How To Convince Someone To Go Green

If you are passionate about the environment then it’s likely you’ll want your friends and family to embrace the green lifestyle too. However, it’s not always easy to convince someone to go green. Here are a few tips to get them around to your way of thinking.

It’s not that difficult

Tell them they can start off small by recycling and taking showers rather than baths. From there they can start to think about switching energy providers or starting to buy locally grown food rather than items that have been flown halfway around the world.

Give them a few practical tips to get them started. They can start small and only change one element of their lifestyle at a time.

They’ll save money

Most people in these harsh economic times are motivated by money. Living the green lifestyle can really help save a few pennies at home. So, tell them exactly how they can save money by using real-life, everyday examples, such as:


  • Driving more economically will allow their car to do more miles on a tank of fuel while reducing carbon emissions. Furthermore, as well as with fuel, they could also save money on their motoring costs by switching to an eco-friendly, electric vehicle – not only does it abolish fuel costs, but being an owner of one could cut down your insurance costs with insurers such as BudgetDirect. Many companies now look to reward those that make big changes in their lives to become more eco-friendly.
  • Only boiling as much water as you intend to use will save on electricity and water bills.
  • Wrapping up in a jumper before turning the heating on will save on gas bills.


Tell your story

Let them know how you got into going green and whether or not you wondered if it was a good idea at first. Your story might inspire them to start living a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Especially if you tell them how simple it was.

You should also let them know what triggered you into wanting to switch to a greener lifestyle.

Give them all the facts

You can’t jump into the situation lecturing about global warming and how everyone should be living a green lifestyle.

Give your friends and family all the facts and allow them to make up their own minds about how our lifestyles are affecting our planet. Not everyone believes in global warming so be sure to present two sides to every argument.

The person you are trying to convince will be grateful for your honesty.

Give them real facts and information to back up what you are saying. If you tell them that saving water will save money, give examples. How much could they save by having showers? How many more MPG could they get out of their car by driving 10mph slower on the commute to work?

Answer questions

Offer to answer any questions they might have about the green lifestyle, including how to save money and how their actions affect the environment. They’ll be more likely to stick with something if they have someone to talk to about it all.

You don’t have to be a font of knowledge about everything from how paper gets recycled to the effects we are having on the ozone layer. Just share your experiences and what you’ve learnt from your own green way of life.

How Do you Get Rid of your Junk?

What is one person’s junk can be another man’s treasure, right? That is what they say anyways. It seems there are many options to having  junk removal edmonton from your property. From junk metal to real garbage, there seems to be so many companies out there willing to come take your junk from you. Of course these services are not usually free unless you are using a scrap metal person where they sometimes pay you to take your scrap metal, if you have enough of it.

In my town we don’t have a town dump, the next town over has a dump that is located in the middle of our two towns. I recall years back that this dump was shared between the two towns but something changed and now we cannot use that dump. This means if we want to get rid of our garbage then we have to bring it to the local recycling center type company and pay a rate per pound I believe for rubbish removal edmonton. If you decide to recycle, which I do, then you don’t have to pay to drop that at this place.

The other option in my town is to have a company drop off a dumpster. This can get costly, especially if you have a big family and do not recycle. I have found that recycling our cardboard and plastic really helps keep the dumpster less overfull at end of month. Having more than once a month pick up would be extremely expensive and not worth the fee.

What options do you have in your town for rubbish removal?

Content Disclosure

Happiness Is …

Waking up to boys making a lot of noise and turning to see that it’s 7am instead of 5am.

Snuggling up on the bed with the three kids to have a movie night.

Knowing that I am successful in the decision to work strictly from home.

Knowing that my kids appreciate me, even at my worst.

A smile and a “have a nice day” from the grumpy cashier at the store, who just can’t help but smile back at me.

A great big group hug with the ones you love.

There’s One Thing I Know For Sure

Whenever I am doubting various areas in my life or questioning what to do next, there is one part of me that always stays constant, a part that is vitally important to me as an individual and a mother. You see, I have this life mission within my own self, I don’t know why it is that I have a “mission statement” so to speak within my own self for it’s something I always thought would be more suiting for a business structure. I guess life can sort of be taken as a business entity, right? We are living our lives to fulfill something, even if that fulfillment is within our own bodies.

One thing I always know for sure is that I have a desire to help others be happier.  By making others smile, I feel more happy inside. Do not get me wrong, I do not “need” to make others happy to be happy with myself, that is something completely different.  What this is may be like a calling, something within my own self that reaches out to my mind creating this mission to do good and to set the example of happiness to the best of my abilities so that not only my children can learn to be happy but others in the world as well.

If I am at a social event, such as my sisters wedding this past weekend or the BBQ at a friends this past weekend, I usually have a smile on my face. This smile is not fake, although it may seem that way to others.  One thing I have found out about myself is that I feed off of other people’s energies, that means if I am around friendly people who are kind then my smile is permanent and real because I am full of that happy energy. This happy energy usually leads me to talk really fast, ramble about everything and not want to leave for the happy energy is simply something I love being around.

There is a down side to feeling other people’s energy so well, I am also able to feel that negative energy. That person with negative within, sometimes evil, I wish I could not sense these things and sometimes I ignore the signs (in all honesty), but I can sense that negativity in my soul & it makes me shudder. A negative energy person near me, even in a highly happy energy situation, can make my smile disappear even if just for a moment.

In the past I have always felt that negative energy & tried to make those negative people change. Assist them in a new, positive direction but I found out the hard way that we can not change another person nor can do more than simply attempt to enlighten them with positive vibes. It’s up to that negative person to take action for their own self, just as I did years ago.  My mission is not to force change upon those who are not ready to be changed, my mission is to help change those who want to think happier, be more positive and truly see the good a positive energy source can do!

I will continue to blog, write books and live my life in a happy, positive light because then and only then will I be able to spread the message that a positive mind can take you long beyond what you thought was even possible!

ModParent Looking to Give Back With Clean Water

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This is a great way to give back while you save money. Love it. Have you used ModParent’s site before?

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