Sickies have Fallen Upon the Household

My six year old has been sick for a few days now, he seems fine at end of day but during day he has horrible sickies. A tummy ache and when he got to school yesterday he threw up so he is home and it’s been a change for sure.

Yesterday was my one day a week I can work all day but Mom duties called me so while the boy stayed with his Dad for the morning hours I worked my butt off, have to pay them bills. Then afternoon hours he napped so I worked in office around getting any needs he may need with his sickies completed.

Now, I am feeling worn down. A little bit of off feeling in my chest. Breathing is somewhat difficult and I feel exhausted, but I have also been working myself to the bone. Dad warned me to take it easy but easier said than done with you are in your slow month of work being self employed and have bills to pay ….

Hopefully everyone gets better quickly around here because I hate to see my babies sick.

I Became Guilty of Being Somewhat Lazy

I guess using the word lazy isn’t really fair when you think about being Mom to three kids and working from home, but it’s the only word I could really think of to describe the habit I got into for a long time. You see, over the years my daughter‘s Dad just sort of handled everything. I got into the habit that he was great at being in control so why bother? Then as my daughter got older and we formed a closer bond of communication, I found out that she didn’t really want me to take the “back burner” anymore.

I must start off by explaining a bit of a back story as to why it was just easier for me to let him take care of everything for the most part. My middle child, second born, was difficult from day one. Aj required a lot of time and attention. There were major mood swings, he had and still sometimes has major anxiety. Aj simply is a lot like my sister and I combined. Having a child that has special needs, even if that special need is simply a mental health issue, means your hands are rather busy and the other children who seem to have it all under control tend to be forgotten.

I don’t mean that I forgot I had two other children, it was just that my daughter is the first born, the leader, she is strong and never really seemed to mind fully that her brother required so much attention. Ki was strong willed, and even if she didn’t like it, she accepted and understood that Aj needed his Mom. Looking back I can’t imagine how difficult the times with this situation were on her. Thankfully now all is well, Aj has been properly diagnosed and is doing amazing!

So now it’s time for me to start taking back some control of motherhood with my daughter and it’s a hard road. I thought I would feel overwhelmed, stressed and just not sure how I was going to tackle everything she has going on on top of dealing with my two sons, but that’s what parents do. We figure it out. There is no question when it comes to what our children need, we just do it!

So the other night when I found that I would have to go back and forth for various activities for two of my children, I didn’t feel overwhelmed, I didn’t let a moment pass by being unproductive. I made the best use of my time and even though my daughter’s Dad is very much involved in her life and still there for her stuff, I am there too. No longer am I on the back burner and it’s the most amazing feeling to see your daughter smile knowing what you went through to make sure you got to whatever it is that she has going on with two hyper boys in tow.

Not only do I show up, but I am smiling and that I think is what makes her smile most. I am showing my daughter that even when times seem overwhelming and near impossible that anything is possible if you bring a smile, a positive attitude and strength into the picture! All I can hope is that she looks back on this new found strength and is strong her own self as she faces challenges in life moving forward. After all, I believe in teaching my children through example not preaching.

A Celebration fo Love and Marriage

Saturday was the day. February I believe is the month it all started … marriage that is. My Mom remarried for the first time since her and my father divorced when I was a little girl. The new step Dad seems nice but we hadn’t really gotten to know him nor his family too well since they have been together. August 25th was the date, the date to get to know my Mom’s new in laws, or like I call them, the new family editions.

There was food, laughter, entertainment, horses, champagne and kids. I met my new step sister, caught up with relatives I haven’t seen in a bit and met my Mom’s new mother in law. There were people there I didn’t quite meet, meaning they all left and I realized I hadn’t even been introduced nor introduced myself to them. My bad. I am not good at personal introductions.

The time was wonderful, I love seeing my Mom happy. I think she truly has found her man and I wish them happiness, health and a long time of fun together. After all they are grown adults and so are their children, which means more time to focus on each other!

And the Schedule Changes Again

When Summer vacation started I had to go back to working nights, meaning that my thinking cap had to work after a long, busy day with kids rather than at the start of a day leaving me some alone time after kids went to bed. Now it seems with Summer I do not get that alone time as often as I did during the school year but that does not mean I am not having fun.

This week Summer school begins for my middle child, so that means a new schedule to get used to. The good news is that Summer school is not five days a week nor is it all day long like regular school so my son will be able to have Summer fun. Also Summer school ends a few weeks before school starts up again so that leaves time for some end of Summer days fun.

My Dad recently took over a farm stand in Vermont and even though it’s a great place with wonderful potential, it isn’t a one man job. This means the family really needs to step up and help. Being that I am business orientated and of course enjoy helping out the family any time I can, I will be able to volunteer my time a few days a week while my son is in Summer school. I am looking forward to staying active at the farm stand and watching this business grow. A family business is something that I believe my Dad has always wanted, that and living in Maine, so this is sort of like a dream come true. I know I love the idea of a family run business and this is one even the kids can help out at.

The picture in this post is what the farm stand looked like before my Dad started cleaning it up and making it prettier, but you get the general idea of a beautiful place I hope.

If Only the Big Bad Wolf Was Real…

My three year old son is obsessed with the big bad wolf, if you ask him he will tell you he “isn’t scared of anything, not even the big bad wolf”. Then he will proceed to tell you that he will just punch him in the face. This kid has a mouth on him the size of Texas, no joke. Since he will be in preschool soon, hopefully, I am working on figuring out how to properly redirect his amazing imagination with a less mouthy touch. It’s. not. working. yet.

The other night I needed to cook dinner because the children need to eat. My daughter was at her Dad’s house so it was just the boys and me. It’s easy to cook dinner, most nights, when all three kids are home because Ki and Mister K usually do something fun together, but when Ki is gone that leaves Mister K near me either whining or trying to cause trouble. Some nights nothing works, and this was one of those nights.

I thought and thought about what would distract Mister K from his overtired whiny self and assist to keep him entertained while I cooked dinner. Then it dawned on me, the boy loves “helping”. Since he couldn’t help with what I was cooking for dinner on this particular night, I thought I would give him a pan, some water, a small amount of butter and some seasoning. This way he could make his own little creation to feel like he was helping me.

What Mister K came up with was…. a mixture of spicy seasoning, butter, milk and water. He called this mixture the “big bad wolf potion”. When you feed this to the big bad wolf he will run away and never ever come back again!

So there you have it, my three year old has figured out the secret remedy of keeping big bad wolves away… maybe he can sell it to the three little pigs.

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