My Observations of Aj Without Medication – Mood Disorder & Anxiety Child

If you are not familiar with this child of mine, please read more on site at the Mood Disorder category to get yourself familiar with some of the back story, or just read along here if you wish! The gist? My son Aj is 7 years old and he long ago ended up being diagnosed with Mood Disorder – NOS as well as Anxiety – NOS. This is my update regarding the fact that he has not been on medications since January 20, 2014. I use these blog posts as a way to document my observations while we wait for him to see a new psychiatrist and to possibly help others in their own lives.

Raising My Son - Mood Disorder and Anxiety HappilyBlended

It has been 8 days since my last update regarding Aj not being on medication and how frustrated I was starting to get with some of my observations, I will tell you this – raising a child that has all of these symptoms and is not a text book label for a diagnosis really is draining physically as well as emotionally on his whole family. Having a child that needs extra extra attention does take away from the other children and can create this domino effect of spiraling downhill, but we are a strong united family and work hard every day to ensure we keep our happy during these challenging times.

We have met with the counselor since my last update and it was decided that Aj, while he does have an underlying mood disorder, has also picked back up with some learned behaviors. This was of no surprise to me when Aj’s counselor stated this because after months and months of Aj being off kilter, it has been difficult to be consistent as a parent. When Aj is not on proper medication, or not any medication at all, his reasoning and logic skills go out the window. This is a child who seriously believes that he did/does no wrong and he also truly cannot remember when he did something only moments ago. It’s difficult, sometimes near impossible, to get through to your child when he is like this. I admit that I am only one person so when my level is full, I will let some things slide. This is my bad and something I made a clear conscious effort to work on since our last counseling session.

Raising My Son - Mood Disorder and Anxiety HappilyBlended

Aj came home from school after a weekend with his Dad acting absolutely out of his mind. I could not get a handle on him and had to restrain him in a basket hold multiple times. Mind you, my son is 53″ tall and 99lbs, I am 66″ tall and 220lbs. My strength is gone because I haven’t been working out and I am not quite tall enough to get the proper grip on his legs with my legs during these restraints, it literally takes every ounce of my energy to keep this child restrained properly until he has moved to a calm state of mind. Later on that day I found out that Aj hadn’t gone to bed the night before at his Dads home until 9pm, which is too late for my son to be sleeping on a school night. Without sleep, this is what happens — Aj is irritable, out of control and has to be restrained frequently. It’s a nightmare to say the least.

Tuesday came along and Aj didn’t sleep very well the night before, I was starting to get nervous, but there was a snow day and other kids were getting sick so we stayed home for the half day of school that was called. I had a great day with Aj on this particular day. Very minimal issues and he even served a time out without having to be restrained. Progress!

Raising My Son - Mood Disorder and Anxiety HappilyBlended

As of this date I am typing this, February 20th, Aj is now taking to time outs without restraining, he has reluctantly accepted a time out and I have not had to restrain him since the Monday prior to this date. The home front is doing better as far as symptoms of Aj, he is having a hyper manic style bipolar episode these past couple of days but I will take it, it’s better than irritability.  I did, however, receive a phone call from the school nurse at end of school about Aj’s behavior in school that day. Apparently Aj was irritable, having odd body movements, very itchy and fidgety all day long. Aj was unable to focus and was rather bouncy. I replied to the nurse, “welcome to what I live with. This is Aj not on medication and this is the real Aj”.  I am not trying to make light of how my son is but in all reality there is little that can be done until we start seeing the new psychiatrist, the prior one was an intern and has left that facility, since Aj is seeing a new pysch in the beginning of March there is no point in setting him up at the old facility with a new person. So we wait. We watch. We communicate with the school and we make sure to stay strong to keep those learned behaviors nipped in the butt!

Oh … and we love Aj with all of our hearts, that goes a long way to make a kid struggling feel more secure!

A Chuggington Twitter Game Where You Can Win

As most of you know I was a Chuggington Conductor last year, well I am happy to announced, I am on board again this year and will be sharing traintastic news with you all as well as chances to win cool prizes! Chuggington is ready to get chugging forward this year and is having a fun little challenge on Twitter every Thursday at 2pm EST.

Last month @chuggington started a Thursday game for all of the fans/followers of Chuggington. The game is a fun way for Chuggington to get involved more with you, their loyal fans, and of course your little trainees! Although it’s you, not your children tweeting on Twitter, you certainly can have your trainees join in on this fun Thursday game, every week, by letting them try to guess the image that is shared.

This is how it works:

  • Follow @chuggington on Twitter.
  • Keep an eye out for the image being tweeted out at 2pm EST every Thursday, along with a hint about who the character is.
  • Be the first person to tweet @chuggington with hashtag #NameThatTrainee stating what character the image is & you win a prize!

Sounds easy right? Well what are you waiting for, set those alarms on your smartphones and remember to hop on Twitter every Thursday at 2pm EST to try your chance at winning a traintastic prize from @chuggington.

On a side note, did you see that on February 14th a new Chuggington DVD was released? Oh yes, Brewsters Little Helper was released on Valentine’s Day and you can get your copy today if you haven’t already. This DVD is only $9.99 on!

Disclosure: I am a Chuggington Conductor, which means I share details with you about the company as well as complete reviews and host giveaways all year through. Any opinions shared are that of my own.

The Day We Attempted to Build a Snow Fort

I am well aware that it is still only February and that March is suppose to come in like a lion and go out like a lamb, but man this NH “Winter” hasn’t really been a normal one. Couple snow storms, one being in October near my birthday and that’s it. Other than that it’s been Spring like warmth then freezing cold the next day. Up and down weather patterns is probably what is causing many to catch the sniffles. Geesh Mother Nature, what’s up?

Not that I am begging for snow, in all honesty, I DO NOT LIKE SNOW, however, I am in NH and do plan to see a nice pretty white Winter from my comfy dining room window. The view is gorgeous, it’s just the cold that comes with it and the messy driving that sucks for me.

We had one school snow day and although I dislike being outside in the cold, freezing snow, I decided I should suck it up and be a good Mama. The kids and I headed outside in the snow to enjoy one of the couple of snow storms we received this year thus far and we actually had a grand ole time trying to build a snow fort, before it started to rain.

Although we didn’t get to completely finish the snow fort, my daughter and I had a great time packing snow into a huge bucket and using team work to tip it upside down trying to stack each row as tight together as possible. Soon my daughter’s hands got cold, as her gloves were not warm enough and my three year old decided he wanted to trudge off in the snow instead of helping us or playing with his dump truck dumping snow into the bucket for me.

Between the cold hands of my daughter, the traveling nature of my three year old and the snow that turned to rain we had to head inside for some hot cocoa and laughter as we stared out the dining room window at our accomplishment of the start of a snow fort!

Although our fort has now melted almost down to nothing, we still have the little stubs of snow in a pattern of our fort that remind us each day of our fun we had together, as a team, playing in the snow, working on a snow fort!

I Met My Love Online Series Coming in February

I am so excited that with the help from sources who use HARO and my friends at Forum that I will be sharing some true love stories of people who met online. Some have met in chat rooms, some on social media sites while others utilized various online dating sites.

These stories of love will certainly be fun to share during the month of February, Valentine’s Day month.  This is a month to remember why we fell in love with the person we are with, that there is hope to find someone to love and that new technology exists and works for many seeking love but do not have the time to mingle at the bar or go out into the world to find that special someone.

The Internet has allowed many to find love in ways that allow two people to connect intimately without having ever met face to face. That, my friends, is a true love story at it’s finest and I hope you will read along with the personal stories of those who found their love online and are sharing their story with all of us in hopes to spread some happiness & hope in love.

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