, even as adult men).

My daughter was able to go to her Dad’s Monday and Tuesday overnight where her temp hit regular levels but only after having Motrin & Tylenol rotated every 4 hours. Finally the 7 year old is getting better, but don’t let the meds stay on the shelf because if you stop giving her Motrin her temp goes right back up to 104, we found that out last night! So she is still on meds and hoping to get her over to her pediatrician today for answers and a check up. She may also have an ear infection so Mama will see!

Last night my 3 year old woke up screaming over the monitor so I removed myself from my bedroom, to not wake up the boys Daddy and the 18 month old. My son AJ was telling me that he wanted medicine to make him feel better, he was sick. So I gave him Tylenol and asked if I could sleep with him. AJ told me, yes that I could sleep with him and so I climbed in bed with him. About 5 minutes later I was getting kicked out of my 3 year olds bed (he’s not the snuggling time, he likes space). So I retired to the couch under two blankets where I found myself getting out of those warm blankets every few minutes because AJ kept screaming Mama I am sick and crying. I would go into his bedroom, hug him, kiss him and pat his head telling him to relax it’s ok Mama is here and then go back to the couch. Shortly after I got snuggled in all comfortable on the couch AJ would scream again. This happened all night until maybe 4am or so.

AJ and I both must have finally fell asleep because when I awoke it was by Baby K being brought out into the living room by his Daddy at 6:30am … and now here I sit with two of my three munchkins. Luckily AJ is his normal self, he is just a little sick looking with a cough but no fever (knocking on wood). Baby K seems okay for now, but I will have to get my daughter into our pediatrician today so may as well have the boys checked since they will be going with  me for the ride.

I don’t know what’s up with all this sickness but my family is not the first family I have heard of having sick ones lately and I really hope all of our little ones get better soon!

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The Flu Has Hit

So it’s official, my daughter started having a headache last night, woke up crying and sounded horrible. She had a temp of 101.4 and today her temp went as high as 102.4. She is officially sick and from talking to my pediatrician she does have the flu, what type is unknown but she did get her seasonal flu shot last Monday.

Pediatrician’s office stated they are seeing more of the Swine type flu rather than the seasonal so they stated the symptoms s0und like that, either way I don’t really need a label to place on it, she is simply sick. The Tylenol keeps her fever down and her only symptoms are the fever as of now, since her headache went away overnight.

Just staying calm, keeping fluids in her and making sure she keeps all her cups and plates separate and doesn’t breath in her brothers faces, etc. All we can do is be there for her and keep supporting her (and remind her to not run around when that Tylenol kicks in).

So that’s where I am at .. MIA today for a while due to tending to a sick child!

Make it a Happy Day!

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