How to be More Productive at your Computer

With the whole world at your fingertips it can be difficult to stay on target. Whether you’re working at home or in a crowded office, those deadlines aren’t going anywhere and they need to be done. Time to shake off the old habits and make a new years resolution to become a model worker.

This article is going to show you some tips and tricks to help you knuckle down and get work done. While these pieces of advice might seem daunting at first, a few small changes will grow into positive habits and maybe a few compliments from the boss. So don’t be afraid of the time spent in front of your trusty Lenovo laptop – let’s get some work done.

First of all, it might seem obvious but rid yourself of any distractions. This includes those found online such as time-draining social media sites. Don’t worry about blocking the Internet altogether, there are apps such as Focal Filter that will block some of the biggest distractions for a set time limit. Another way to stay focused is one little word that will keep everything away – no. No to any ‘you’ve got to see this’ emails, no to colleagues dragging you away from your desk and no to anything that has nothing to do with your work. Whilst it might sound pessimistic, make “no” your default at work to remain on task. There’s very rarely anything more important than your current task at hand.

If you happen to have multiple tasks that need to be completed then there’s nothing better than the classic to-do list. Don’t mistake this as an old-fashioned scrap of paper, however. AllThings is a strong set of tools that make listing easy to not only edit and complete but to share, allowing groups of people to work away at the same list. This makes it fantastic for collaborations and group leaders. Another idea is to shift your list onto your smartphone to clear up some monitor real estate. Any.Do is a popular choice in this area, automatically prioritizing entries, synchronizing lists over devices and looking stylish while doing it: a hugely intuitive way of keeping you productive.

Lastly, the bane of many workers day is the humble inbox. Five words can cause a huge disaster later on: “I’ll reply to them later”. Simply designate a certain time when you can catch up on your inbox and organize it – perhaps 10 minutes before or after lunch. Be on the lookout for messages that can be quickly replied to but anything bigger save for your designated slot. If you’re using Gmail then there are some powerful tools that can save you a wealth of time, one of which is Toutapp. It has a wealth of features aimed at supercharging your inbox: the ability to track when sent emails are opened and links clicked, reminders to follow up certain messages, quickly-written email templates and more.

12 Days of Piggy in the City Contest

I am writing to share with you all a contest today, 12 Days of Piggy in the City Contest, being hosted by The end of year season can get a tad bit stressful for some folks, whether it’s the piling up of end of year bills or gifts that you want to purchase for the relatives; tis the season to be stressed! wanted to find a way to give back, because not only is it the season where some get more stressed but it’s also the season of giving. Every year around the holidays some people get this sense of giving back mentality and do whatever they can to give to others so that they can enjoy this terrific season!

The answer to giving back this holiday season for was to host a fun contest, right now as I peeked the pot is at $110 and they wanted me to share with you some information about this contest, to get the word out to those in need this holiday season. Who couldn’t use a bit of extra cash this time of year? I know I could always use some extra cash.

How the 12 Days of Piggy in the City Works

The team is happy to help and is very excited to announce our very first contest, “12 Days of Piggy in the City”.  For a chance to win up to $500 towards their next mortgage payment, their car insurance, or their credit card balance, entrants will have to guess the location and landmark of 12 unique photos that our mascot, Piggy, will be featured in.

Pay Attention To How it Works …

  • One photo will be posted each day from December 13th to December 24th
  • Entrants must guess the landmark in the picture
  • Submissions open at 12:00AM EST and close at 11:59PM EST, 72 hours/3 days after the photo is posted. For example, the December 13th photo submission would close at 11:59PM on December 15th
  • Submissions are accepted only on Lowest Rate’s Facebook page
  • The prize pool starts at $0 and increases by $1 with each additional entry until it reaches $500.  Tell your friends about this!
  • The entrant with the most correct responses will be selected as winner on Christmas Day
  • If there is a tie, a winner will be selected through a draw on Christmas Day

There is more to learn about this contest, Enter the 12 Days of Piggy in the City contest, read the official rules and terms & conditions of the 12 Days of Piggy in the City prior to taking my blog post as word for the contest. I am simply the passer on of information to y’all, not the person in control of hosting this contest.

Wordless Wednesday Nov 21: My Weekend in Pictures

Friday Field trip …

 Friday Night .. kids made up a play on their own…

Saturday morning King Sized Pancake breakfast…

Saturday morning, ice smashing outside…

Sunday work out on EA Sports Active…

See more Wordless Wednesday at and link your WW posts up over at Yes Video Blog.

How To Engage Facebook Fans

Many businesses have started using Facebook Fan Pages as a way to better service their clients and put a personal touch on a professional service or product. As a business owner in 2011 it’s vitally important to be up to par with the new marketing ways. Social media marketing has become more than just a fad; it’s helping businesses everywhere thrive. The best way to allow your Facebook Fan Page to work for you is to ensure you are engaging your fans in the best way possible with interactive conversations.

To begin you must have a Facebook Fan Page setup which may even include a custom designed welcome page so that you will have a more personal and professional look to the page. Businesses need to think outside of the box and ensure that their Facebook Page is welcoming to begin with to ensure fans will “like” their page and come back to interact on a daily or weekly basis.

The best way to start interaction between your business Facebook Fan Page and your fans is to start scheduling conversations throughout the day.  You can use various third party applications such as HootSuite to schedule daily content on your Facebook Fan Page. Think about engaging your fans in a way that doesn’t heavily market your brand but does have topics similar to your business goals. For example if you are a DVD & Photo Transferring Company you may wish to have conversations during the day based on what memories people are making in photos or family movies today. Asking your fans questions or sharing tips and tidbits about how to best make high quality DVD’s or photos is a great way for a DVD & Photo Transfer Company to promote their brand and engage their fans without pushing their services to heavily.

Once your fans start talking on your page and seeing that you are a business that engages its fan base you will notice that the conversation will start to be shared on Twitter and the fans personal Facebook profiles, thus returning more fans for your Facebook Fan Page through word of mouth. When friends of your fans see that they are discussing a topic on a business fan page they will then head over to check out the conversation and possibly like the page to see what the big topic is. As you can see engaging your followers in a not so average marketing way to increase your fan base without heavily promoting “like my page” thus giving you the upper hand in social media marketing.

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Facebook: A Useful Tool if You Utilize it Correctly

When it comes to social media marketing you have to put the old school marketing approach on the back burner, meaning traditional marketing methods do not usually work online with social media marketing. Many businesses have a Facebook Fan page where people can “like” their page and interact with them. Various consumers can visit a business’ Facebook Fan page and “like” them then leave a comment on their wall about how their product changed their life or how their services are amazing. This word of mouth free of cost advertising can truly pay off for a business.

There are mutiple pros to having a Facebook Fan Page:

  • Personalized approach to interaction with prospects, customers and clients.
  • Customizable options for a welcome landing page to offer discounts or special news with new fans.
  • Interaction through more personal conversations engage your fans and increase fan numbers.

One way that businesses are starting to utilize their Facebook Fan page is through sponsored conversations, whether the company has an in house employee or sub contractor hired to post conversation starters on their page, it has held true that marketing through a non-branding strategy works to sell your product and/or service to consumers.

Engaging your fan base is a vitally important part of having a Facebook page, you set this page up to do more than just share your deals and services all day long, right? You have a business and want to show people that are you real, true to your market and want to really engage them to hear insight on their life as it may pertain to your products. Maybe you are a positive living lifestyle coach and you have your Facebook Fan page all setup ready to use but not sure how to get your numbers up and engage your fan base.  If you have a Facebook Fan page for your positive lifestyle coaching business I bet the best type of conversations to engage your fan base wouldn’t discuss the services you offer but instead offer some insight to how they could live their life positive or ask questions such as “What is one thing you are going to do today to relax the mind & soul for a happy day?” or “Tell me one type of snack food that you eat daily to help increase your energy without high sugar content”.

These conversation starters are the best way to nonchalantly engage your followers and have a conversation. Of course you can input tips and talk about services you offer in a way that makes sense during the conversation too, but try not to be to pushy. Believe it or not having these sort of conversations will truly build up your fan base and when more people are talking on your page other friends of your fan base will see this which means more numbers for your Facebook Fan page.

What are you waiting for? Get out there and start engaging your fan base, you can thank me later when you see your numbers and interactions climb!

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