Picture a Day – My Sons in a Collage

My sons spend a lot more time with me due to their Dad’s work schedule. You see, my daughter’s Dad doesn’t really work per say or whatever he does, I have no clue but it leaves him having more time with Ki which means I barely see her some times, she hates that. A girl needs her Mom at this stage in her world, but explaining that to a first time parent? Have fun … so here are pics of my boys during their times with their Mama and together… they have an amazing bond that I admire and enjoy watching grow day by day!


Happy Birthday to My Mom

Today is Father’s Day but it’s also my Mom’s birthday, so I decided to write a short happy birthday post for my Mom because I can.  I also wanted to write a post because I thought of my Mom the other day while putting eyeliner on my daughter. Funny how the oddest moments can trigger some memory that really has little to do with what you were doing.

2007 Me and my Mom

2007 My Mom And Me

For me, the memory was quite simple. I will start with this; do you hide presents during the holiday season for your kids so that they do not find them? Well I do and my Mom did too. The thing we have in common, at least the one thing I am talking about today, is that we would forget what we hid for our kids when the time came to wrap the hidden gifts.

Almost every Christmas my sister and I could guess that eventually some item would be found by our Mom that was meant for Christmas, my most recent memory of that was eyeliner. One year my Mom had bought eyeliner and never gave it to me. I forget how much time had passed before she happened upon it and gave it to me but I do recall it being funny.

Now, as a Mom myself, I can totally see how a parent would forget something they hid for their kid. After all with life as an adult and raising kids, your brain cannot handle remembering every nook and cranny where you hid presents , now can it? Mine can’t, I know that for a fact.

Mom and Me 2012 at American Idol Event

So today, while the story of eyeliner for Christmas popped into my head, I celebrate my Mom turning….. an age I am not telling you because some ladies prefer to never tell their age. I think my Mom is turning 30 again, sounds good, right? ;-)

Happy Birthday Mom. I wish you a special, happy, fun day today!

Personalized Gifts for Valentine’s Day, Super Bowl and More

I am a sucker for M&M’s, aren’t you? I personally prefer their peanut M&M’s candy, slight crunch with the chocolate-ness yummies! As Valentine’s Day approaches and heck even the Super Bowl, it seems many may be looking for that special personalized gift idea.

With a personalized package of M&M’s, your guests or loved one can enjoy their gift without having received something to collect dust on the shelf. While I understand the amazing love behind a personalized gift that you can cherish forever, I would much prefer a gift I can use, such as enjoying the flavor of M&M’s with a personalized touch.

Personalized MY M&M’S® – Makes a great birthday party favor! Even for Father’s Day you could create a cute jar that says #1 Dad on it and have cute little images on each M&M that remind you of your father {or mother for Mother’s Day}. There are so many options for personalized M&M’s gifts, my brain can think of endless ideas, so why not head over to M&M’s Personalized Gifts website today to try to create your own unique gift idea or party favor today!

Dr Laura On YouTube Topic About Father Who is Now Loving Grandpa

I love this topic because I think it’s something that comes all too often for many of us. It seems sometimes parents are better at being grandparents than they were at being parents. Once we have children our kids are number one and we are no longer first on the plate, this is okay and actually wonderful. I am thankful for the words my father said to me when my daughter was born …. my father said something to me along the lines of “I may not have been able to figure out the father deal but I know how to be a grandpa” and let me tell you what, my father has been an amazing grampa and he is an amazing father too.

It seems sometimes we, as parents, learn to be loving and nurturing later than soon but it’s better than never at all. I invite you to check out Dr. Laura on YouTube because I am loving watching all of her videos and the topics she covers really are hitting home with me and making me think about life, love and family!

Disclosure; I happened upon this YouTube channel all on my own and this is NOT a compensated post by any means!

Happy Father’s Day

Wishing all of the Father’s out there in this world a wonderfully fantastic day! Today is the day to celebrate every Dad… you see anyone can be a father but it takes more to be a “Dad” so happy “Dad’s day to all those Dad’s out there!

Here is some cute videos from one of my FAVE movies, The Lion King!

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