Super Bowl Party Ideas

Who doesn’t love a good Super Bowl party? After all, what could be more fun than all of your friends crowded into one room, enjoying snacks and getting excited about the big game? To really get the most enjoyment out a Super Bowl party, some of us like to get really creative to entertain the crowd. First on the list is usually the game day spread and next, the decorations. Here are few simple things you can do to plan ahead for the ultimate Super Bowl Spread and decorations.

What Are You Going to Eat?

Providing food at a game day party is not just nice, it’s essential. If you haven’t decided what you are going to make for the big day, we have a few ideas:

Queso Dip

Admit it. A Super Bowl party wouldn’t be a Super Bowl party without the queso dip. Luckily for you, Kraft has a great recipe that we’ve hooked you up with. Your welcome.

The Ultimate Spread

If you want more than just queso dip and salsa, make a spread and get creative with things like nachos, tacos and quesadillas. Get crazy and go all out with mini-burgers and some sophisticated toppings. There aren’t many people who are going to turn down tasty mini-cheeseburgers with bacon and tomato!

If you stick with simple recipes and make a lot of bit-sized, build-your-own options, you won’t have to worry about anyone going hungry or picky children.


Definitely don’t skimp on the desserts on game day. Whether you decide to go with store-bought options or make a few options at home, some top favourites are cookies, brownies and bite-sized cheesecakes.

You can always get creative and get a game day cake. Or, you could make cake pops during half time. If you aren’t that into the game, you could get the cake started and let it cool before half time. Once half time starts, your guests can come to the table, where you have a spread an array of different frostings and sprinkles so they can create their own. This is a great idea if you have children attending as well because it keeps them occupied.


One of the most fun things about game day is how festive it can be. For some, it is practically a holiday. Join in on the fun by decorating your home. You can hang banners or decorate your table as a football field. You can also use astro turf to create a decorated doormat. The sky is the limit. Also, don’t forget to wear your favourite jersey.

No matter what you decide to do for game day, keep it fun and simple. This is a time for you to relax and enjoy each other’s company, while possibly enjoying some competitive rivalry. Remember to just take it easy. You’ve already got everything else covered.

What? You Only Have Water in the Cooler? @WATAAH

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No …. it’s WAT-AAH! A completely different thing, right? Well yes and no. To the kids, yes. To me, no.


The day of my two sons birthday party had arrived and the cases of WAT-AAH! were ready in the cooler with lots of ice to make sure the children and adults at the party were replenished during this hot Summer day. The sun shined down hard on this past Saturday when we hosted a birthday party for the boys. It made all of us sweat and grab for more and more water, but the thing is, WAT-AAH! being the only option in our cooler was not taken by the kids very well … at first.

WAT-AAH at party

Aj and K-man both, almost in unison were like “oh man” when I showed them where they could find drinks for their friends and their own self. I laughed, because I know my boys love WAT-AAH! but given a choice obviously they are children and would much prefer a sugary drink. I firmly believe that the label on the WAT-AAH! is what gets the kids interested and not to mention the way to spell it. While I am not 100% sure how it was meant to be pronounced, WAT-AAH! sounds really appealing to young children when you say it in an “argh matey” type of pirate voice. That is how I was able to get the kids to drink up their WAT-AAH!

drink WAT-AAH

WAT-AAH! became a fun conversational piece because of their label design and the way I pronounced it with my best pirate voice, the kids also pronounce WAT-AAH! in that tone so it was a way to intrigue their friends to take a bottle or two while in attendance at the birthday party. I felt a little like a marketing girl, promoting WAT-AAH! because most parents were asking me about “WAT-AAH! is” and checking out the label. I had a great time promoting this brand during the birthday party because I am convinced it’s worthy of my time to promote. While WAT-AAH! did send me their product for free, and I did disclose that to the party guests, I firmly believe that more parents may start looking for this on our local stores shelves. I know of one local convenience center that sells WAT-AAH! and I was super excited to see it there.  I let the parents know where I had seen this locally and to check it out. It’s such a great way to encourage water drinking with the kiddos!

 You can find the locations near you that sell WAT-AAH! so that your kids can feel STRONGAAH today on the WAT-AAH! website. Also be sure to connect with WAT-AAH! on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with their latest fun & news.

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Planning a Boys Birthday Party in August

I am planning a birthday party for my sons, for the first time ever. These two boys are 2 years and 6 days apart. Having always celebrated with their Dad, myself and maybe my sister and her husband with cake, ice cream and presents, usually the boys do not have any form of a birthday party. This year shall be different, Aj is turning 7 and has made some friends having been in school for K and 1st Grade. Even my little one who is turning 5 has made some friends from being in pre-k this past year. That means, with the lovely world of Facebook, I have connections to parents of children my sons may want to come to a birthday party and so that translates to .. This Mama is planning a combined August birthday party for both of these two boys …

Planning a Boys Birthday Party

Aj is all about having a birthday party, the kid is flat out excited to be turning 7 and to be able to invite friends over. He already started drawing invites to his b-day party to three or four friends without me even having set a date and time in stone yet. I am thinking the birthday party will be August 24th. Aj would like to have chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, prizes for games we can play in our backyard and if a warm day – use a sprinkler.

Now I have to be on the look out for boys birthday party ideas, because in all reality this truly IS my first time planning a boys birthday party. In October, I have my daughter but that is relatively easy (or at least used to be)…

Next, K-man is not too impressed about idea of a b-day party because he wants to go to Chuck E Cheeses, you know, where a kid can be a kid?! That won’t be happening this year, too expensive for my budget. I would much rather enjoy our new house with a nice BBQ, cake, ice cream, kids running wild and great company!

So while I try to continue to unpack and get organized here in the new homestead, I also am working on creating a celebration for my sons who will be turning 5 & 7 in August!



Gearing up for a Party Weekend

On October 6 I will have a wide array of guests showing up for a funtastic baby shower for my little sister. Of course I hate calling her my little sister because although she is four years younger than me, she always has been more like the role an older sister would have and she is taller than me. Sigh.

I am so excited that my sister and her husband will be welcoming a baby girl in January. This is just a blessing and they are so lucky to be able to soon experience the joys of parenthood.

The baby shower will be on Saturday, then afterwards, I will have to quickly prepare for my daughter’s birthday party. My daughter will be turning 10 next Monday and is hosting a Hawaiian Costume party for her birthday this year. Leave it to my daughter to have a themed party, sigh. This means all week I have to find lays to give out to the arriving guests and prepare for her 2-3 friends she wants to have sleep over on Saturday.

As much as this may sound like I am complaining, I am certainly not. I love having people around. As a work from home mother of three I am more often than not with children than any adult contact so I am all for partying it up with adults this weekend, and children.

Happy Valentines Day

Good morning everyone! I hope whatever you to do today to celebrate Valentine’s Day that you simply enjoy the day.

Tree decorated for Valentine's Day in San Dieg...

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Hug your children, kiss your spouse and do something special today to enjoy the love filled day!

I normally do not celebrate this fine day, really never got into it, but I am thinking about making yummy cupcakes with the children to celebrate with them and when they woke up the first thing I said to them was Happy Valentine’s Day!

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